A New Beginning

in life •  4 months ago

This universe works in such a magical mysterious way! From my observation I believe the universe wants to support who we truly are, but first we must let go of our mask. I left my job today, and a few friends have contacted me out of the blue, one may have a trailer I can use for the surthrival project, another buddy would like to install aquaponics on his property, and another is wanting to give me some fish from his system to help me get started.

I wish to be a conduit of abundance, and want to show another way we can all live. This universe wants abundance for us all, and I believe we have the capability to build it. First things first, I believe we must embrace our true nature, and trust in our creator imho. I'm not saying the bumps won't arrive along the way, but instead of letting them get you down, believe in your vision, learn, grow, and move forward.

Peace and Joy @makinstuff

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Makinstuff if it was a bad job i am glad you are free from it. I have held onto job's when i really needed to walk, it can be difficult. I can tell you when i finally left it was freeing. I hope your tomorrows are so much better!!!

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