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The Aurora is basically bands of light that occurs near the magnetic poles. In the North, it is called the "Aurora Borealis" and in the South, it is called "Aurora Australis". The bands of light are created by radiation from the sun entering the earth's atmosphere and colliding with the gas particles in the air, the gas particles get energised and then emit light. The Aurora takes place near the poles because it is where the magnetic fields of the earth come together and where the energised particles move toward because of those poles.

The bands of light come in different colours depending on the gasses in the air, the strength of the radiation from the sun and the type of radiation it is. The most common colour is green, but occasionally other colours can occur from the colour spectrum as well as multiple colours at once. The bands of light form curtains most of the time, but can also form arcs or spirals. They occur when there is a lot of solar activity and are best seen on clear nights in areas where there is very little light pollution.

I hope to be abe to see it one day and get a few photos as I don't live close enough to the poles to be able to see it. Some of the best places to see the Aurora Borealis are in Norway, Scotland, Iceland, Russia, Alaska, Greenland, Finland, Sweden and Northern Canada. To see the Aurora Australis is difficult but the best place are in Southern Chile, Southern Argentina, Tasmania and Stewart Island, just off of New Zealand.

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Hope you have enjoyed it!

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Woow very nice photo! I want to go to Iceland the next year, I hope to get lucky

I am sure you will.

Can you imagine how beautiful it looks at face value if it looks this good on pictures. This would definitely have to be on my bucket list of things to see in my life time. Great post:)

I hope to see it too. Where in SA did you live?

I've mention you in my post Aurora at the Tip of Borneo, Sabah Borneo, it happen here in Borneo a few days ago.

That is pretty cool. You have some good posts on your wall.

Thank, you too 😊

Awesome! I live in the tropics, no chance of seeing this here. I always dream to see this aurora in person. For what I know, this beautiful rays is the cause of ice shards in the air, right?

I was fortunate enough to driving in Northern Ontario during a severe solar srorm. It was gorgeous. I hope you get to see it one day too!

I hope so too.

Wow, beautiful scenery
Hopefully i can go there :-)

When I took photos of the southern sky at Queenstown, New Zealand, I saw Aurora Australis. Though the latitude is 45 degrees, far from the south pole:

Good insight on lights. I follow. Good work.

I was driving across the Prairies in Canada one summer evening. It was around 3h30 am. I looked up and saw these Blue and Green swirling lights. I didn't realise immediately what I saw which caused me to get a bit anxious. Then it occurred to me what it was and I was fixated on it for an hour. Yes, to see the Northern Lights was a lifetime experience for me.

I hope to have an experience like that one day.

I sincerely hope you do also :-).

Iceland is a great place for Aurora, especially during the winter

Love the pictures, amazing.

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The northern Lights are absolutely stunning to see in person. I live in Southern Canada and have seen it once, but it was a beauty.. I hope you get to see one in person one day!

Thanks, I hope so too.

That's a sight i want to see before i die, awesome picture and post.

Those are beautiful photos. I'd like to see the lights one day!

Followed you!

Beautiful natural phenomenons occurs in few places only. Marvels of nature

It's so beautiful ..

Such beauty! Hope to see it when I go to Finland!

Very nice ~.~ thank you for sharing + follow up
Please support and vote Thank you in advance

man I would love to see that in person one day!

Simply amazing. Hopefully one day I will be able to experience this.

UPVOTED & Followed

beatiful photo...

Excellent post, I would like you to go through mine and you will upvote

I've seen this phenomenom with my own eyes in february 2016 during a stay in Kiruna, a remote town above the Arctic Circle in the far north of Sweden. Located at 67 degrees north, polar lights are a regular thing over there. The scale of the northern lights is enormous, and in my opinion it kinda looked like a luminous green curtain ... !

An interesting read and something I also hope to experience one day, photos are amazing but seeing it in person must be such an amazing experience

Nice living in Northern Canada I get to see these all the time. Even after 30 years I'm still memorized by their beauty

The aurora comes from an opening in our earth

Having grown up in northern Alberta i can say the northern lights are a memory i will never lose and always want to see again. We would lay in the field all night in awe and not a single word was spoken. Thanks for the memories :)

That is pretty amazing. We would do something similar with the starts, but I'm sure the Northern Lights are more spectacular.

Cool post! I upvoted!


hope to see it in person some day

So stunning, breath taking, captivating, and alluring!

definitely on my bucket list to see this! so magical

Very pretty and nice pictures.

WoW !!!!!
very impressive photo
thank u for sharing

Nice post.
Thank you.

Aurora is always beautiful.

Aurora is more beautiful when it is reflected on the water.

I would love to go to Iceland and see the Northern Lights. I hope to visit very soon!

wow beautiful amazing check out my country photos
hope you will love to come here

Can you imagine smoking the dankest bud and watching this? Beautiful.

I am going to Norway in September on vacation. This has been on my bucket list for so long!

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Very pretty! I hope to see it someday!