Aurora Australis 南极光

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Stayed one night at Queenstown, New Zealand, took photos of the southern sky and detected the Southern Lights.


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Stunning phenomenom. The thing that surprises me in this case is the latitude; if I'm correct, Queenstown in New Zealand is located at roughly 45 degrees south. That is a surprisingly 'equatorial' position for polar lights to appear. Regular sightings of polar lights are in Europe above 60-65 degrees North, in North America somewhat further south.

Yes, you are right. I also check the latitude and surprised to find out it's 45. One reason is the dark night of the south island of New Zealand. Queenstown is not as dark as other places in the island but still very good. Another reason is the camera. I detected the aurora when I took the photo of the stars. Then I checked the forecast, which shows it will be stronger later. So I waited for a few hours and took that photo.

wow! beautiful beautiful beautiful!


Why are they pink and yellow? photoshop?

Don't know why. I don't have the software of photoshop

Still amazing though. Would love to see it in real.

they look amazing ! this sky is insane !

Yes, it's insane

This picture is too beautiful.
Thank you for sharing photos.
I'm following you.

Thank you. I am following you too

thank you, have a nice day~!

This one is the Aurora Borealis filmed in tromso, Norway.
Aurora was so amazing.

Thanks. I saw the Northern Lights when I took an airlines from China to the US flying over the north pole. It's so bright I can even take a photo with my iPhone. I was able to see it when the airplane high above New York City area even though the lights of the city was so bright.

Than's great!
I am going to travel to Northern Europe again soon.
I hope to see the Aurora Borealis again.

Looking forward your posts

Yes, and I speak Chinese.
If you're Chinese, you can speak Chinese next time.^^