Saw: Legacy

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The next movie in the saga that will take your breath away... Saw, the franchise is not over yet, this 2017 will come


After 10 years of Jigsaw's death, but there is someone who wants to continue the games, who is this person? It will be a successor of jigsaw or just someone with their own intentions?
Saw is known in the cinema for what is one of the most macabre and uncensored films in the world of cinema, could this movie be the same as the others? Or maybe you will supere the espectative

descarga (1).jpg

It is not known if the saga is a continuation or will start again, what he knows is that he will be extrenado on November 24, and that this movie will be incredible

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Flagged for spamming

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

It's not spam.
It is general information, of different pages that take information

You spammed me offline. I've removed the flag, because you seem to have understood.

Many thanks friend

They should have stopped after 5.. It just got to be too much.... BUT lately movie re-boots have been done pretty well... SO this one I will check out

My opinion would be that it will restart

You have to write original articles and it's not so good if you copy/paste. Just try it again and improve. I wish you good luck

is original :(

sorry to see you got flagged

Thanks for yielding my traumatic flash backs :( lol

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