💰 Giveaway: I will give $2 Steem Dollars just for Upvoting & Resteeming 💰

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Hey guys i have $2.00 on my account, and i want to give it all away, so i will give $2.00 Steem Dollars to 40 people. That's $0.05 for each person who upvotes & resteems this post. 🙂



Hiya Thanks for this post. Just upvoted and resteem first time. Learning everyday. @sarojkumari77

Thanks and cheers!

You're welcome and cheers to you too :)

Thank you a lot, you are good friend.

You are welcome my friend :) i sent you $0.05

i saw, thanks again :)

I sent you $0.05

Upvoted and Resteemed :)

Thanks I sent you $0.05 :)

@macbaren Upvoted and resteemed friend :)

Thanks, i have sent you $0.05 :)

I'm kind of new to steemit so I hope this helps us both out

I sent you $0.05 :)

Upvoted and resteemed. ☺

Thanks i sent you $0.05 :)

Upvoted and resteemed!

Thanks for your sharing!

You're welcome :) I sent you $0.05

upvote and resteemed

thank u so much. Check my blog once upvote and resteemed if u like it.

hl l flow u nd resteem

Upvoted and resteem

Done and done!

I sent you $0.05

Upvoted and resteemed

I have sent you $0.05

Again, this is one cleaver ploy.
Upvoted resteemed.

Thanks I sent you $0.05 :)

Upvoted and resteemed. =)

Upvoted and Resteemed done! Thank you for sharing :)

upvoted and resteemed done

Upvoted and resteem thank you

good for help iflw

Lol were all rich now...

Upvoted , Followed and Resteem. Thanks.

upvoted and resteemed

I sent you $0.05 :)

I dey feel you, No Wahala.