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Hey everyone!
(therapy in the pool)

First things first ... Brian is alive and "well", all things considered! That's not to say things have been running smoothly though; Brian had a major stroke several months ago, and truthfully, I believed that he had reached his end. He was paralyzed on his right side and unable to speak, except to say you know, and fuck. Trust me when I say, I heard plenty of one of those :)

All kidding aside, it was a very very difficult time, but he has improved remarkably well, much to the surprise of everyone, doctors included. He really is the toughest guy I know!

Here are the details :

  • April 1st (yes, note the irony), he woke up during the night and thought he'd taken a little too much CBD oil because he said his head wasn't quite right, and his balance was off

  • when he woke in the morning, he was unable to move anything on his right side, and he couldn't speak. I woke up to his left hand "hitting" me and panic-like noises coming from his mouth

  • doctor made a house call (Yep, they still do that here!) and confirmed our fears

  • I'm sure out of the ordinary, but we chose to keep him home and I did all the heavy lifting ... literally.

  • for several days he continued to have mini-strokes and I truly believed I was saying my final goodbyes more than once. I phoned our kids and had them do the same; the absolutely worst experience of my life :( It was a rollercoaster ride that I hope to never have to get on again!!

  • true to form, Brian decided that he wasn't ready to give up just yet, and spent three days staring at his big toe, telling it to move! He also told me days later that he loved me too much to watch me struggling with everything ... showering him was the toughest.

  • after some time and a lot of hard work, Brian walked! Here's a video we made to send to our son Patrick :

That little walk totally wore him out for the rest of the day. We'd actually purchased a walker from Mexico Amazon(overnight delivery), but it took over a week to get here and by then, Brian was determined to only use the knee brace.

  • Today Brian is basically recovered ... unbelievable to his doctors that he did it so quickly. Sometimes when he gets tired, his leg might drag a bit, or his hand is somewhat weak, but overall, he's back to normal. Whatever that is :) Our doctor says that there is extraordinary power in love and good nursing (that's me :), but both of us have said that we hope to never have to go through that again!

Like always, his cancer and the pain that he has still exists, but post-stroke, it seems to have plateaued. Mine is not to question why, but simply to accept the extra time we've been given together. I see it all as some kind of miracle, and together, we're thankful for every single morning he wakes up.

Life is short, but we'll keep enjoying every single drop of it that we can.

Thank you so much to all of you that have continued to check in with me, regardless of my "posting absence", and to all of you that have thought of us but were afraid to check in because I've been absent for so long. I felt bad for leaving you all in the dark, especially after you've shown such compassion, but knowing now what you do, I'm sure you understand. I'm trying to get back here regularly, but life has taught me not to plan too much :)

As always, lots and lots of love from the two of us,

Lynn and Brian




Hey dearest @lynncoyle1 and @briancourteau, I've been away for awhile but just had to come search for your latest post and am so happy to see this wonderful update. It was so heartwarming to hear your voices and to see Brian walking and smiling and to hear your laughter and humor, Lynn.

Girl chile, you are a miracle wife, best friend and caregiver and Brian is just as tough as nails. Thank you both so much for gifting us all with the grace, compassion and eternity of your love in action. Even though I've been away, I think of both of you often and always send prayers and continued Angel Blessings, Comfort and Support.

Sending kisses and hugsssss and much love along with some of our Jamaican breeze blowing through the palm and guinep trees right now outside my window. xxx

Wonderful news @lynncoyle1 ...

"I see it all as some kind of miracle, and together, we're thankful for every single morning he wakes up."

... along with your consistently exemplary attitude. 👍🙂 It appears God has answered many prayers offered up on your behalf.

Very happy for you both!! 🤗

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Thank you so much @roleerob :)

It appears God has answered many prayers offered up on your behalf.

I believe you are correct!

Are you F’ing kidding me?! All of that and you still managed to apologize for vacancy on the platform?! He’s fighting cancer but I think you’re equally as much fighting a mental disorder.

And a YouTube clip even—what?! My goodness, I know every time we get together on discord I’m asking you to give Brain knucks 👊 for me but now I’d like you to give him a big huge kiss on the mouth! God bless you guys, Lynn.

....we'll keep enjoying every single drop of it that we can.

One that note—now go be a good wife! 😉
(Piss off judgy readers—ya’all don’t know what we talk about on discord!)

You’re my F’ing hero’s (with an S)!

❤️ Arts & Pura.

I gave Brian a big kiss, and slipped a bit of tongue in there for you :) You know? That's part of being a good wife :)

@dandays & @lynncoyle1,

I think the both of you are GREAT wives.

Never doubt the ability of women ... to awe men.


Thank you @quillfire :)

So glad that things have turned around for Brian so much in such a short time. I remember when he had the stroke it looked really bad and now he is back to normal...

but overall, he's back to normal. Whatever that is :)

LOL...well we all have our own level of "normal"

haha I think your normal and our normal might be pretty similar :) Thank you!

Nromal? Norominle? Mornal, yeah I can’t even spell it.

...on account of you don't know what it really means either :)

Well it is lovely to hear from you and mr tougher than old boots, what a crazy ride.

Please don't worry for one second about 'keeping us in the dark', just carry on as you are as this seems to be working miracles.


mr tougher than old boots

hahaha Asher! Best one yet :) Thank you xo

Whoooaa... what a story! I am so happy to see him walking like that and say "hi patrick".. it is a miracle and I rewind the video to make sure that he's really awesome... with that @mello-fello shirt😊 you're just amazing @briancouteau ... Luv ya both and take care @lynncoyle1.. you don't know how much I miss your post!

Hey @cicisaja! Thank you so much :) That's Brian's favorite shirt by the way too!

I've missed you too xo

Thank you for bringing us up-to-date again. I love how strong you both are - and have been willing to take us on the journey with you. Much love and light to both of you.

Thank you @viking-ventures; Brian and I both appreciate your support and encouragement :)

@lynncoyle1 & @briancourteau

My heart leapt into my throat when I saw this post as I was going to bed last evening, and I was so happy and relieved when I read your news! I delayed replying until today: to be post the first 15 minutes but also to be able to go

Woohooo! Yay! So happy to hear this news!

I, actually, I think it's safe to say we have missed your sparkly presence, but you haven't been out of sight and out of mind.

Life is what we make of it and you two have to do what you gotta do. And we'll have what little you'll share with us - happily.

Again, Lynn, such happy news and look forward to your posts and engagement - as and when.

Be well and carry on being happy, the two of you

awww thank you so much @fionasfavorites!!! I know everyone holds their breath a wee bit when they see an update from me, but so far so good :) Thank you for your continued love and support; we both appreciate it more than words can say! <3

And The Husband asked me to pass on his best wishes, too... 🤗

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aww thank him for us to then :) Hope you both are well!!

Thanks so much for the update @lynncoyle1. It's good to hear Brian's miraculous story continue. As you say . . . what a roller coaster ride it is for all for you. You both continue to inspire us.

So glad you're having some better days now. May they only improve. 😍

Heaps of love to you all . . . as always. 💙

Thank you @gillianpearce! We both are thankful for your continued heaps of love :) xo

Sad and amazing all at once @lynncoyle1. Both of you are the strongest people I know. It is amazing you have the kind of love most people dream about. @briancourteu if you wanted more attention you should have asked her, you didn't need to take more drastic measures. All kidding aside, I am very glad to see you're doing well and back to what is normal for you guys. Screw normal for everyone else. 💜💜💜💜

haha we had a good laugh at that @tryskele! Brian is a real showboat :) Thank you xo

Wow a rollercoaster for sure! You both have something strong that keeps giving strength to continue on for each other. I'm praying for you both. Keep on loving! Xxx

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awww thank you @foxyspirit! We appreciate the prayers and support for sure xo

Much love and respect to you both! Xx

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Thanks foxy! You too :) How's things at your end of the world?

Things are busy! Trying to keep afloat.

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sometimes, that's the best we can hope for :)

For sure.

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You two are both amazing! I know what it takes to be the caregiver for the man you love. You have my deepest respect. Keep being tough, Brian.

I know you understand @melinda010100; your respect and kindness means a lot to me! Thank you :)

As I was saying my prayers last night i thought of you both and wondered how Brian was doing, So glad to see this post today, well glad may be wrong word considering this post but i hope you know what I mean

WOW that is amazing that he has shocked everyone and come back from the stroke and he is clearly so strange and a fighter

Thoughts for you both


Thank you @tattoodjay! What a lovely coincidence too :) Thank you for your kind words and especially for including us in your prayers xo It is all very remarkable indeed.

...and thank you for the tip too!!

Most welcome for all :)

That is a wonderful story of both of your perseverance and the power of an indomitable spirit.

I was smiling eat to ear watching that video. All the best to you both and I keep my fingers and toes crossed that Brian's health just keep getting better and better 🙂

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awww thank you so much @raj808! The video is so sweet, isn't it?! He's proud like a toddler taking his first steps :)

He is a fighter! Good to hear the update, even if it is a mixed bag of news... best of luck!

Thank you @bengy! Mixed bag is right, but I'll take the bad with the good any day of the week :) ...as long as the good continues to get better!

I can't even... ✨ 🌟 🍀 🎉 🍻 🥂

I don't remember what occasion I created this gif for, but it seems perfect to share again today. As always, you're both in my thoughts. ❤️ ❤️

Lynn and Brian riding the wave.gif

Thanks for the big smiles @traciyork!! Brian and I loved this gif :) xo

The strength that the both of you display is simply remarkable and warms my soul. The love you and Brian continue to share is a testament to the love you have long shared. God bless your family as your actions continue to provide us all with a glimpse of undeterred love and commitment to family.

Thank you @thebigsweed!! That is so awfully sweet of you to say <3 I hope we can continue to warm that lovely soul of yours!

Tears in my eyes, happy tears though!

Thank you so much @joelai :) I understand completely!!

I have been wondering how you guys were getting on @lynnecoyle and was so pleased to come across your update. You and Brian are an amazing team.........both very strong and resilient and both motivated by love and compassion. Totally inspirational. Keeping you in my prayers. God Bless. 💐

Thank you so much @trudeehunter! Such kind words ... an inspiration to Brian and I really :) We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers as well; they're obviously working!

It is just so encouraging to hear Lynne. Love and hugs. 💟 💟

I am sure it may not have been easy but affection can do wonders and you both are doing great.

It was certainly very good to hear from you again.

awww thank you @bluemist! I really appreciate that :)

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Hey, @lynncoyle1.

Thank you for the update. While you've been around commenting, it's been a while since a post. You've got plenty going on, so know pressure, but maybe one here and there wouldn't hurt? :)

Brian's recovering is miraculous, amazing and any other superlatives that apply.

Thank you Glen! And yes, my intentions are to be a bit more regular with the posts, but you know what the road to hell is paved with, right?! :)

Oh, yes. I've always wondered about that idea, too. Good intentions going awry. Why? If they truly are good, why would they bring about pain, misery, suffering, etc. Why wouldn't they lead to something good? Apparently, there must be something wrong in the execution. Good at all costs isn't probably good. Good intentions but no actions to go with them, not so good. In that case, it would be more of where nothing was done and that led to something bad.

Oh, well. More philosophical than you were probably looking to get on a late Thursday night, but hey. It's been something I've been pondering off and on over the last several years and you opened it up. :)

aww Glen, I've missed you buddy! Thanks for waxing philosophical on me :)

Oh my!!!!!

I hope he continues to improve! That man is a remarkable person.. and you? Bless you for all you two have been through!

You're so sweet @goldendawne! Thank you so much :)


Nothing!!! That says it all and then some :) Thank you @buckaroo!!!

You guys are tough. Hugs and lots of love to both of you. Will ne looking forward for more "up" date. We all here are cheering you on and praying for you and your family.

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Thank you so very much @leeart! It takes tough to know tough when you see it :) Hope you and yours are well too!

Wonderful news .. I hope you keep off CBD oil now ... ;)

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Being paralyzed by itself is scary as Hell.

I got an AGE (gas embolism in the artery leading to the right side of my brain) from a diving mission that paralyzed the left side of my body once.

It took several hyperbaric chamber treatments to fix it.

Then the physical therapy team swooped in. Jeez! I think all of their last names must've been "Lechter"!

They tortured me day in and day out until I was fit for active duty again.

To have to deal with paralysis AND Cancer is a very tough row to hoe, indeed!

Regards to Brian "A True Warrior of the Light".

Namaste, JaiChai

Hey @jaichai! Nice to hear from you :) Yikes, your ordeal sounds terrible ... "Lechter" lol I guess you're a tough ol' bird yourself!

Yes, it hasn't been easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is I guess.

Regards to Brian "A True Warrior of the Light".

That's awfully kind of you to say; Brian and I both thank you <3

I am just blown away! I've been checking back periodically wonderinh how you both were doing. Wow! WOW! Just amazing! The power of love! In my own cancer journey, I finished my chemo almost 4 weeks ago & have about 2.5 months before I have a double mastectomy. I continue with a specific infusion every 3 weeks that deters a protein that makes my cancer be aggressive. I'm on it for a year but there's no side effects for me.

I am still just blown away by your update. You both look so good & I'm so happy to see this! I think Brian will somehow continue to beat the odds & bless you very taking such good care of him! Love to both of you!
Lu Anne

Hey @luanne! So nice to hear from you :) I'm glad to hear that you're doing "well" too ... it's a very relative term, all things considered! I'm also happy to hear you're done the chemo; not that a double mastectomy is something to look forward to, but can I assume you'll be somewhat relieved to have them gone?

I am still just blown away by your update.

I'm still blown away by it too! He never ceases to amaze me. And thank you for recognizing the work and power of the caregiver :)

Love to you as well!

It was either 6 weeks of radiation or mastectomy & instead of spending 6 weeks of frying & dealing with a ton of painful side effects from radiation & then spending another 10 weeks healing, I decided one day of surgery & then immediately starting healing was preferable to the first. It will be a relief to have it over, however I have qhat's called HER2+ which is a protein that makes my type of cancer aggressive. If it returns and/or spreads, it's usually to the brain, liver or bones. However they've made alot of gains in suppressing the HER2 with a few different meds, but most commonly is Herceptin which id administered via infusion, & that I'll receive every 3 weeks for about a year. I am really hoping that that'll be it tho.

Being one with cancer, I have seen just how much caregivers do & omg! I really don't think we could get thru it w/o you! Mine is actually my roommate & some state ordered nursing staff. My immediate family aren't reliable for anything really. That's fine tho. I tremendously appreciate those that are hear & helping. It just amazes me & I'm forever grateful! So from all of us THANK YOU & GODDESS BLESS YOU!

OMG your welcome! I totally think you made the right choice regarding radiation etc. That stuff (and chemo) make me wonder what's worse ... that or the cancer itself! I sincerely hope that all the treatment heals you and you never have to face this again!

Brian had tumors on his tongue and started taking CBD oil for it and the tumors totally disappeared! Crazy!

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Yes yes YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! 💪 Yayyyyy!

I have wondered how you were both doing... That is wonderful wonderful news! I missed this post when it came out... and I just noticed somehow I am not 'following' you? ('Following' now...) Odd... yeah, the odd things that come to mind or to your notice in times like this... Yes, day by day, moment by moment, baby steps... 🧡 Thank you for the news!!

awww thank you @ackhoo!! Don't worry about "missing" the post either! I've been out of the game too long and totally forgot to drop it in some discord channels anyway :)

I'm glad you found it though, and your response made us both smile here!

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I miss reading your posts ! I’m glad Brian has recovered so well..... there is nothing scarier in this world than .... almost losing a loved one ..... ❤️ I still admire the love you two have for each other ... and the strength you both have .... I hope Brian continues to recover and you two share as much time together as possible !

Aww thank you so much for that @anonymity5! I hope you are doing well too😊❤️

I am so happy to see this update. The video brought tears in my eyes, keep fighting my friends and enjoy every second of being together. Much love sending your way. 😊🥰😊

Aww thank you so very much @starjewel!! I hope you are doing well too😊❤️

wow, that's amazing that he recovered so swiftly Lynn! I didn't see the update when you put it out, but very glad to see he recovered ... and he looks good in my opinion, I think he must have someone he cares about a lot to keep defying the odds and hanging in there so strong! :D

Awesome to see the update and wish you both the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha yes, he likes me a bit I'd say! Thank you so much though...nice to make you happy too😊❤️

Therapy, indeed.

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Hi... I hadn't seen you around the @pifc or @steemitbloggers traps for a while now... I guess real life is occupying your time. Hope everything is okay and that you are holding up well.

I'm sorry I missed this when it was current. You guys have been on my mind lately and I was one of those that didn't wanna come tug on your sleeve since you'd been quiet a while. I just realized that when I switched back to this account from my @kerrywolf one, I forgot to tell Ginabot to spy on you. Fixing that now.

You both mean a lot to me and I'm grateful for the extra time. xoxo

aww thank you so much @allseeingewe! We really appreciate that :) I keep my eye out for you too ... didn't even know that you switched accounts ... I've got Gina keeping an eye out for allseeingewe and allhearingru :)