You Can Call Me the Milk Man

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In Pennsylvania when you visit folks in the country, you will often find a box or metal container of some kind on their porch. It may not always be clear what the item used to be, but sometimes you can still read the original lettering that says, “milk for 25 cents.”

Abi and I have been purchasing raw milk for the past year or so from a small distributor in our area. We don’t necessarily receive that milk to our front door, but we do know the person who delivers the milk, and we know the farmer who he bought it from.

Mike Rowe likes to say that part of the problem in our society is that we don’t know where our food comes from. We have a microwave mentality oftentimes, and don’t understand that planting season and harvest time don’t happen within 3-5 minutes. There is a process to follow and enjoyment in the work it takes to create beautiful things.

Abi and I love creating beautiful things, and we love helping people connect with life as many of us used to watch on the Andy Griffith Show.

Some folks could consider us naive and old fashioned, but frankly, by the state of the church, families, and the broader culture, I’d say we are on the cutting edge of what people need.

Next week, we will be receiving a raw milk distribution business and seeking to educate more people on the value of quality food grown by quality people.

Becoming a Milk Man is just one more hat I will start wearing here in the next few days. I probably won’t be delivering to your front door - unless you want to pay for dry ice and shipping of course. However, I plan to continue delivering that same hometown feel and good natured love for people to you, my friends here on Steemit.

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Love the CS Lewis quote!


Me too! Heard it for the first time today.

Thanks for supporting the small and local business ecosystem, @lydon.sipe. Wish more people would do so.


You’re welcome, @numpypython. There is something to having a relationship with the people you buy from.

Real friends simply motivate in everything in one love to do :)

Sheriff Taylor was my honorary father :) I loved that show.


It is a timeless show. :)

Mayberry isn't dead, just hiding its head in shame considering the way things have been lately - but you redeem the times, my friend :)


With pleasure, John. :)

"I’d say we are on the cutting edge of what people need."

And I'd say that I agree... :D



I recognise that milkman in the photo. Well not the exact guy but the same outfit and the electric 'milk float' that they used to use to deliver fresh milk daily. It's good to see that some folks have got the right idea. We buy just about all our produce from the local farms.
The move to raw milk is catching on over here in some areas.


Sounds like you guys have some good food nearby. :)


We are in the countryside surrounded by farms and small farm shops. I'll take some photos of some of the odd shaped veg we can get :-)