Summer Bodies Are Made In Winter!

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Hello everybody!

Do you ever think of how you would like to bring into shape for the summer... and that two months before the summer?
Unfortunately things do not go so fast. In order to have a fit body for the summer, it requires great sacrifice and great effort. And not just a few weeks before the summer holidays, but training throughout the whole year!

Many people think that during the winter can relax, both in food and in training and will return to the gym a little before the summer and make it back in shape and have a nice body for the summer.

But that's not true!
How would you have had a good body, and fit, you need to practice throughout the whole year and go through various stages.

Nothing comes overnight, so neither the muscles or fat loss.

During the winter you need to focus on the gaining muscle or preserve muscle mass, so that in the period before the summer you can go to define your body so that your the muscles came to the fore.

Therefore, if you relax over the winter and you do not train, your muscles will collapse or you will not even get.

What do you need to do during the winter?

Whell, during the winter you can definitely relax your body, but on the way you can eat more food (healthy food) and train less. But train with heavier weights and less repetition in sets.
With that you will achieve better muscle grow and therefore will subsequently easier to lose fat and muscle will be better expressed. Train at least 3 times per week.

Later, in phase of definition you need to reduce food intake, lower carbs intake and train harder - with atleats 10 repetition in each set. You can alse do supersets, it's great way to lose fat and keep your muscles!
If you can, 4-5 trainings seasion per week would be ideal.

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Can't imagine why nobody has commented, great input I'm one to slouch off and train for 2 months during the summers :D, most of the other time I try to keep a daily regimen of pushups and walks/runs.

Thanks for your ideas , Cheers mate :)


Nice job... Every activity is great! Pushups or gym.. Nevermind :)
Thank you @j3dy