How To Improve Your Bench Press

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Be the best in bench press!

Today I want to show you how to perform bench press for the best results.

"How much can you bench?"

Sure is a favorite question for most times in the gyms around the world. Why? Because it is based on responses much easier to determine the strength of the person... Do you really want to add 15 pounds of your personal best in the press, for this you need to six months if you are an experienced exerciser, or only 4 weeks if you are an absolute beginner.

Worth the effort: benchpress is one of the best exercises for building muscles of the upper body, but also develops the power needed for movements involving these muscles in the gym and beyond.

So stick to this plan and there is no way to fail.


Before you start to pile up plates of 20 pounds on the bar, learn proper form performing pushing from the chest. Good form will allow lifting large loads, but also drastically reduce the risk of injury because it will lift the weight of the muscles, not the joints.

Four steps to the perfect form

  1. Raise the bar and hold it just above the chest.
  2. Gently lower the bar to the nipple it is the shortest way to your chest, then you'll be less tired - with the elbow at 45 degree.
  3. Push the chest to the bar.
  4. Touch bar the chest; then push on foot to the floor and explosively push bar up.


Determine how much you can lift a maximum of one repetition maximum, means, how much you can lift in one repetition while maintaining good form of execution. Set this pyramidal raising the weight until you get to this one replication. Let someone helps.

Instructions for Use

You will go to benchpress twice a week, with at least 72 hours between two training sessions (due to the recovery of muscles). Follow the recommended weight until all the reps you are able to do in the proper form. When you are ready, add 10 percent more weight. If you form presentation allows, add more. Do not allow the body to handle weights that are a pleasant...


If you want to lift more weight, you need to build a powerful foundation. More muscle means more power. When you lose muscle, the first thing to go is your record in bench press. Therefore, make sure your body enough grade: while holding this training plan, add each day a few hundred calories more to your plate; via a simple shake more every day or a few tablespoons of peanut butter.



What do you do in the evening, after you use the phone all day? Put it to charge, is not it? The same principle use on yourself, except to imagine the bed as a large battery. You can not do a good workout if you slept the night before, only four, five or six hours. Let your 8 hours of sleep is the rule which should be a firm hold. Take the electronics out of the bedroom and close the curtains. Darkness is a friend of healthy sleep.


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