LIFE: When all your hardships pays off...

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A few months ago, I was struggling. I was facing a lot of things and at this age, I couldn't possibly do all of them. There are times where all my subject teachers requires a lot of compilations, projects, research papers, thesis, journals, portfolios, and plays that are usually directed by me. It was hard, really hard. I mean, who could possibly do all of them when you're just in High School? But life must go on, it's sad but I have to accept my fate and move on.

So I did most of the works. It's a bit frustrating every time your members would just depend all the works to you, like you're the one making the script, and in the end you'll end up doing most of the acts. Hayyssssst =_____=

But, since they voted me as their team leader, I gotta do my best and do my duties. I did most of the work and in result we'll have the same marks. Yup, that's right - the same MARKS. Though it's sad since you did almost all the works and you sacrificed a lot of things during the said activity and then in the end you'll be receiving the same marks with those who did not even contributed any help. Well, that's life and what matters is we all received a satisfying mark - more or less.

This kind of setting kept up until we moved/transferred to another classroom. And I'm telling you, we were assigned to stay in the fourth floor. T^T

Everyday you gotta walk to the stairs all the way through the fourth floor. T_______T

It's really frustrating to the point that we wont eat our recess instead since going to the cafeteria would be a long journey. And, same things happened. But this time, I got used to it and it became one of my mindset. I did my best studying, but of course during vacant time I spent times with my friends singing with them, running around like four-year old kids and just simply making memories while we're together.

And then I get to meet a few new friends, they're guys but I got comfortable with them since they're all so kind and they're so fun to be with as well. We both love music and we usually hang out together by jamming and chit chatting.

There are times where I offered to lend a help for them. I helped them with most of their school projects even though they refused, but I still wanna help them and in the end I won. XD

I enjoyed helping them out, because at some point I felt like I made a good deed. And it all payed off when, I was having trouble with my family, we had a few arguments and misunderstandings. I tried to be strong, I tried to smile at school despite all the bad things that's happening in our house.

My friend Kate noticed that there's something wrong with me. I dunno, maybe I was a bad pretender. I couldn't pretend that I'm okay. I felt so freakn weak when she asked if I'm okay. Later do I know, tears are already flowing down my cheeks. I hugged her and cried. She didn't asked what happened since I was already sobbing. She hugged me back and comforted me. I was really blessed that I have a friend like her back then. Then some of my new friends approached us. They comforted me as well. They gave me a lot of advices and even cheered me up. Damn, I thank God for having them. They made me realize that I'm not alone. <3


Then the second semester started and more school projects and compilations are coming in. I gotta stay up late to finish a single output. I even forgot to eat my lunch most of the time since I gotta pass them before the due date, plus, I gotta study for our upcoming finals. LIKE DAMN! T________T

I swear I wanted to give up and just rest for a day. I overdid myself and mostly had an headache. I gotta endure the pain during our finals, good thing I made it.

Then, the day has finally come. The recognition event was held and to my surprise, I was awarded with three medals. One for the academic award, one for the conduct award and one for the special award - an award for winning the puppetry competition during our school's Language Art Show Congressional event.

That time, I thank God for all the things he had given to me. He did not forgot about all the hardships that I had went through. He gave me an awards from all those hardships. Even though I was drowning from anxieties, stress, depressions and negativities, HE made way to save me from completely drowning underneath. HE gave me some trusted friends that I can lean on to and a supportive family that I can count on to.

I will be forever thankful to HIM who gave me the strength and courage to reach my dreams. So if you're having trouble with something, don't lose hope, stand up, heads up, and move forward. If you fall, do it all again until you'll be able to finally reach the finish line. Don't give up, trust HIM, and you'll receive everything that you deserve. =)

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Just don't give up:) Every hard work pays off...

Agreed. And with God's grace, everything will turn out just the way you want it to be. ^^