What if you will get punished for being innocent ?

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Hello everyone,

Do you ever thought that what if, We get punished for things we never did or I can say what if you get will get punished for being innocent?

How does it feel??
Unfair,No one will agree with it. No one wants to suffer. Then, tell me why do you make suffer other people.

See I am talking about this,

Sea turtle eating a plastic bag . A lot of sea animals ingest plastic garbage because they think it's edible food.

Earth is not a private property. It is not owned by humans. Every organism has rights for it. We can't let them suffer.

I just need to know one thing. What is their fault? They are like babies if we have a baby in our house. We will take care of them.

Every organism who share our home our earth with us. They are our responsibilities just like the babies because they are innocent if they don't know what to eat what not. If they get hurt it's our responsibility to take care of them.

What happens when animals ingest plastic ?
An sea animal can misinterpret a plastic bag as food . It's hard for the animal to ingest it but if somehow they are able to do so. The plastic will start poison them from within which will lead to ultimate death.

Plastic is non- biodegarable. A single plastic bag can remain like new up-to 10-15 years without any effect.And if we try to burn it several poisonous gases. So, the only option left is to dump plastic in ocean.

When we dump plastic in ocean , it floats on the surface and that's the main problem with plastic specially plastic bags they float, and several sea animals either ingest them or they get choke by stucking in between plastic rings.

They are so loving. We can change everything. And we should start doing it from now on. They are pure souls they don't mistreat us,then why do we??

The effect of plastic is on marine life is so huge. That animals will become endangered due to it and just remember, it is a biological cycle all of us depend upon one another for our survival we need to maintain a balance trees , animals , water resource everything is our responsibility, if we want to live. We will have to fulfil our duties toward them.

How plastic reaches oceans??
When we litter that garbage doesn't stays there. It is get carried away with wind and rain water. And from there it will enter sewage, drains , water ways and it will eventually end up in ocean.

Main reason behind Is us because we know that plastic can't get recycled but we use it irrespective of the fact. Even if we use it or through it in bin. It is going to end up in sea or oceans.

So,it's better to stop using it. We have so many alternatives for plastic. Which are stylish too. It's our home and I think all of us wanted to drink clean water.

It's your choice.What do you want?
If you want the change then be the change. Make a promise to yourself that you are going to protect our nature. Because only you know what you are doing no one else can make you do anything.

Just realise its very sad it's our permanent home which proved us with food water and everything, ask yourself a question can we live without them
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