One thing we should learn

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Today when I started going toward my office. Everything was normal . I didn't knew that something is going to change my life.

As usual I was on my way to Metro Station but in between the stairs I found a lady trying to sell flowers to me. I was in hurry and like everyone I moved to the platform.

I don't know what made me to came back to the same place. She was not looking healthy . I could see it through her face. She had a toddler around her. I bought some flowers and did a little intro.

From there I came to know that her husband died of tuberculosis and she was suffering from the same. She has a daughter whose name is Jennifer. I smiled suppressing a guy feeling inside me.

From that day it was a routine, I always saw them near the station either on stairs or on platform. I used to buy some flowers daily. And they gave me a different kind of feeling .

I was more sad than being happy because I was not able to help them buying some flowers from one person didn't paid any difference in their life . It was not even sufficient for one time healthy meal.

It's so common all of us don't pay attention to these people small wanderers or people who sell something on road side A single person can't make a difference but a bunch of people can change their whole life.

I heard many people saying to beggar that** "you are completely fit to work ,Why are you begging ?? "** before raising these questions I want to ask one thing.

Does buying anything for some bucks will make a difference to our pocket?Money we spend normally on one coke it's 10th Part can help someone.

Does not having a coke will effect us? But selling one thing will make their stomach full. We are the change my friends. Never underestimate the power of karma it's not that you are going to lose that money you are going to have it back much more than you spent for someones life.

Now, it was about a month, today I didn't found her. I was tensed as her health was not good. I enquired about her from the fellow wanderers and came to know that she died ,yesterday night near the station.

While closing her small shop. There was pause in my mind. I lost all my peace. I came to know that hospital performed her last rituals and her girl was in the lane nearby the station.

I rushed to it and found her sitting with the same flowers.

My mind was torn apart I thought may be her mother told her that in order to live we need to work and don't beg. Or she had learnt it herself seeing her mother.

Someone kind hearted left some bread for her. She recognized me in one sight and smiled. I bursted into tears and hugged her. All I could say was "I am always there for you ".

I took her with me to my home. My wife gave her a bath and clean cloths. She feeded her with her hands. All we could feel was she is my responsibility from now on. We raised our beautiful daughter . I thank my wife for all the support she gave me without her I don't think I had raised my daughter.

Friends this is inspired from a true story but for the sake of anonymity. I can't share whose story it is. But one thing we should learn our one effort when combined can make a huge difference to someone who needs it.

God gave us this life we are responsible for them. Even if you can help someone with a cent or a dollar go forward and do it.

Always remember the power of karma you are going to have more than you gave.


Hello how are you? this story touched my heart, you're right we spent more on a coca cola and we did not help someone who needs it, maybe many beggars are not sick like that lady but at least they go out to the street to ask and they do not go stealing from people

Right Jenni that's the thing I want to point out our little help can make them smile.

the couple that gave shelter to the girl at home are some angels, unfortunately not many people do that

It's a true story Jenni but I can't reveal their identity so all I can say it we can try to help don't know what future have for us may be our life changes in a positive way after it 😊

Touching and inspiring
Thanks for sharing with us

Thank you 😊

Yes, Right said - "No one has ever become poor by giving"

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