" Nothing Can Separate Us "

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Like any other Monday morning, Jerry started getting ready for his office.  He was late as usual and was having a bad headache because of last night party.  It was 9 a.m and his office starts at 9.45 am. 

He was in hurry took his backpack run towards the main door while taking an apple from the dining table.

" You forgot your tie " his mother shouted. He came back took it left the half-eaten apple and said bye!!!.  Such a silly boy he is enjoying others company. He loves singing, handsome, everyone thinks he is in a relationship because he never checkout girls. He is waiting For his love. 

 He was at City Metro Station waiting for his train which had 15 min for its arrival. While constantly watching for the train and tapping his watch. Something grabbed his line of sight. 

 A girl was coming from stairs on his adjacent platform like an angel comes out of the holy river. First, he saw her eyes then her face and he was just frozen with there.

She was joking with her friends and her smile made Jerry fall in for her. 

In the meantime his train came Jerry boarded the train with a feeling of staying back at the platform that day he was unable to do any work and at one point he was stirring coffee with a pen, tried to drink water without removing the cap. 

Somehow the day passed and the night came he had an urge to see her again " I don't know what is happening to me I had never felt this rush inside me this excitement she was the most innocent girl I have ever seen. " Jerry wrote in his diary. 

Jerry was a secret artist he tried to make a sketch of her so that he can see her coming from his imagination. He worked all night in this without a little sleep. He was awake, fresh, full of joy and energy more than ever. 

Today he was not late, it was 6 in the morning and He was ready for his office. His mom asked anything special in a teasing way his sister was also teasing him. He was blushing and happy. 

" There is nothing special I am just preparing for my meeting, " he said. The clock struck 7 and he left for the Metro Station. Eagerly waiting to see her. He was standing on the girl's platform. She came with her group of friends. He saw her silently from a corner, Soon, her station came. Both of them boarded the train. 

Jerry took another train to his office. He was happy smiling everyone wanted to know the reason. He did it everyday boarded her train reached the station little earlier and then took another train to reach his destination.

The girl started noticing him. She noticed it every day and finally one day she approached him. 

"Hi," she said Jerry looked around and questioned she is talking to him. 

Yes, you!!!  

Jerry got very nervous he came closer to her seat.

"Yes," Jerry said with a shivering voice anybody could sense his nervousness. 

" Hey what's your name, " she said both of them had a little intro ( her name was Rose).

Rose enquired about Jerry's workplace and he was so excited he told her the place.  Ops!!! I think he forgot he is on the different train going to another place. 

Rose asked him but that's opposite to where this train is going. There was a silence for a few seconds a mystery silence which started a relationship.

Their station came and Rose saw Jerry taking another train to his office. She knew Jerry do it only to have her sight and she was happy inside. She felt the same rush the same feelings both of them were having a sweet feeling. 

Which they liked but didn't know what it was.

Soon their sweet love story started they liked each other and always wanted to spend more and more time together.

They used to find reasons to have 5 more minutes to see their faces those lovely excuses.

The days passed conversations increased and the love increased too. Jerry asked Rose for a cup of coffee in the evening. She accepted. Both were smiling and seeing each other in the eyes. 

Meetings became little frequent both of them dressed up for each other, waited and never wanted the train journey to end. They used to meet in the evenings too. And everything was going smoothly both of them were in love and the knew it the feelings become strong day by day.

Jerry talked to her mother about her and she agreed to their marriage. He wanted to tell this to Rose as soon as possible it was Valentine too. He took some roses and left for the Metro Station. His pocket had a ring for her.

Rose got a call from Jerry he told her to come in the parking lot of city station. She thought it must be something important as Jerry never spoke something like this. 

She rushed to the parking lot with a tensed mind. There she saw Jerry on his knees with arms wide open to hug her. After a tight long hug,

 Jerry purposed Rose he said " I want you to know no matter how much problems will come in our life. Always remember, I will be always there by your side, you are my love and our souls know each other from past lives when you need me just close your eyes " Rose was very happy and surprised her eyes had tears or joy.

Soon, her phone rang again it was a call from unknown no. as rose turned to pick up the call. The other person on the line told her that one person had met with an accident in front of the station. His id says his name is jerry and they took him to the hospital.

"Your contact number was saved as my love, so I called you please reach the city hospital as soon as possible" the stranger said.

"Stop lying he is standing in front me," Rose said with anger and disconnected the call, She turned to see Jerry but no one was there and no ring on her finger. She checked her phone there was no call from Jerry.

Her legs started shaking there was a numbness in her body. She called the person and enquired about Jerry's ward.

She took the taxi and reached the city hospital the person picked her from the reception and took her to the Morgue.

One person was covered in a white sheet, She removed the sheet with shaking hands and Jerry was in the same clothes her world broke there. His palm was closed, she opened it to find the ring in it that person said Jerry was brought dead in the hospital.

Rose found it hard to believe she told them Jerry was there with her. He purposed her, he said I am always with you he can't leave me like that, She tried to wake him up " I know you are joking, wake up or I will never talk to you..stop it!!!! Wake up Jerry " she fainted after saying this line.

The hospital staff took her to another room and after some time she got back to her senses, She came outside and sat with a pain in her chest she was crying her heat out her finger hold tightly the bench, As she was trying to control herself.

Suddenly, she felt something her. She felt Jerry his presence and she saw around no one was there except her and she closed her eyes with a sigh to and she heard his voice " I am alive inside you just close your eyes and feel I am always with you  "and Jerry was there watching her.

True love never dies nothing can separate you not even death because when we love with  our soul our body may die but our souls are immortal our love stays till forever. 

By- @lovepreet2511


Hello friend, I visit you and at the same time I congratulate you for your great attitude, an example to follow for the next competitions. I fell in love with this publication "Nothing can separate us" very beautiful, I leave a big greeting from Venezuela friend, I am new to steemit and really pleased with your publication. @ lovepreet2511

Thank you 😊

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