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Writing up your first post after so much time feels very odd, but here goes. I have been a part of Steemit for quite a bit of time now. Never really participating openly as myself, interacting with others or being a active part of the community. I have been more in the background.
Sometimes, it seems, change is bound to happen. It can happen because you might seek it. It can happen without you wanting it and in those times you might not be able to stop it.
That is life.

Mistakes you make always seem to haunt you time and time again.
You roll with the punches, lick your wounds and put on sunglasses to hide the bruises. Its all part of being human.

But you push forward because there always might be something better over the horizon you are yet to stumble upon.
It might be a fools hope, or a realistic observation but when that is the best you got, it will have to do. :D

So this is just it.

This is me hitting the reset button. Writing up some words to soothe my mind.
Lets see where this will lead.


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There wasn't always huge point to writing too much on the site here. Not unless your well known in the right circles. Apart from that you can just write for the love of it.

I've found much more fun and interaction from commenting on posts and connecting with the right people. The more that I do it the more interest I get in the site as I have people commenting and voting on my work too. Getting into the right communities that have good authors and knowledgeable people is big for me as it helps you to find the more active people on here.

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I agree. interaction does get you places. Problem is that not many of us have something to offer to the community we are a part of. Finding your place isnt an easy task.


True. It can be tough to know what you want to do on here. I don't have much crypto or computer knowledge and thats what most of the posts were about when I joined.

It's diversified a lot since then and there are more opportunities to write about the genre that you really enjoy. Add to that all the apps coming on steam at the moment should open up a whole new market to the blockchain. People who would only have the interest in steepshot or dtube. I think a lot of people will move away from steemit as the space gets busier from all these and stick to the interface that they like the best.

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