Cracking The Sellers Code.

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All of us have been duped many times while buying things or using a service.

And after getting tricked, we crave to be smart enough not to do it again, but we do it again and fret over it.

It looks like we fall into the trap of salespeople always, there is no end of this.

But there are some ways we can prevent ourselves from getting duped next time. 

A few psychologists have spent their lives on researching how some people can sell us whatever they want and at whatever prices they want.

They have written hundreds of books about it, and thousands of articles on the tricks used by salespeople.

Though not every salesperson uses all of these tricks, some tricks are too frequent, and almost every salesperson use it.

We fall for them the most, so it is quite significant to discuss them and figure out how not to fall for them again.

Whenever we see these indicators, we must tell ourselves that maybe this person is trying to dupe us into this deal.

The indicators are as following:

1. Contrast.

This is the most common technique used by the salespeople to make us buy things they want us to.

We have grown up thinking that the more expensive something is, the more quality it will have. It is not our fault as we have seen it throughout our life that the more costly anything is, the better it will be.

Almost everyone believes it, in buying everything, be it food, clothes, going to clubs etc.

The most common example of this is when we buy clothes. Sellers show us expensive clothes, and then low-quality garments.

And because we believe that expensive is better than cheap, we ask for more expensive clothes.

It is same with everything. If we first see the most expensive item, then the cheaper, we think that it is of somehow lower quality.

How to avoid this thing?

Whenever buying anything, separate the price from the product and see which one you want to buy now.

2. Opportunity.

There is no better example than the FOMO in cryptocurrencies. It is the same principle of losing the opportunity to make money if we don't buy any coin that an average salesman uses.

He shows us that we are missing an opportunity to get a good deal. If we don't buy it now, the prices will increase next time, and we will have to pay more for it, or maybe the product will be out of stock next time as the sales are too much.

The stock market brokers have been using this technique to dupe people from a long time.

It is at this moment that we make wrong decisions about buying anything they offer to us.

The way to get out of this situation is to ask ourselves a question.

Do we want to buy this thing at all cost without researching enough?

Does this thing have that much importance to us?

3. The Familiar Seller.

Have you ever noticed that if the salesperson is too much familiar with us, there are high chances that he will sell something to us, whether we need it or not.

He might also sell us more than what we intended to buy. This familiarity trick is played by a lot of salespeople to sell us more and more things.

People asking for charity also practice this trick. They take advantage of our kindness and get more money from us than we wanted to donate them by being over friendly to us.

The way to avoid this is to acknowledge ourselves that however familiar the person is with us, he wants to sell us something.

The moment we know this, we will not see him as a very kind person who is helping us to buy things but a seller. He may be a good person, but we don't have to do anything with how good that person is.

We have to keep our focus on what we want to buy and how much quantity of it we want to buy.

4. Freebies and Samples For Free Use.

A lot of salespeople use this trick to make us buy things by giving us a sample for free use. And after using it, they force us to buy it subtly.

We will buy the product even if it has no use for us.

Some sellers even use the familiarity principle by sending us particular samples. We think we owe them, to return the favour we buy things from them.

And in this way, we fall for their trick every time.

How to get away from freebies?

The easiest way is to use them and tell them that you will not buy it while taking it.

If you can tell yourself that they are exploiting you by giving you free samples, you will have a clear conscience that you may exploit them as well by using whatever they give you for free.


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All the points you list are very true, and as you stated in your last line under point 2 'Opportunity', people should ponder more the importance of that item.
I think that falling to the rhetorical wit of a salesman is very much dependent on one's willpower, attachment to materialistic goods, and degree of Awareness. All of which are somewhat intertwined. And basically all these three points exactly match your three points above.

Sellers' psychological brainwash has always been in existence but especially nowadays this is practised on a large scale.
The development and spread of AI contributes strongly from my perspective, because people are required to emulate a machine's motion sequence. So we repeat certain patterns more and more and until they get deeply engrained in us. Doing so, some areas in our brain are more active than usual, others less. Repetitive motion sequences lead to comfort and non-thinking, questioning. Simply like a machine. Yet what becomes inactive is our creativity, willpower, power of questioning things.

Even more, I found the most expensive items to be least durable and most detrimental to our Health. Whether certain technologies, clothes or food.

You surely addressed a very interesting topic! Great! :)


Thanks a lot for adding these important conclusions.

There was a song back in the 80’s by Janet Jackson titled, “What have you done for me lately?” It makes for a catchy tune, but this is the reality of what is on every sellers mind every day that their house doesn’t have a contract on it. So, you have to have a plan. It’s not the time to wing it or forget to call them or call them without having something concrete to tell them that’s of value to them.


I didn't understand what you tried to say, but you made quite an effort to explain something, so thanks.

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