What is the best life advice you know?

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My 12 year old came into the home studio office we have in the middle of a recording session and needed my help right away.

I was instantly not thrilled about the interruption. After all, I was right in the middle of recording a new course on alcohol addiction.

When I came out she led me into the front room to sit down.

I asked her, abruptly “What do you need?”

She responded “I need to practice my lines for my upcoming audition and we haven’t run them together at all. Can you help? The audition is in 2 weeks.”

Bam! Instant mindset shift.

I went from annoyed and cranky, to remorseful and emotional in an instant.

I’m building a mental health startup and am always working on new content or courses. My husband and I both work to support our family financially.

My daughter taught me something invaluable that day.

You need to prioritise what’s right. You can work hard to build something. You can work your butt off to build a legacy. You can sacrifice your energy to obtain your goals. But, in the end, life’s a lot simpler than that.

What kids need the most is your time, not your legacy.

Family first always.


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