Welcome To University A$$hole: The Soft Gulag Of Modern Education.

in #life4 years ago

For those who think that literacy is always a good thing.

Those who have not seen this meeting of two great minds
are in for a treat.

These are two of my favorite people to which to listen while
I think over the sad, but rife with potential, state of the world.

If you have any thoughts, please leave a comment..

Camille Paglia & Jordan B Peterson discuss art, education,
social dynamics between the sexes, and more.


The differences between the 2 genders should be common sense but leftist education has taken us away from the good aspects of history as Peterson and the woman talked about in this video. On one hand, women can be encouraged and not discouraged from pursuing jobs, any jobs, anything, in life, in careers, if they want to try to work like men, or whatever the case may be. On the other hand, they should be taught maybe some history, statistics, just because it is good to know that most women, historically, globally, culturally, psychologically, socially, basically, generally, fundamentally, normally, usually, are women. And men are normally men. And women are generally women. Yeah, we all can do what we want or should be allowed to do what we want. We can try. If a man wants to pretend to be a woman, fine with me. I do not care what people do. Just don't force me to do what I do not want to do. More importantly, don't force children to do what they do not want to do.

neat i havent seen this one, opened it up in seprate tab to check out after my movie ends.
Im guessing its gona be a good one.

Let me know what you think.

Both of them alone are simply fantastic.

My eyes about popped out when I saw them together.

im still watching it, there is so much to make a simple comment.
it is awesome to watch the 2 talk. more people should be able to talk with people that dont hold the same beliefe like this

I kept watching, expecting some sort of singularity of reason, imploding and pulling in all of it's surroundings.

We should put more intelligent educated people in a room together and see what comes out.

This is amazing.

The end was funny as hell, she makes the comment :we agreeded on everything" but i think they only agreeded on everything cause they stayed on subject.
they do anot agree on alot like the idea of god or gender. but it was still mind blowing.
thenk you for providing this video it was really informative and fun to watch.

There is so much, they are so differnt yet are kind of saying the same thing.. understand im just spewing short "crap" as omg just the first 15 min and entering the conversation of how it is effecting arts and stuff i could blah about for days. shit kitchen timer brb
when i started watching i thought it was like 20-45 min i didnt realized how long it was. at around the 35min mark maybe 38min not sure shit gets real as fuck. i wsh more people could have sival discoures so they could meet on a common level.
its like 38-39 min in and the fact that they are so locked into the idea its awesome. ima paraphrase it and understand ima make it sound real and shitty.
in the social world we live in now there is no step to mover foward when dealind with a crazy bitch.
ima go smoke, check on the food and get back to watching the video.
will comment more maybe. lol

They sound like they are saying the same thing.

They're both circling around the same truth, objective reality.

Its awesome how differnt they are in the way they comunicate.

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