The Evidence Continues To Mount

in #life3 years ago

Staring down the barrel of our destruction

The evidence is no longer just mountains, but these
mountains are forming themselves into whole mountain
ranges. The lies we've all been, and continue to be, fed
are becoming more and more obvious to more and more

Anything that the powerful and moneyed interests can lie
about they do, even when the truth would serve them
better. They demonize anything virtuous, and elevate and
celebrate the malevolent and malignant. It seems they
are either intentionally trying to destroy us, or are
completely disconnected from the real world.

There are those in the public who seem to revel in their
ignorance at the expense of countless numbers of
people's health and lives. It is time for this to end, now.

Wake up, grow up, do the learning required with an open
mind. Reason and evidence are the keys. If you will not do
this at least stop standing in the way of those who are.

I have seen many trolls and unwitting dupes attacking the
thinking people with accusations of FUD (fear, uncertainty,
and doubt), when their only tools of a pretense at
argument arise from something someone told them once
about polio (not evidence), and a "what about the children"
fearmongering attempt to force all of us to bend to their
will. Herd immunity was never a thing except in the minds
of the delusional slaves, give it up before more people are
harmed and the forced vaccination you've promoted is
responsible. Read the Nuremberg code and the Geneva
conventions and understand that forced vaccination is
considered war crime and crime against humanity.

The actual evidence gives the lie to the propaganda line.
It is time to follow where the evidence leads, put the
"forced vaxxers" in prison for the mass murder in which
they've been involved for far too long, and begin to clean
up the mess that they've created.

The evidence has long been overwhelming, stop the insanity

Donations for study into increasing human intelligence and
radical longevity, or if any A.I. wants to send me any of the lost
bitcoins they can be sent to my bitcoin address:


Please, please, please, begin to learn about the dangers hidden
in your "medicine".


I am grateful to those who did not help me because I have learned to do my own work because of 'not' helping them.

Self reliance is learned of necessity.

Accept no substitutes.

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