Steam Will Rule The Universe.

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Steam, steam, and more steam. From the trains of the past, to
geothermal energy and the good things in life, steam is still an
almost untapped energy source. For all the things we've ever
done with it, it still has vast potential. We've barely scratched
the surface. Many methods for extracting , and harnessing this
readily available resource.

The future is here, now, and all that remains is for us to cease our
squabbling and build it.

Steam Trains at Speed


Steam Drillers (Geothermal Energy Development)


How To Steam Crawfish

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Very interesting post @lifeworship
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geothermal is interesting, it really seems like the energy sector is racing against time, demand grows exponentially, if transport is to be done by electricity, we are going to have to come up with some other way then drilling everything, water should be conserved, we are "overtaxing" almost everything in the environment, the earth for resources, the oceans for food and with pollution, the air for transport and communication, I'm sure there is no need to say that we are in way over out heads. I do hope people get back to the earth and stop dreaming of mars, while we continue with our bullshit practice here.