Protect Yourself, Protect Your Rights, The State Is More Dangerous Than Terrorism

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It is not the job of the police to protect you, nor could they if they wanted
to. In fact, the police have killed more citizens since 9/11/01 than have
terrorists in the U.S.A. For all the resources continually poured into the
'security' infrastructure, from the local to the national level, response
times remain unable to cope with the speed with which crimes are
committed, and when they finally do arrive they might just shoot you for
simply being on the scene. The state does not care about you, and their
efforts to convince The People otherwise is theater to keep us paying
their salaries. Would you rather have neighbors who you know, armed
and able, or state employees who get paid whether or not you live, and
might be the ones who show up and shoot you in the back just for the
hell of it?


Hot Mic - A Good Guy With a Gun


Everyone who can own a gun responsibly, should.

Agreed, thank you for you for your comment.

The state is terrorism! Where I live if you call 911 to report a violent crime, there's a 45 minute lag time before the cops show up (they want to make sure the threat is over)

I generally think that calling the cops is the best way to make a bad situation worse.

My wife and I were out hanging Christmas lights on the fence when some guy kicked in the door across the corner from our house. My wife called and the woman started screaming, so I got a pistol and chased the guy away (he had already beat her pretty bad. The cops showed up about 40 minutes later.

would you have shot him?

If I thought it necessary... he left so I didn't see any more danger. I also made it clear if he came back around the lady could call me and I would be there within 30 secs.

I have an advantage... 3 cemeteries to "lose" people in.

Haha "they want to make sure the threat is over" so true, their safety is more important to them than anyone else.

Their safety is why they regularly execute family dogs without provocation.

I know an Irish family, they had a son aged 22. He had a mental disorder. He was a nice guy but odd, very harmless. He had very little social understanding of awkward. So he go up to strangers and hug them, talk to them, he would also some time run away from home.

His parents sent him over to NY to stay with his sister. After a couple of weeks he didnt come home for two nights. He decided to sleep on a park bench. A police officer approached him and asked him to leave the park and depart the bench. He didnt, he said he was tired and wanted to get some sleep. The police officer told he if he did not leave the bench then he would forcefully remove him.

The young guy not really knowing what was going on and because he seen the officer getting angry wanted to hug him to make things better. The police officer drew his gun and opened fire, he put 6 bullets in the chest of the young guy.

It was cold blooded murder of an young unarmed socially odd man. The officer got paid leave while an investiagte was made and then got back on to duty. No charges where ever brought against the officer.

It turns out, its not the first time the officer has simlar situations, only that this was the first time he murdered some one.

It was probably not the last time, unfortunately.

I know and that is the said thing. One of my favourite people is Milton Freidman and he says that "the road to hell is paved with good intentions". What this means is the government were appointed by the people for the protection of the people.

So what ends out happening year by year the police FORCE take more power and liberties and increase the FORCE and POWER that the used.

The POWER corrupts the and they continue to increase the amount of FORCE they use.

Cops are too fat and heavy to carry with you on a daily basis...a firearm is much lighter and more effective 😉 🔫

Until someone makes a pocket cop out of a cell phone.

Thanks for the comment.

Thank you, kind Steemian.

Police are minutes away when seconds count. Everyone who is able should be armed IMO. Get a permit (if reguired) get a gun, learn how to use it, practice at a shooting range, and carry everywhere you go, because when seconds count police are minutes away.

No sure what I think about it really. I guess its living in a country that does not allow guns. But I guess also I'm of the opinion that if you carry a gun your going to use it if you don't you going to use dialog. But the if everyone has guns then I don't know. Its very complex.

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