Reached 100 followers! Giving away some STEEM

in life •  last year

One neat thing about this platform is one's efforts seem to have a "long tail". The past two days I've been more busy with "life"(tm), and haven't spent much time curating or posting. My follower count kept rising though! That was pretty neat to see, that my efforts aren't spent in 24 hours, they live on longer than that.

My 50 follower giveaway got no takers, so I'm going to make it easier: first five people to get one person to follow me will receive 0.01 STEEM. That's currently half my STEEM; I'm trying to grow this account without any expenses (i.e., without buying any STEEM or power). Please let me know if the reward seems useless; today is day 7 and I got my first two payouts! 0.081 SBD and 0.049 STEEM POWER.

Requirements: you need to upvote and resteem, then comment something like "I'm working on it" and then have the other party follow me and resteem this post, and then reply to your comment that they have followed and resteemed.

If you're not already a follower, then you following counts, and only one comment is required.

This site shows one's followers; learned about this tool yesterday and resteemed an article about it.

Steem on!

Edit 2017-06-29 Thu 4:20 pm -- Sorry to take so long tabulating, I've found 7 new followers and will pay them all! They are:


I'm using the memo: "Thanks for"

Note that I've found a bug in the "Transfer to Account" dialog's "Amount" -- ".01" is not valid input, even though it's a valid number. I had to add a "0" before the decimal point in order for it to accept the input! :)

Thanks again to my followers -- I'm now up to 127! An additional 25% growth in one day, not bad! :)

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I will be the 101st to hold it)


Sounds good! Upvoted and followed you.

Just followed you too! Have a great weekend!

Hey im your newest follower, do I get anything? :)


Just gave you a 100% upvote. :)

good work! Keep steeeeeeeming!


Thanks! Upvoted and followed you. Note that I see a typo in your "customized" name -- it ends with "sysyem" instead of "system". Cheers!

I may well be follower 102, Just new here myself and slowly learning but I think this site has so much potential


Thanks, upvoted and followed.


Thanks, upvoted! (Am already following you as well. :) )

Hello and welcome to Steem! :-)
Followed. Upvoted.
Follow me back 😘


Upvoted and followed. :)


Thanks @bottymcbotface! I'll raise it to six people. :) [Oh, and -- upvoted and followed. :) ]


Thanks, upvoted! (Am already following you. :) )

first five people to get one person to follow me will receive 0.01 STEEM

How would that be determined.
If I follow you and I'm one of the first five, then I get the STEEM?


Upvoted and followed. Yes, that's how it would work. If you're already following me, though, you'll need to get someone else to follow me and comment that they did so under your comment. Hope that makes sense!


Well... I didn't follow you until I just did in this post.


Cool so you're probably one of the five, I'll tabulate this evening or tomorrow. Cheers!

This is awesome! Congrats! I followed!


Thanks, upvoted and followed you back! :)


Thanks, you're awesome. Looking forward to see more content from you 😃

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I'm already following but want free steem!!!! Upvoted, followed and ReSteemed!


Thanks to @bottymcbotface's tip, I'm adding a sixth person and will reward you! Thanks!

hello @libertyteeth
welcome to steemit and congratulations on the 100 followers but you can make it one more
Feel free to follow me aswell @juanvdw97

Thank you


Nice to meet you! Upvoted and followed. Will check the Slack link out!