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Hey this is dojoexle. Here a big opportunities for all the newbies who are new on steemit.
This is not any campaign or a community. I am personally trying to help newbies to encourage them. Its time for a little change.
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Personally i feel that new users on steemit got neglected. Everybody is busy upvoting and commenting posts which already got 100$ of dollors. While newbies hardly get 1$ .

I am willing to give away 0.200 SBD as a flybees reward everyday for 3 newbies. And every week flybees reward will increase . The next week flybees reward will be 0.300 SBD
Yeah you heard it right.
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What will be the criterias
1.upvote this post
2.comment on this post
3.resteem this post (let the other newbies know about this)

How will i choose a winner ?
Well ,24 hours from now i am gonna do a lucky draw of the newbies Who fulfill all 3 criterias. So, the 3 lucky winners from lucky draw will get 0.200 SBD as a flybees reward. Result will be published 24 hours from now.
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Again i would like to repeat this is not any campaign or a community . I am doing this personally so that i can see newbies fly.

Follow me at @dojoexle
All the newbies do take part if you want.
I dont want any newbies left behind.

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its a very great offer to us the "neewbies" followed upvoted and resteemed


Thank you @cash-hunter we need your support

What a great thing you are doing for newbies. As a noob myself, I appreciate. This steem world takes a little getting used to.


Take part by fulfilling criterias

Is this a separate post? Upped and Resteemed


Yes but if already take part in another then its fine.

a newbie here liking the site and trying to work it out voted and resteemed to be in for a shot for the help thanks on behalf of all of us newbies


@tattoodjay keep supporting us


Thanks for your help, I am following you to see your future posts.

Okay, betting on me, me, me, me, meeeee. LOL. Okay, participating for fun. I MUST have fun. 😃


Thank you @coquiunlimited for your support.

I just joined last night so am still confused as to how exactly everything works here!


Just follow the criteria . I have already noted down the names of people who follow all the criteria. If you have already fulfull all the criterias then your name must have fone for lucky draw

Thx for the opportuniti and the warm welcome :)


Fulfull the criteria and wait for the result . Support newbies with me

i like your post , trully....


Thank you @theofilos77 take part by fulfilling criterias

I feel identified with your publication haha, a hug!


I am also willin to help

Upvoted, commented, and resteemed! Thanks for pointing me here from my article :)

Cool . Thanks, that's what I l like about steem community is the help from all the people here.

Thanks for the support! :)

Wish I had the skills to host games and contests like you guys but I guess I'll leave that to the pros ;)