Get out of your little CONFORT ZONE!!

in life •  last year

I learned one thing in life - if you don't take risk - you stay in your little confort zone. It's great, but it doesn't get you anywhere.

And who achieved something BIG in their life staying in confort zone?? NOBODY!!

All the great leaders have gone throug the mud, pain and several (or should I say many) failures in life. And because of that strong wish, mindset and courage they eventually succeeded.


So here is my thought for today:


It will be difficult sometimes...but you know - because of that you will be stronger! All of those tears (and I'm here telling from my own experiences) made me stronger. So many times people around me told me that I can't do something, because I'm not smat enough..or beautiful enough...or skinny enough...all those wounds made me stronger. And I'm now where I am. I LOVE MY LIFE!! I just love it! I received so many blessings that I will be forever grateful.

So - go ahead. Don't stop if somebody tells you you can't (it's only because of their fear). It's all in your HEAD. Decide. And do someting NEW, out of your comfort zone TODAY.

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Wishing you all the best and sending you love,

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Thank you :)

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Hi @prabhavathi! Thanks for kind words! Looking forward to your cooking recipies..i love to cook! :)

Your thoughts shape your reality. No matter what others say if you believe in yourself then nothing will ever stop you. I'm sure you will inspire people :)


Yes @trendo! I see we are on the same page! Good to know that here are also people like us! Really good! :) Looking forward to your posts - the one with law of attraction is great! :) Blessings, s


Thank you !

Welcome to steemit lavitaebella, looking forward to your post. :-) Follow me for some interesting posts @prathyusha


Hi @prathyusha! Thank you for kind words..i see you are from India <3 :) Never been, but I'm sure i will go someday..i hear such a nice things about your country...

good advice :) trying new things is a great way to spice it up


Yes! Let's be a YES people! It's really all in our heads! :) Wishing you a nice day @doitvoluntarily :)

Well that was an inspirational post none of the success ever comes to you if you are not always ready to get out of your comfert zone ... :) .. would love to read more posts by you .. keep posting
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Hi @utfull! I already followed you :) Namaste! :)

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Thank you @cvreddy! Excided to be here! :)

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Good Luck

Excellent advice!


Thank you :) Glad to connect :)