This Sick Girl is Going to be in Virtual Reality!

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Huge news! A super, dear friend of mine got me the Oculus Rift + Touch after reading about how it can benefit chronically ill people.

I have spent the past day looking up all the different things I can do. I am really, really excited about the idea of "getting out" of this bedroom I have been stuck in for so long while I try to fight this disease. I am really excited about a game called "The Climb" in which you simply climb rocks and explore caves. The graphics are beautiful and I hear it is a great work out. So, that is first on my buy list but I won't be able to buy any games for awhile. Luckily, it comes with 7 free games and there are tons of free experiences for me to explore! :D

Seriously though, check out these graphics!

I can now not only do things I can't do in reality with this disease at this time but I can also travel to places I couldn't afford to in reality. I can visit famous museums. I can go to the grand canyon and float through rivers. I can hang out on a tropical beach. I can meditate in a temple. I can mountain climb. I can see wild animals up close. I can float through the human body and mind and learn about the inner workings. I can go to outer space! I can hang out with alien species! Well, you get the idea it is pretty endless.

Oh, but let's not forget I can friggin draw and 3d model in virtual reality!!!

I can make actual .obj files when 3d modeling. I can also get tilt brush and paint in 3d. I can paint using quill as well. There are quite a few really top notch art programs and I can't wait to explore that world. I will be able to paint a 3d scape surrounding me. Anything I can dream up and manage to draw I can have in front, behind, beside, below, and above me! ^_^

I will be able to socialize in my room!

Another feature that is particularly helpful for a person in my condition is the social aspect. I will definitely be hanging out in VR chat and meeting people and playing games with people but also me and my pal are going to watch films together using bigscreen in virtual reality and I read you can choose your location and watch in a theatre or on the moon! :D I will be able to gesture with my hands and head and there is a mic built in. So, my buddy can hear when I gasp in horror during spooky movie night!

There is so much more I am excited about and I intend to review and talk about my experience in VR and how it helps me as a chronically ill person living in isolation. I wish more people had access to VR and computers that can handle VR. The only reason I have a PC up to the job is thanks to Steemit. :')

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering. I am still sober and still sticking to my strict IC friendly diet! My appointment to get all the tests I need is now only 11 days away!!

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That's awesome. I knew VR had a lot of potential but didn't realize it was so far along already. Especially awesome how it helps someone in your situation feel some relief, great!
Definitely looking forward to reading your reviews about your experiences using VR.
Great post and great formatting, you have my full UV!

vr is brilliant innovation seriously :)


Agreed and so useful for sick people who can't get around if they can get their hands on it!


hahahahha the best thing is people watch porn in vr hahahahaha that feeling hahaha

Woohoo progress not perfection! Excited for your new virtual adventures. Will you enjoy climbing or museum watching more, can wait for you to tell us more? I wonder if you will met any steemit users on there too


I don't know which I will like more! I mean they are both very different activities and I think both are equally important. I really need to get some more activity into my lifestyle so the Climb will be valuable and the scenery will make me feel like I am escaping but I also crave visiting museums and haven't been able to in person. However, the museums available are very limited at the moment. Now, if there was a virtual Frida Kahlo exhibit that would be my hands down favorite!! :D

I would love to make some steemit VR friends.

Yay for you!!!! Sounds awesome!


Thanks! I can't wait. ^_^ I have never been so excited.

@lauralemons: I'm sorry for your illness, but love how you make the very best of it, by being highly creative and productive on Steemit.

I'm excited to learn more about VR through your eyes/experience!


Thank you. <3 Getting this VR headset will really, seriously help while I work on healing. I will feel much less trapped now. :) And some day I will be better! ^_^


"And some day I will be better!"


I recently purchased the Oculus Rift myself. It is amazing. I have only scratched the surface of what it can do. I think i will check out the climb you mentioned it looks very nice. Thanks. I pray you beat your illness.


I can't wait to start using it and yes, it is almost overwhelming how much there is to be done!! :D


There is a VR version of Google Earth that you might like also and its a free download.

Please accept my virtual 3D high five.


VR and AR are going to be super awesome in a few years. I can't wait.

Whaaa?!?! I've GOT to look into this! Floating through the human body?! I've wanted to do that ever since I saw Fantastic Voyage when I was a kid.

And I could find you out there, right? And like, shake your virtual hand? That would be awesome!

Your new PC is sure up to it :D Have fun!