This Sick Girl had One Good Day! My Trip to Munsinger Gardens!

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So, as my followers know I am battling a disease that has me in constant pain and usually isolated...

Update: I found out after the fact that I pushed myself too hard with this day and was in terrible pain for many, many hours and peeing into a container every 2 minutes and not able to sleep until 10:00am from sheer exhaustion. So, sadly powering through it and doing what I want is not going to be an option.

However, I found out about these gorgeous gardens one mile from my place and wanted to check them out. There are two bathrooms which is great for my bladder disease. I was definitely in pain and constantly having to pee but I still walked around the entire place for about an hour and a half. The gift shop was already closed sadly but it looked so cute! I was peering in from outside and can't wait to go back earlier and buy some cute stuff and support this lovely, peaceful place. ^_^

I ordered myself a hydration pack that will be here soon and holds almost a gallon of water and has a tube for drinking. This will be a huge help in me getting out with interstitial cystitits. I also got a go girl so I can go find this nature trail behind the prison and pee all over the woods standing up every 10 minutes to my bladder-heart's content!

I am making it a goal to go for walks every day like I used to even if it is horribly painful and inconvenient. I am confident one day while sticking to the IC diet, with meds, doctors, and sobriety I will improve my condition but I gained a lot of weight from being stationary from PCOS/IC and it's time to start shedding pounds before it causes me health issues. My blood pressure and everything is fine and no diabetes so I should consider myself lucky and start improving my weight.

In case anyone is wondering my appt to get all the tests I need to be able to start trying out treatments is still 3 weeks away! I will keep you updated! Also, today is my 7 days sober but I will post about that in another blog!

Enough about that, here are the photos! Sadly, I charged my DSLR battery and remembered the camera but forgot the damn SD card so until my next trip, which will be soon, I only have phone photos!

I can't wait to go back and get better photos with my camera!

Oh and we found a free little library which I plan to bring book to next time. I probably have more I am willing to part with then will fit in here but I can wait and see if it gets emptier and keep donating. ^_^

Oh, we also had dinner at this sushi place that was wonderful!!

The waiter there was a really friendly, funny guy. Like seriously happy and cracking cute jokes at us. It really made my night.

This has been the first good day I have had in ages in spite it being a bad pain day and ending with some less than great happenings. I am grateful for today and for another day of sobriety and can't wait to have a healthy bladder so I can really get out there and enjoy life properly!

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Congratulations on a beautiful day! I'm very close to your feelings! I have suffered from fibromyalgia for many years! Very few days without pain! But every such day it is happiness and there is confidence, that I will be able to overcome the pain.


I suspect I actually have fibro too which often goes with IC. I can deal with the pain usually but the peeing like 60 times a day makes my life almost impossible. Hoping to eventually get that number down though. <3 Great to virtually meet another chronic illness warrior. <3

Good new, I'm glad you had a good day! Thanks for the tales of your adventure and the sweet pics!


Thank you! ^_^ I can't wait to get better pics using my real camera. :D

Very sympathetic today. I have been laid up with some kind of bug, and had to carry myself about. Not chronic, but it felt good to defeat it.


I ended up paying for this horribly and was non-functioning for like 10 hours and peeing in a cup every two minutes while in agony. So, I can't have days like this apparently. ( ._.)

Lovely Pictures! Stay Positive @lauralemons
Don't Stop Fighting your Battle with the Disease...

Great shots! Who needs a DSLR haha the place looks awesome

I'm so happy you had a day of remission. We all live on borrowed time, but chronic illnesses make me think of the "interest" on that time and the value of a single moment. Thanks for sharing your pictures, especially because they're framed with hope.


I didn't have a day of remission as I stated in the post I was in a lot of pain and still constantly running to the bathroom. haha I am hopeful but today wasn't less painful than any other day I just forced myself to go to a place I wanted to see. Thanks for the kind words. :)

Laura and I never did get to back to Munsinger and Clemens Gardens, but I will never forget that wonderful day.