I Just got Through the Most Painful Flare of My Life - Sober!

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There really is a difference once you decide to get sober for your own reasons rather than being pushed to get sober.

The past 3 days I have been mostly unable to get out of bed due to pain related to my disease. Usually I would cope by drinking because even though alcohol makes the pain worse the following day it makes it go away for hours while I am drinking which was so tempting in the past that I kept falling back off the wagon when I was in pain.

This time though I was in so much pain I was literally crying and in bed for 3 days I clutched my hand-made 7 day -I am on day 10 now- sobriety chip and held strong. I reminded myself I have a doctor now and treatment will start soon and diet is the most important factor of healing this disease so even though I am in more pain now than when I coped by drinking it will end up leading to a healed bladder.

I also fought major urges being as every damn show I decided to binge on Netflix to stay sane seemed to involve constant drinking in a way that made it look fun. There is always booze in my apartment because of my roommate but still I stay away and drank my herbal tea and filtered water.

I feel like this time is definitely it. I am SO invested in healing my bladder that I know I have to not drink at all, ever. And I am not slipping up with the rest of my diet either. No acidic foods like tomato or most fruits, no processed foods, no msg, no coffee, no tea with caffeine. I am serious.

However, I don't imagine I will be capable of blogging much in this state being as I still also have to try to work enough to get by without the ability to work a normal job which means a lot of mturking and usertesting, most days I spend mainly in bed. I will be updating on my health and if I feel compelled to HAVE to share something cool I will and, of course, I will share any art I make but until I get some relief from this pain I will be on bed rest a lot.

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Hi Laura,

Hang in there girl! That's one hell of a battle, not only physically but mentally. Definitely tough times a head. I'am usually only on this site for crypto related post's but decided to branch out. Glad I found your post, its quite inspirational to see. If the isolation gets to you, feel free to reach out! I am definitely a good listener. Good luck with it all.


Thank you. And yes, there is going to still be many tough times ahead. Many people want to simplify it and say how now I am going to get help so I will be back to normal "soon" but in reality this disease will take a long time to heal because even diet changes alone can take 6 months and sometimes you aren't even aware of something that is causing a flare, it could be on the safe list because everyone is different. Couple that with that fact that there is no great treatment for IC and people have to try many different ones usually which all can take about 6 months to work...yeah it won't be a simple recovery.

Getting a doctor made it possible where as fighting alone without insurance it was IMPOSSIBLE to get better so all this did is make it possible not easy, not fast, just possible. :)

Thank you for the kind comment and I will reach out if I need to. Lately, I am just sinking into the isolation and hermitting and feeling angry and robbed of my youth but I am still sober and on the diet.

Good for you! I am praying for your speedy recovery you can do this!


It absolutely won't be speedy. The nature of the disease dictates that. I have never heard of a speedy recovery. It'll take diet changes that take about 6 months to take affect, trial and error, different meds, potential surgery. It's a long road. I am not even going to delude myself by hoping for anything else. :)

Thanks for the update. It's not easy but you know that cutting out the drinks is best in the long run and you're fighting hard to do what will lead to healing your disease. Bravo!


Yeah, it's mostly hard because it gave me temporary relief and I am in 24/7 constant pain and also isolated in my room bored. It is really hard but I just keep thinking about treatment and reminding myself it'll take time. Probably 6 months minimum and maybe more like a year before I get the relief I am fighting for so I can't lose determination! :)

i know you can do it, your in my thought and prayers.

Totally understand the plight you are undergoing with IC! Congrats on being sober, One Day at a time. I hope you get some relief soon🐓

As another chronic pain sufferer, you have my sympathy.

excellent post, with good content. 100% upvote for your nice post :)

Its really amazing. Upvoted.
You may check my posts too @stemy.

That sounds like a real, life challenge. More power to you for battling this on two fronts. That takes real courage.

Does Marijuana work for your pain? Work well for you?


If I'm not mistaken weed actually irritates the urinary tract so while its good for pain it might not be good for this type of pain.


Weed is terrible for me in many ways. It won't help with the pain but also it causes me panic attacks, all strains. Anything I could try without a doctor I have pretty much tried.


Just throwing it out there. I wish you the best.

Upvoted and RESTEEMED :)

Fighting a disease, being in pain AND keeping up the strength for breaking old habits takes a LOT of character and strong personality; so, @lauralemons : BIG CHEERS TO YOU!!!!

I know it's often taken for granted that people change life-styles/habits when that's what's needed to get better, but I also know it sometimes takes a real good focus on 'the prize' at times you just want 'a little slip back to the old habits' .
Keep it up, and wishing you lots of positive energy!

sober = healthy....Anyway awesome post! FOLLOW ME back for awesome crypto related posts!


You clearly read just the title. XD You commented 15 seconds after I posted it.