How Virtual Reality is Changing my Life as a Disabled Person.

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So, all the ways I thought VR could change my life as a sick person? It did that plus a whole lot more than I could have ever imagined.

Before I received my oculus rift I imagined that virtual reality couldn't really be all that immersive. "How are people trying to lean on fake furniture?" I thought. It is that immersive, that is how! I tried to place my controllers on a fake table within 10 minutes of strapping on my head set.

There is a tutorial where you meet this robot and he hands you little discs and you do different things to learn the controls and that alone had me fucking BLOWN away. I was "ooooh" and "ahhhh"ing and laughing out loud. I was blown away. Many times I said "Oh my gooooood" and "holy crap oh my god!" while laughing. I just couldn't believe how real this felt. I was worried I couldn't use my VR headset mu ch as I am afraid to wear eye masks and headphones normally because my CPTSD has me all jumpy and panicked when my senses are blocked but VR is so immersive that this has not been an issue at all because I don't feel like I am in my room with my senses blocked I feel like I am at the opera, a museum, drawing in 3D, chatting with people in VRchat while taking tours of cool worlds.

How has it been helping you with your sickness?

Well, as I have blogged about the pain is only one factor of my disability the isolation from being not well enough to go out is the thing that is driving my nuts. With virtual reality I have been socializing. I went to a rave in virtual reality. I went bowling while the alley played 60's rock music. I have created 3D landscapes. I watched a film with my friend in a movie theatre. I have explored educational apps where I learn about the body or travel to historic landmarks. This is all just the free stuff! I can't afford the games yet as the ones I want are like $50 so all these experiences blowing my mind are the free bundle games and free experiences. I have cried from two of the short films I saw in virtual reality. It is NOT the same as just watching a film, you can see all around and move in closer to subject. You are in the film observing.

Here are some screenshots of me enjoying my new worlds.

Me watching "Boy Meets World in my clean 3D apartment.

Some visuals from a rave I attended.

The expanse where people hang out beetween raves and can buy toys and things.

The bowling alley where I danced, sang along to old rocks songs that were playing, and bowled my heart out.

The first cat I modeled in 3D -using medium- that wanted to die.

The second cat I modeled in 3D (using blocks) that is making the best of his life.

Enjoying sitting in Van Gogh's room.

Taking a stroll through some educational content.

Keep in mind that these images don't do any justice.

Just like in reality a photograph from a vacation is not the same as being there. I cannot stress enough that when I ma in VR I feel like I am there, not in my sad little room. It has already helped me progress with my CPTSD, it is helping my depression related to my disease, and it is certainly helping with stress which I know will be beneficial for my healing. I have so much more to do an discover. I am thinking about taking videos or streaming my gameplay in VR. If you are interested in virtual reality the Oculus Rift is only $399 right now with touch and 7 games, and no I am not being paid to endorse it I just have had my life changed and feel this strongly about Oculus. Also, if you do get VR, make sure your PC can handle it. Seriously, even if you think it can, even if it can run all the non-VR games. Make sure. You need a really solid machine.

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And this is just the early stages of virtual reality too. The future is going to be amazing.

I've been wanting to try one of these out for a couple years now. It looks like the technology is starting to deliver. I just haven't been able to justify the expense of a computer that can drive the headset, as I probably wouldn't use it all that much (and if I did I'd feel guilty for spending too much time in VR!)

What I really need is a friend nearby with one. It's like buying a boat - a friend with a VR set is a better bet than buying one myself.


Yeah for me the Pc was a needed tool for my art and work and as I am disabled and stuck at home it's almost a necessity to have some escape for my mental health. If I didn't need the PC first and foremost it'd be hard to justify the expense for sure.


Yeah. I bought the Vive because my house is the "party house"......can't escape that fact after 26 years away from dads.


Do you have more than one headset so that people can play together?


I'm working on it. The 1080 or 1080ti cards are about 600, last I checked. The headsets are down to 700 recently. The chipset needs to be a little better than 2 of my PCs but I have yet another that I think will support the Vive. It is very much the same if the other player is anywhere else though......


Wow - that does add up.

If I had a friend with a party house and a VR headset, I'd want to go over and play with it - but then I'd feel like I was missing out on the party.

I'd still try it out, though!

It looks like this is an incredible, mature technology now. I can't quite justify the cost of entry at the moment (the headsets are hugely expensive here in Australia!) but it has so, so much potential. Glad its helping you deal with things :)


You can find the oculus on ebay for like $425- $450! Maybe one of them will ship to you. I dunno. I hope you can get one in the future. It is amazing. :)

I'm glad you are having really exiting and fulfilling experiences with your Oculus Rift. It is helpful to me to read your reviews because I'm thinking of getting one myself. Thanks!


Again.....I am saying Vive!


I say go for it. ;)


This has definitely sold me on the oculus rift.

Although I may end up having to spring for a Vive instead, as I'm not sure my computer is rift compatible..


The Vive is superior but requires a 1070 or 1080 GPU. The contollers and the "chaperone" tech make it all that.


Plz read my review of the Vive and try all the systems before you buy! I feel the Vive is worth the price, even though it is higher it is a generation (or two) ahead.

I am considering a virtual steem meetup, or hopefully a VR steemfest. Who else can attend? What VR theatre is best for everyone....

Awesome story lauralemons! An eye opener, I grew up with a disabled aunt. She spent her whole life in a wheelchair. This would have meant so much to her. Look forward to following you.

I am starting to see a pattern here. All the movies that I have watched 20 years ago including the matrix , back to the future and many others have been very accurate to what direction we are heading. I am starting to be amazed at what is going on :)

The HTC Vive is totally worth the extra money. Rift is cool, but I'm trying not to give Zuck anu more of my money or data. Try you a Vive! Also theres another VR set coming out soon! (2017)

Hi Laura. This is amazing! My father was recently very Ill with cancer and I kept thinking how I wish VR was advanced enough for me to be able to take the distance away from between us. Or for him to be able to experience the world from his living room. This aspect is what excites me most about VR. If only I had the funds I would start working on this right now to make it accessible in every retirement home and hospital.

You have my Upvote and resteem.

Thanks for posting. Good dissemination of information.