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decided that I was tired of the fuzz on my face, and now it is gone. I feel much more comfortable this way.

It has been quite some time since I exerted much control over my appearance. In Sofia it is very easy to find discarded clothes in sometimes very odd places, and I had managed to have quite a good look, in my opinion.

I am really not that vain, but I hate looking bad. I have a keen eye for aesthetics and I know very well I am looking frumpy and weird... it bothers me a lot actually, but not so much it precedes other more important things.

Right now though, I am mainly focused on saving for my settling once and for all after too long wandering. So if I look a bit like I dressed myself in the dark, that is probably because I did.

But when I am settled, watch out. Part of my workshop plans involve sewing machines, awls and lasts... My mother and sister are both artists and clothing designers, and I am also. I am looking forward to making my own designs, that have lived in my head for much too long...

We can't stop here! This is Whale country!

Loki was born in Australia, now is wandering Amsterdam again after 9 months in Sofia, Bulgaria. IT generalist, physics theorist, futurist and cyber-agorist. Loki's life mission is to establish a secure, distributed layer atop the internet, and enable space migration, preferably while living in a beautiful mountain house somewhere with a good woman, and lots of farm animals and gardens, where he can also go hunting and camping.

I'm a thoughtocaster, a conundrummer in a band called Life Puzzler. I've flipped more lids than a monkey in a soup kitchen, of the mind. - Xavier, Renegade Angel


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I am so excited for you! You look great and I simply cannot wait to see what your mind creates in clothing design. You've got the whole package going on @l0k1, keep going and don't second guess yourself or look back. :)

My friend @l0k1, you're younger like that. Congratulations. :)

Well hello handsome!
I just learned a few new things about you. I hope that you find some place to settle. I'm certain your designs are going to be fantastic :)

Wow! Looking Goood! Very Handsome and Great job ! 😚👍👌😉
For those who never saw a picture of you , heres a Before photo ! Steem On!

Nice! You should probably draw out those designs too!
Btw there's some markdown/html artifact above and below your pic

stupid markdown... I fixed it. the renderer in eSteem also doesn't render all correctly.

Yes, I will draw up the designs when I get settled and can start working on them. Boots are my first priority, and I need a cast of my calf and foot from each leg.

Sick! Is it gonna be leatherwork? Would be interested to read up on your process :)

hell yeah, leather of course, kangaroo hide if i can get it, but maybe for prototypes canvas and goathide.

Looking good man 👍

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@l0k1 - you look stronger, wiser and older :-)

Keep it up @l0k1! Would you like to meet up? We're still in Amsterdam as well. How's the illness?

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