Work for the Sake of Work

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My career at some point brought me up to the degenerate level where I had to dress-up and market objects and people to other people. It seemed harmless at the beginning since I didn't care much about what I was doing. I enjoyed the creative process and the tricks one employs to create imagery, psychological submission and the like.

As I grew older the process was rather painstaking since literally all meetings where surrounded around the premise of tricking other people and creating artificial needs. We had to make people feel awful about themselves so that we could give them a solution, our product. I was photoshopping models and when they got old or had a flaw, I was told to find other younger ones and more perfect.

The dark side of the whole thing is that I was seeing my work being used daily from friends and families, people around me. I saw how their expressions changes, how their personality transformed once they put that special mask that I have created and marketed to them.

The money was good but the process drove me more and more away from people to the point where I was wondering what the fuck I was doing and why I was doing it. Market and Sell shit, make money right? I wanted something more out of a career but it seemed that all paths I was taking lead to the same point where I had to employ tricks in order to sell shit to people.

I slowly realized that most work was pointless and that most jobs shouldn't even exist. Most things move around for the sake of moving around and people work pointless hours to buy pointless shit. It's a massive waste of time for all of us. I don't think history will be kind to us for this kind of development.

"We have become a civilization based on work—not even “productive work” but work as an end and meaning in itself."
— David Graeber, Bullshit Jobs: A Theory

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awesome pic i like it😀😁

Im focusing to the picture but still dont understand what the point is.

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Keep working, stop paying, and if your job becomes irrelevant, do something else,...

It's good you came to a point that you realized you weren't making the right decision. Good we have to make money to keep our life styles in tact but don't forget that one of the most important thing in our lives still remain the relationships we keep.

Most things move around for the sake of moving around and people work pointless hours to buy pointless shit. It's a massive waste of time for all of us.

Well said. But it all goes back to money and the illusion of gaining control in life. Thanks for sharing.

I am a cashier right now and though we are not heavily promoting things, many times I think... "Do they really need this thing?". Especially when it is advertised on TV, there is a huge boost on sales.

Haha bravo! Nail on the head......... "I realized that most work was pointless and that most jobs shouldn't even exist." I couldn't agree more. Funny how we all do shit we really don't want to get up everyday and do for $ to give away for stuff we don't really need. The days of old seem to have such a romantic flare within me although I'm sure they were hard. I think the lucky one's in life are the one's who can live in this realm doing something they love that actually is needed and appreciated. I suppose the good one's of us are all striving towards this or dreaming of it.

Yes yes yes!!!!

And as we’ve been getting wise to it, the ‘Sales’ crowd have been finding smarter ways to ‘sell us’ the idea that ‘Sales/marketing/etc’ is a noble and almost spiritual endeavour.

I heard one guy make the claim that the etymology of the word ‘Sales’ is from an ancient Nordic word meaning ‘to serve’ - their premise was that by convincing people they needed your shit, you were ‘in service’ to them, you were doing them a favour and performing semi-messianic acts to help these people out.


There is some seriously insidious attitudes in that industry, that I’ve come across at least.

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Same story here, but in two different fields.

Mass hysteria at its worst, and a huge waste of talent combined with overpaying the incompetent.

We need a reset, but how?


Honestly, I have given up on society. I have better things to do.

The first thing that can actually change our future is to realize in some point that we're building sh*tie societies on top of world changing philosophies and technologies.

Even by posting this I can assure you that you made a Venezuelan guy open his eyes (on his own business).

Great post!