How To Effectively Alienate Yourself From The World

in life •  8 months ago

As one grows, learns different things through various means.
For good or worse, evidence piles up in front of you whether you want it or not.
Whether you take it seriously or not. Religion , politics, philosophy, science. You name it.
An amalgamation of your identity will inevitably be formed right in front of you.

The terrible truth is that living by the word you believe can be terrifying for some.
It means that what you believe, you have to follow through life, and not just in texting.
Most people don't do that. They believe different things but keep it for themselves.
It is important for them to keep friends and acquaintances appease rather than embrace their beliefs in real world action.
This is what we call conformism and it is what 99.9999% or more of what most people choose to do.

If you don't conform and rather be intellectually honest, you end up lying to yourself less.
You begin refusing to accept the lies from others, even well-meaning ones.
Your personal relationships with the few people you can stomach to be around will suffer and degrade under the stress of
your intellectually honesty that if effectively translated into action.
You begin seeing through people because you can smell the hesitation, cowardliness, fear from a mile away.
In living this truth you'll be sickened at the world, yet constantly drawn to keep seeking more.
Going back to pretentious living for the sake of keeping friends or family around or saving face will seem fake.

And this is how you will effectively alienate yourself from the world both in texting and real life.

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If both your reasoning and instincts tell you that you've stopped being a social animal, then only constant annoyance, hermitry, or suicide are left as options.

I'm not so sure acting upon intellectual honesty is a must, because when it goes against the grain of your social instincts, there is a possibility that the assumptions at the basis of your reasoning are flawed. You just may be intellectually honest and wrong at the same time, because you are not using all the inputs at your disposal. Thus the end point of your reasoning becomes a rather feeble basis for shooting yourself, to say the least.


Yes I have considered this. We are not talking about deep topics as we discuss here but fundamental aspects of human existence. Like at the core of societal rules, applications, compromises, white lies all that. I just cant do it.


Isn't that easily remedied by keeping the right company so you don't have to forcibly fit in? You're retired, so there can't be all that many people you need to be nice to and comply with if you don't want to, or societal rules you must still follow. Among friends you don't have to, although it is nice to be nice, of course, to add some vagueness.

I don't (didn't) find that path very effective or efficient.
It was a lot of bloody work to separate myself from some people.

You keep trying... "JFK was assinated..." but they just nod and smile "knowingly".

And then, one day, you realize that you aren't going to change them, and you can't stay with someone who is going to get you killed, or worse.

I swear pulling teeth is easier.

Sticking through to one's believe would always leads to personal happiness.

Because, if you try to keep everybody happy, the only person that would not be happy is you.... Smile

I'm like the gnostic kristos in that I dislike pretty well everyone here equally.

oops, the demiurge doesn't like such dualism...EK ONG KAR, SAT NAM, SIRI WHA (HE) GURU

One must be real and awake to know the difference of those who are not. To have the wisdom to know the difference between what is fake and what is truth is an eye opener. To be able to not conform to The Faults of this world but be transformed is a beautiful thing. Thanks for a great post my friend.

Its gets lonlier and lonlier as you move towards the top the honest mountain.
I find more and more that people cant deal with a high level of honesty.
They embrace their illusions.

I just bite my tongue and move on.

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