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Have you ever sit down and ruminate about how this life goes, how it was, or what you think it would be? So many people are living without willing to be a positive influence to their societies. Are you one of this ingrates? Then you have got to sit down today, read, digest and share with your friends. As this piece is meant not only for you but also the good souls out there. Hopefully they keep on being the valuable entity our world craves for often.


👉No matter how beautiful or handsome you're, REMEMBER... Baboon and Gorillas attract tourists. Pride kills.

👉No matter how big or trong you are, BE INFORMED... You will never carry yourself to your Grave. Please, be humble.

👉No matter how tall you are, I'M SORRY... You can never see tomorrow. Its natural, please be patient.

👉No matter how Light Skinned you are,
you will always need a light in Darkness.

👉No matter how Rich and wealthy you are, you will always Walk to Bed... THEY ARE NOT PIECE OF SHIT EITHER... Value them.

Make it Easy, it is Short. (LIFE)

Have you taken note of the CO-INCIDENCE OF LIFE? When I went through this, I discovered I've got to change my ways. So and you.


  • CHURCH has 6 letters
    so does MOSQUE.
  • BIBLE has 5 letters
    so does QURAN.
  • LIFE has 4 letters
    so does DEAD.
  • HATE has 4 letters,
    so does LOVE.
  • ENEMIES has 7 letters,
    so does FRIENDS.
  • LYING has 5 letters,
    so does TRUTH.
  • HURT has 4 letters,
    so does HEAL.
  • NEGATIVE has 8 letters,
    so does POSITIVE.
  • FAILURE has 7 letters,
    so does SUCCESS.
  • BELOW has 5 letters,
    so does ABOVE.
  • CRY has 3 letters
    so does JOY.
  • ANGER has 5 letters,
    so does HAPPY.
  • RIGHT has 5 letters,
    so does WRONG.
  • RICH has 4 letters,
    so does POOR.
  • FAIL has 4 letters,
    so does PASS.
  • KNOWLEDGE has 9 letters,
    so does IGNORANCE.

Are they all by Coincidence? I would pick NO, if such question is directed to me.


What I see in this message is: If you think being a negativity to the world we dwell is your happiness, then God has been fortunate giving us a human like you who values humanity.

For this reason, I will urge you to be GOOD, as the day is nearer when your bad deeds shall fall on you in folds.

LIFE is a double-edged sword. Never use it to kill, rather use it to cut a tree and build a house for the homeless.

And I would urge the all-knowing type.
Your alarm clock is not the right messenger, but your Creator who values you while alive.

Take note of this and return the good deeds to your neighbours. And, if you think I'm not in my right sense, you could try and place that alarm clock beside a dead man and you will realize that it is always the grace of God.

Each day in our lives should be dedicated to him. All he wants from you is good deeds.

Take care, kuboskeey cares...



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