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Today's topic is about how you can get manipulated. Then you can prevent it simply by knowing how you are being manipulated.


Manipulation and attention

A lot of magicians are playing with your attention to perform their trick. They will make you pay attention to the right hand when the left does the magic trick. They will manipulate you to perform their magic trick. But this is innocent.

Let's just use this with the real world. How can someone manipulate you? By getting your attention to useless information while they do the dirty work behind your back. Where can you see this technique in use? In the media. They will manipulate your attention by reporting an useless information and making it seem huge. They will report the Superbowl all day. So they can't report what really meaningful happened that day. Recently with the big royal wedding, they did the same. Reporting all day that these two individuals got married. I just ask myself "Why is it so important for people to know that two other people got married?" Yeah, it is the prince marriage, but still. Two people are just getting married for fuck sake it is not a big deal.

This technique is easy. It works pretty damn well. It is used all the time and thanks God we have the internet. Like maybe the best way for us to get really what is happening. Just imagine if the internet was not invented. They could do this technique all the time. And we will be blind to everything.


Playing with your emotions

It is so easy for you to get manipulated into doing stuff only because you are currently in some kind of emotion. It is just soo easy. It is widely used in advertisements. How does it work? Well first they have to trigger your emotion then they will sell you an appropriate item to stop the emotion.

Do you feel bad for this guy? He lost his family due to a car crash and ... (insert a heartbreaking story here). Do you want to help him? Buy our product and we will donate to him to make his life better.

Then suddenly after you hear or watch this commercial you start crying and start buying their product like crazy.

Or they can make you feel good and happy with music so they can then use your emotion to sell their product. Do you see a lot of commercials being cheerful and full of energy? That is no coincidence. When they make you happy or when they make you feel good you are more likely to spontaneously buy their product. Just remember the time you were so happy that you were willing to do anything with your friend and then when the day actually comes when you have to do it, you are not in the mood. It is the same with advertisements. They will use your mood to sell you everything they want.

A person can just make you remember a bad memory of yours and when you then start feeling down they can offer you to make your life so great that you will never experience the same memory you remembered. He can use your emotion for whatever he likes.

Favours and building trust

Another easy technique to manipulate you long term. It is so commonly used. It is about you asking someone a favour. Small ones like just giving you small amounts of money or helping you with some kind of easy to do work. They can even ask you if you want some help. They will voluntarily want to give you a favour. Then you build trust with these people. When the trust has been built this person will start using you. They will want all of the time back. They can force you to help them with everything just because they did you a favour back then. They can do a lot of "backstabbing" to you because you trusted them. They will first be your saviour then they will be the devil. They can even blackmail you. They can know a secret of yours and then blackmail you. So the possibilities are endless. The worst thing is that these kind people are too many. I have seen a lot of them.

images (4).jpg

Seed planting

This technique, unlike the others, is not too easy to do. It requires time and consideration. You need to have a plan. I don't even know how to explain it. But I will try.

Basically, the technique is about planting a seed(which is mostly an idea) into someone's mind. Then you will constantly try to hint the idea so, in the end, the person with the implanted seed can figure it out on their own. Then there is the manipulation. When they figure it out, the person with the seed will think that this is their own kind of idea. They will think that they thought about it. So basically you can make anyone do anything with this. Because they think is their own idea.

For an example (I don't know if my example will the most appropriate) if two girls talk with each other. The first one says: "What do you want to do?"
The second:"Let's go somewhere"- here is the seed.
Then the first one says let's go to the cinema, the second says that there are no good movies. Then the first start saying other locations, but the second one wants to go to the Mall. She will refuse all of her offerings until the first girls say the Mall. Thinking that she offered it when in fact the second was just waiting for her to say it. The first one may feel more enthusiastic about it because she chooses the location. The second just manipulated the first because maybe if she said the Mall the first girl may not want to go there unless the first thought it was her idea.

It is way more complicated in most of the situations. I hope you get what I want to say.

This planting of seeds is seen in the media with a connection with movies and so on. If the elite actually wants you to do something or think in a certain way, they will plant an idea and use all of the other tools as entertainment to just hint the idea so you can figure it on your own.

For example, no one will straight say to you that all of the Muslims are evil, but by they showing you all of this terrorist attacks you will suddenly think that all of the Muslims are evil. They are not btw.

This technique is hard to be spotted. Maybe the only way is to double check all of your thoughts.

In conclusion

I am not explaining all of this so you can go an manipulate someone. I am doing it to bring awareness to some of the techniques that are used to manipulate you to think and do something, not on your own will. Do not use these techniques,(I am just a writer, not a cop but still, don't use them) try to spot them when they are used on you. Just remember that it is nearly impossible to manipulate an educated mind. Have a nice day. God Bless.

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