Streetparade Zürich 2018 "Culture of Tolerance"

in life •  3 months ago

Hello people!

I am happy to present you the biggest techno party in the world!
From the 93th every second Saturday of August is the techno parade in Zurich Switzerland.20180811_184744.jpg

This year there were over one million Raver and we took off the biggest party in the world. 20180811_180217.jpg

I have been visiting him for 98 years because I am a fan of techno music and unforgettable emotions.


This year's motto was "Culture of Tolerance" With this, the Street Parade will demonstrate the organizers in advance for a trouble-free coexistence -
a profession like a doctor, a lawyer, or a cleaner, regardless of race, skin color, religion, sexual origin or interest group.They all dance and have fun under the rhythm of techno. 39080131_448956838937765_9130556054126460928_n.jpg

28 Lovemobiles on the way and 200 DJs
I also made a video

The city had taken care of the cooling :) 39074771_303245880234979_3971678987301683200_n.jpg
I'll also play video on TV because they were filming with helicopters and drones and they're better off

Thanks Zurich !

Thank you Switzerland I love youuuuuuuuuu

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living life

nice pic i think this pic was something party of enjoyment

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Wowww Thanks very nice you have done

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Ето това е вече публикация! Браво!

Страхотна публикация!