Let The "Arms Race" Begin! I'm Creating an Open-Source Voting Bot to Combat @asshole

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Unless you've been hiding under a rock or not been on the STEEM network in the past week or so you've probably come into contact with the STEEM networks newest form of asshattery.

Now, not to come off as an extremist or bigot myself but the person behind the @asshole account is a sad and strange character. As a general rule if / when you have a problem with something on STEEM the correct way of dealing with it is to make a post stating what issues you've encountered and why.. However this user behind @asshole seems to think he's transcended common decency and has taken it upon themselves to start flagging basically all comments and posts they can get their grubby little dick feelers on.

This is without any given reason or warning.

Sometimes You have to Fight Asshats... With Asshats

After mulling it over a bit and looking at what I've set out to accomplish this year in my own development of STEEM related services I realized that if anyone is going to step up to combat @asshole it was going to be me. Unknown to the user running their account they've kicked the hornets nest which you all know as @KLYE. There is an unspoken saying on the STEEM network stating that it's never a good thing for @KLYE to write a post about you... This is the second time I've been inspired to make a post about this @asshole and with that I'm off to the workshop to fashion an anti-@asshole weapon to fight against the forces of evil asshattery.

Other Users Have Started Fighting Back!

You may have noticed @seraph upvoting on comments / posts that @asshole has sullied with his indiscriminate flagging... A big shout out to @anyx for programming the @seraph account to counter this menace on our network. I will also be creating an automaton to fight alongside @seraph and open sourcing it. It also appears that @pfunk has his @pfunk10 counteracting @asshole as well..! Bravo gents. I will be joining the fight shortly!

ETA of the Open Sourced "Hero Bot"

This is moving day for me so I estimate by time I get moved, set up a work-space and get the hero bot coded is roughly a week or 2 out. I will try my damndest to get it done as fast as possible and release the code for everyone to deploy. I'm unsure if I will be using Python or Node.JS yet but will let everyone know in the next few days when I get it started. However I can pull it off with the least dependencies will be my goal.

Notable Arms-Race Developments

Python-Steem Example: Countervote Asshole by @Felixxx - Python Based Countervoter!

Vote @klye for Witness!


A Proud STEEMbassador of Canada

Thank you for your votes, the opportunity and support!


His vote has no effect...he doesn't have steem power. All this is a waste of your time. Go be productive and blog on.

He is once in a while hiding comments from some users. So his vote has a certain effect, at least on the comments of some steemians.

"All if this is a waste of your time"

Nah, time is what you make of it. It's not a waste. :)

Got to start developing the tools as this might be just the start, if there is one asshole out there how long before others join in the hunt.

Haha ! Good luck ! I just did another post on this idiot earlier ! And they are combating him on the comments with 2 to 1 upvotes , nullifying his down vote ! 👍glad to see you will be joining the fight !!! Awesome !

Thanks a lot for standing up! Props from a fellow Canuck.

The fight is already won.
@anyx has @asshole in check, I think.

Thanks for the mention !

I'll be developing and deploying my own counter-measures. :)

If you do more than negating the flagging it's simple upvoting of everything @asshole flagged.

I might be able to upvote at a fraction of a % to be able to negate his votes. We shall see. :)

If you could tell me how to calculate that fraction, depending on your SP and VP and the flaggers SP, voteweight and VP that would be gold.

I have no idea how that is calculated.

But once @seraph has countered the flag, there isn't really much to do.

I view this as a chance for me to develop and share anti-@asshole defense measures.

This may be the first asshat to pull this sort of thing but will likely not be the last.

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Why is this tagged nsfw?

Maybe because the name of the flagging asshole! In some ways its beter safe than sorry!