Weekend Wisdom Tips 4 (My Rhema Charge)

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Hello Everyone it's another weekend so let me start by saying "Thank God It's Friday" (TGIF) as usual I will roll out my wisdom tips from the Bible. Interestingly, this is the fourth episode and I will recommend you go through previous episodes which is below

Weekend Wisdom Tips 1

Weekend Wisdom Tips 2

Weekend Wisdom Tips 3

NOTE: Verses on this post is an extraction from Good News Translation Bible

Final Thought

Wise words and godly advice can change the adnormalies in the society, Good foundation can not be over emphasized irrespective of who you are,your religion affiliation what matter most is having a moral/good home,family and society in general. Kindly read through and comment if you have derived benefits from this post.
Thanks for reading and stay bless.

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