The hope of a true change of country

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Welcome to my blog again, as I mentioned in previous posts I have not yet found anyone from my country in steemit and therefore I share things that I consider emblematic and significant of it. Today I pause in my usual post because I want to tell you something very important that is happening in my country and I could check it on Saturday night.

My country went through a hard civil war in the decade of the 80's considered one of the bloodiest in Latin America, this war was between the guerrillas who were civilians who wanted to end the oppression of the country's upper class and the military they followed the orders of the rich, in the decade of the 90's the signing of the peace accords was achieved that led to a democratic term the bloody war that had occurred in the previous decade. It is worth mentioning that the right party is marked by the death of what we proudly call San Romero by an order of its maximum leader and founder of that time, in addition to thousands of murdered peasants who are also awarded to this party.

From this signing of peace agreements came the fmln party that was considered the left party with an ideology of equality and that became the maximum opposition of the right party (arena) which is made up of the wealthy people of the country that had an ideology of concentration of wealth in few hands and that the country was managed by the wealthy of the nation.

Almost two decades passed until the leftist party historically came to the presidency, an event that filled the country with hope that the leftist party would seek an improvement for the working class and put a halt to the abuses they had. the wealthy people of the country who always supported the right-wing party. But unfortunately the party fmln although made some changes to improve and help the lower classes did not do enough, but nevertheless in the next presidential term they were again given the vote of confidence even with a less latent hope than before.

But what happened?

In the last period 2014-2019 the left party showed us that the ideology of equality for which they fought so much was lost in oblivion as the party's dome became rich and the poor remain poor, apart from the former president we support In 2009, he was refugee in Nicaragua because he has an arrest warrant for stealing around $ 300 million to the country. Now his right-wing counterpart has a former president allegedly deceased in house arrest and another former president in jail for robbery to the state as well. In this period the party of izquiera had in its ranks a young man who won the mayoralty of a municipality on the outskirts of San Salvador, which led to that municipality to a development that nobody would have believed possible and that municipality left the anonymity and It became something very admired and representative for the positive changes that it had had.

This young mayor after having developed this small municipality opted for the candidacy of the capital, and they know that I win it! And began to develop changes in the capital also and work under his motto of campaign a work per day which did not stop until his term ends. The left party decided to expel him from their ranks to defend political dinosaurs from his dome since he was characterized by confronting and denouncing everything that was not fair or correct even if it was part of his party.


After having been expelled from his party, the capital gave a vote of punishment and left the mayor's office, returning the power to the right not because of capacity but because of revenge against the FMLN for having expelled the only politician that the country saw as a decent person. This young mayor had become the hope of the country and the party of the left instead of taking care of him decided to expel him for defending Orthodox people from his party.

Without political party with which to participate this young man decided to create his own party, neither right nor left but focused only on helping his country to avoid the constant immigration and the exponential increase of poverty, to create his party the electoral law of my country I request 50,000, signatures supporting him as a candidate; and in a record time of 40 hours, he gathered 200,000 signatures in different parts of the country through citizen volunteers who got fed up with the 2 parties that for years have stolen the country.

And even fulfilling the request was prevented from participating in the presidential election through the party that he and the support of the people had created, he decided to find another way to participate in the elections looking for the smallest party that existed and this support but again Was blocked. The democracy of my country was running out of the only option that we had of a possible change of country.

The last day for presidential registration had arrived and the only candidate that the Salvadoran people really wanted as president had already been blocked twice for not being able to be president. But just four hours after the end of the period of registration of presidential candidates, I managed to reach an agreement with the 3rd political force of the country, a center-right party, and at last I achieved its registration and the country recovered the hope of a change.

This young candidate has been attacked by a dirty campaign of both parties left and right to discredit him, that irony of life the rivals that were always today unite in a single end ... but thanks to our God in my country you can still democratically elect president and the people have already realized the deceptions of the parties of the past and it is incredible the advantage that this new candidate has in all the surveys carried out on his opponents.

I have never been related to politics but this young man has impelled me to believe and I am currently part of his party, since apart from his presidential candidacy fight that wanted to be blocked more than once; He was the first candidate in the history of my country to present a country plan in which the opinion of all the citizens who wanted to contribute was taken into account, including technological advances and improvements in education and investment attraction in a different way.

All the photos of this post are of the day Saturday January 26 of the present year 2019 by my person in the closing of his campaign event in which a whole country traveled to the historic center of the capital to support him and show him that the town believes in he.

The next Sunday, February 3, are the elections in which we hope to materialize the hope of a true change that did not arrive in 2009, trust in God that even if the people fear for some kind of fraud, that is why many ordinary citizens we have joined their cause and we will be careful to avoid it, before saying goodbye I want to say goodbye with 2 phrases, from which he showed that things are possible through his work in the 2 mayoralties he had under his charge. GOD BLESS EL SALVADOR. ...

"Let's end corruption, let's get the same old people out of power"

"Money reaches when nobody steals"

Nayib Bukele.-


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