Tunnel Visions

in life •  5 months ago

My canine buddy wouldn't stop licking a wounded patch on one of his legs for weeks now, even as I repeatedly told him to stop in both dog and human language. He just doesn't care. The itch is too real. It is real. And the wound's not healing at all despite what some may say about the magical healing properties of dog saliva. Nope, none of that here. So the cure for his tunnel vision..


.. is another tunnel vision. Just like what I've been through with my relationship with Steem for the past couple of months. Now that I've got a few posts complaining about Steem's economy out of my chest, maybe it's time to put a cone around my Steemhead as well and move onto other matters. I've said enough and can only hope that I'm wrong. If not, well, I can only cross my fingers. Maybe someone will solve it.


I guess the same goes for all competitions and rivalries in life, in business, in blockchain communities, in worldly affairs. It's all too easy to get into tunnel visions and get consumed by one-dimensional problems and solutions until you don't even know what you're in it for in the first place. While I'm sure there may be exceptions to the rule, like what I'm having with Steem *cough*, many of the problems we face today as a people are most likely to be entirely imaginary.

I don't know, I don't think I'm capable of being exposed to the problems of billions of people, let alone a couple of dozens on this platform itself. Problems, and more problems. Sometimes I don't even know what's real anymore.


Real or not, the best way to get unstuck, is probably to get stuck somewhere else. Perhaps a change of narrative is all we need every now and then. Quite frankly, I'm pretty damn deep in some tunnel vision for the past 6 months, or longer, I can't even tell now. My eyebags are worsening. Looking a little older these days too. Another rabbit hole, Kevin? Yes. It surely makes for great content material, but it's just too damn difficult to write about in-depth at the moment, even without distractions.

And time is passing me by as I'm stuck in this beautiful loop, so I'll probably need a cone myself soon to start enjoying the finer things in life first. Maybe the words will find their way, someday...

Okay this is just a lazy excuse for a wannabe blogger lol.

Sometimes I wish that I'm a dog.

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Kevinwong do you remember me. You are the first whale who voted my very first post on Steemit. That 1 dollar upvote you gave to me last year was truly inspiring. It was May 2017 and I would forget your name, thanks for that upvote 😍😁



yes, glad you've stuck around having fun :)


Yeah, thanks for your support 🤩

This resonates with me, deeply, Kevin... the tunnel vision and the need to look away/entertain another narrative. Not as distraction, but to buy time to reconsider our itch, anew, from another perspective... or to give Time the chance to mend
what’s ailing us.

Time heals old wounds because there are new ones to attend to...

It's actually a truncated cone....sorry, it's my OCD...You think you have tunnel vision ? OCD is tunnel vision super sized.
This type of cone is unsuitable for ice cream as the ice cream drips out of the bottom and onto your shoes.
Hope this helps.
Im in a strange mood tonight........


Lol man I've been schooled! Comment of the day. Thanks xD

Oh man...isn't it cute? Just love it.

My canine buddy wouldn't stop licking a wounded patch on one of his legs for weeks now, even as I repeatedly told him to stop in both dog and human language.

I've tried both languages too, weeks ago...but failed miserably...had the exact same situation. Male's leg was hurt and he was constantly licking his foot,BUT the female was also helping him...

So....cone was the only solution for him...and me also (btw it has to be a real torture for them)I think you can imagine what happened when I tried to separate them for about a week...like world war 3 was near...

As for this

Now that I've got a few posts complaining about Steem's economy out of my chest, maybe it's time to put a cone around my Steemhead as well and move onto other matters

I've read your previous post and I am pretty sure that eventually...life...economy...Steemit...people ...always find their way
Who really knows? Maybe another spark at the prices will make all of us forget the current situation once and for all


I wonder if it's actually the licking or maybe biting? It's hard to tell sometimes..


I think it has to be the licking. Keeps the wound wet all the time and healing procedure is delayed 1000% unless you figure out a way to keep it dry


there's just no way to stop it, even the cone couldn't stop his licking. dogs are contortionists lol


ohh man...they are so cute...


Thank you!
They are indeed


Your welcome...
Do have a look at my posts and provide your inputs...

Well some wounds can heal fast especially for the little rascal, but the open wounds on Steemit might need a proper surgeon to take look at it..


there's about 20+40 surgeons on steemit right now, but no one can decide what the procedure is hahah. let's hope smts work out so everyone can have their own solution


Hmmm... Only one way for it trial and error... nothing is built perfectly, there's bond to be flaws. Although we can learn from mistakes and improve.

Cheer up bro! It's good that you are frustrated because that means you care, and you are still passionate about it! That's what we need for this platform!

Here, have a ice cream! You better eat it quick though the cone is dripping * hand over chocolate
ice cream inside a tunnel cone with ice cream dripping all over my shoes and on the floor *
Can you ask you dog in dog language not to lick my shoes? It's ticklish!


Haha funny thing happened today, he had some stomach convulsions, probably from being able to lick the ointment i spread over the wound. he got some free time off the cone


I sure hope he learns from it and stop licking his wound!

A person can only work on something so long. Being away from the problem and coming back with a fresh new approach sometimes helps. Sometimes not. Otherwise shaking off your sandals or moving forward and diverting your mind to another task helps. Poor dog. Best wishes to him. @kevinwong


I recently got back into music again, and can say that going away for the past 2 years has certainly helped getting unstuck. Good thing! But I'm still terrible at it haha. Thanks for the well wishes @enjoywithtroy

Indeed a change in narrative is good to contemplate and act on if it feels right. Of course there are risks but that makes it worthwhile in my opinion. For me, it's summer and I get a bit of delayed spring cleaning as the temperature creeps up hot and dry and I hunker behind closed shades indoors contemplating organizing and consequently making life changes. Good luck to you Kevin!


Ah I wish we have 4 seasons here to get some change in mood once in a while! Thanks @antimetica, appreciate it.

You need to upload yourself pronto. Get some spare capacity and take the emotions away, become a crystalline monster intelligence.

Then download yourself into a dog and 'injure' yourself resulting in the placing of a cone around your neck.

Then look up, wait, is that Kevin taking photos of you?

We have a GSD who licks himself raw on his knees or "forearms" out of boredom if he doesn't get enough activity. Our vet gave us bandages with some kind of bitter flavor that's meant to keep the dog from licking. You could look into those. Our dog ignores the flavor and chews the bandage off anyway, though, so the cone is probably better.

Sometimes I wish that I'm a dog.

Trust me, you don't. It can get remarkably awkward rather quickly. Especially when someone puts this piece of artificial tunnel vision on your collar.


lol yea i can see that look on his face


You won't anymore when he turns his head away from you!

Bring your cone and go out smell the flowers outside Kevin, it will do wonders to you!

I hope you don't end up wearing the 'cone of shame' (as in Up). Mind you, Steemit is an itch I can't stop scratching

And the wound's not healing at all despite what some may say about the magical healing properties of dog saliva.
LOL. I think people believe in this kind of myths because wild animals don't receive medical treatment, so believing the natural impulse of a dog is the cure seems logical to a certain point.

okay nobody said it. your dog is probably your biggest teacher and dude doesnt even speak English.

You dog locking his wounded patch that won't heal fast is just like we on steemit posting contents and engaging hope that the price of steem will soon rise up so that we can reap the fruit of our hardwork.

Life is just how it seems to be, when the unexpected happen we just need to adjust and move ahead @kevinwong

Sometimes all we need to do to to just leave situations messed up pretty bad, because trying to fix them may result into no so pretty situations really, but taking a brake and allowing things to fix themselves sometimes works, well uncomfortable dog there, it's a matter of time though.

Maybe you just need a vacation and get away from all the problems Kevin, let them go because it is difficult to change so many mentalities.

When you come back you may see things from another angle.


thts so true

Didn’t know you speak the dog language. 😬 handsome dog btw.


I think he must be thinking i'm crazy when i do it lol


Haha! I can’t imagine... you both cute XD

You are definitely right about needing to unplug on occasion. Take some time to disconnect from all the problems and go enjoy some time in nature with your dog.

You might be surprised that clearing your mind will actually bring new ideas for solutions that were foggy beforehand. Take care of yourself and remember to keep your health a top priority.


I find that offline time is much more valuable these days. Thanks @ross-early :)

Lol being a dog is overrated. Although, the thought of chasing my own tail sounds pretty tempting @kevinwong...lol


Chasing tails is like time travel technology..

Hey man, IMHO it’s just a matter of time until someone comes along and realizes the strength of the Steem Blockchain and creates a platform that will harness the capabilities. Patience is a virtue and in this case I think that is what is needed. . Steemit the site is not going to be the answer, but a 3rd part app utilizing the chain is going to be what makes great things happen. I’m not talking about 2 programmers in their basement creating something on a shoe-string budget either. I’m referring to a larger already established tech outfit that decides to put some real money in. We are still really early in this ballgame. Crypto is a multi decade bull run. Soon enough my friend, soon enough. 😀

Lol, mine used to hate the cone of shame. He didn't have to have it one for more than a few times but each time he used to give me I-am-not-mad-I'm-disappointed look.

Hope both your tunnels change to a broad shiny panoramic view soon ;)

I enjoyed your article a lot
He really is a nice dog and very nice I love playing with dogs
I wish you the best times with your wonderful dog

At the end of the tunnel there is light people say.


and a dog waiting for us!!

Cute dog!

I also give up making noise the best way to learn is to let tragedy happen . Than everyone will suddenly wake up to the reality.

@kevinwong, It's fantastic Tunnel Visions you caught of Brooklyn. I haven't big knowledge of him also why Brooklyn wear Tunnel Visions. Please give your answer. Doggy very careful his owner like as Brooklyn to kevinwong.
I read your last post of how to earn more rewards. But I have doubt something as you mentioned. I really prefer to steem tokens. But I couldn't find about Tauchain. Hopefully it would be awesome.

Yeah, but I wish I were a cat more than a dog. :P

Just here to say Thank You for the support @kevinwong


I hope your dog will be healed soon. two month and a half passed since I started steemit. I feel that It is very difficult to continue earning money. every time I send my post, the same people give me upvotes back. Recently, I 'm thinking that people that succeeded to get lots of upvoters is writing the very real good post so that they think "I want to read this post even though I have to pay money." I'm not so good at Engliah. do you understand me? what I want to say is that a post which everybody can write is not so good, if we earn money really, we must write a good post which nobody can write.

Wish your little buddy a speedy recovery.
On the other matters I guess you just need to take each day as it cones and let the life mysteries get unfolded at it's right time.

Oh boy... thought he has been neutered ... 🤣

haha the dog just loves you that's why keep licking lol :D

I really enjoy your post content,
your post is very interesting ,
Success always

Poor puppy. I hope he gets better or at lest is able to not have the cone. A dog's life can be pretty good...sometimes.

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Some of us freewriters are writing about "talking dog" as it is the prompt given. So this blog of yours caught my attention. Hope your buddy dog will get heal soon and so are you. Get some cucumbers for your eye bags because I have too regardless how many hours I sleep. But I don't really have enough sleep most of the days. Life is pretty stressful. U know what, my tunnel vision is blogging.

So you tried both languages talking to your buddy dog. Kinda cute I imagine you talk in his language. Sorry I'm still stucked at my freewrite "talking dog" hence.. Just saying.

Do take care. Besides taking care of steem, take care of your body and health too. I know I sound like a mummy but that is who I am. Mummy 24/7.

Ciao 😉

Hello my dear i hope that you're good and everything goes well with you.
Then this is a special gift for you hope you accept it and like.
And i would love to know what should i do to join your upvote trail im a minnow you know i need more than anytime. Greetings

That's a funny one..hehehe

I truly make the most of your post content,your post is extremely fascinating ,Success dependably

It's all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone.

Hey...you planning on getting any more dogs?


hey there. Nope. one is enough..


Hahha...ok..enjoy your time with it...

Well!! Hie.. I'm a newbie.
Here is the link to my post. Upvote if you like the content. thanks!


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As much as tunnel vision is a great way to divert your focus on something more important, it can come with a price too - Missing out.

Interesting article and comments.