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It's all you need as you set sail into freedom. But undecidable winds will hardly get you anywhere. There are no interesting stories for you to tell. Nothing is ever certain. So write your story. Blog about it. Take your time. Decide on what you want to do in the next 24 months while working on your path towards freedom. Everybody has their own. I'll share what I'll be trying to do, moving forward.



8 months ago, I came across a life-changing event after reading a post on Steemit. Did I meet Jesus or someone like that? Maybe? But it's nothing supernatural. He's a human being like everyone of us, although, he's pretty damn extraordinary. A brilliant mind who's probably at level 8888, living and breathing in the intersections of philosophy, mathematics, logic, complexity theory, and computer science. I'll reserve level 9999 for the holy grail product he has been trying to piece together over the past few years.

The cat whom I spotted that spotted his mind was probably at level 7777. Mine was definitely at level.. 1, just enough to understand the significance of the word he used to describe the technology: non-trivial. Only that. It got me hooked and intrigued to no end.

So what's this product that I'm talking about? You would've known if you've caught it in some of my writings throughout this year or if you've been chatting with me. For now, I'll leave it up in the air until my next blogposts. Read through my stuff if you want to find out! I haven't been writing much at all in public since mid-2017 anyway. I was searching for answers to my questions.


So yeah, I gave up plenty of my time trying to understand it all and pretty much disappeared from the face of the Earth as I went deep into the rabbit hole. Okay that's an exaggeration. But what's not is that I haven't even dated anyone since then - so you know what to do mammasittas. Just kidding!

Anyway, it took me a long enough time to finally catch up to level 1111, a stage when I finally began to understand that I understood almost nothing at all, but at least there's a hint of something more than absolutely nothing about the matter. And it's getting clearer as the days go by. I've been writing a lot of drafts over the past few months, waiting to publish them as I've been making my next moves to bring about exponential returns in the future.


Even spent the time consolidating ~90% of my portfolio down to just 3 coins now, Steem being the majority, and a little bit of Bitcoin as the boring safety net. Not saying others will definitely fail short-to-medium term. It's just that I've already made up my mind to focus on my long-term investment thesis. They're simply currencies I'd use everyday.

If anything, I honestly can now only advise anyone to get into the choices I've made. I think they're real solutions. But of course, this certainly means waiting for the right time. So most of what I'll be doing in the next 24 months has a lot to do with trying focus in this game. Will be filling you guys in on the reasons why in a special post.. soon.

Is freedom here?

Maybe. That level 9999 product that I’m talking about is still very much a work-in-progress like Smart Media Tokens, although fundamentally way more complicated, albeit elegant in design. It still remains to be largely speculative for me until the demo comes up later this year. I just anticipate that it will likely work out after digging into the subject for the past 8 months. I'm glad that it has given me a better direction to sail towards.



Well I'm still pretty clueless as the possibilities seem to be overwhelming and it's best to keep the HYPE in check. I'll highlight some of the things that I want to be doing over the course of the next 24 months other than casually posting around here, in no real order:-

  • Become a Steem witness, after 2+ years of being a user. Hopefully soon. Already purchased a dedicated server.
  • Bridge closer the communities between Steem and the community around that level 9999 product, in hopes that it'll inspire many more to join us from all over.
  • Bring in a group of experienced (but at the moment, non-blockchain) developers and entrepreneurs that I'm advising in Trybe to support the network with a focus on leveraging on what I think to be the best blockchains so far for critical mass adoption: one application-specific, and another, application-general.
  • Explore ways to integrate, creating an overpowered super saiyan level 10000 product. I believe they're greatly complementary. Trust me, I'm a DJ.
  • Campaign to work on improving Steem's stake-weighted economic incentives, if that's not addressed already. The 1-Account 1-Vote Oracle Smart Media Tokens stuff is good, but we may still need a solution to make the best out of the stake-based distribution on Steem. Maybe it's not a problem at all. But I still strongly feel that it is. Will see.
  • Move into a big city. Or a coastal one.
  • Open a creative + tech studio.
  • Mastering the art of investing.
  • Keep the discussion going on what makes Steem Power a great investment, and ways to achieve it.
  • Create content you may never find elsewhere.
  • Make free webinars and paid newsletters (just joking).
  • Become a meme in the 21st century.
  • Spend more time with family and friends.
  • Go find a job and get married *cough*.

Coming soon?


It's highly likely that I'll just take my own sweet time and end up not doing some of the stuff I say that I'll do, as usual. It's just difficult knowing that it's likely that I'm not investing my time and effort in the right places 99% of the time. But I guess this is exactly why I've been sailing around in cyberspace for the past decade looking for the holy grail invention.

Most of us actually do anyway. It's just that some of us may be more prone to buying into the quick-rich schemes of random forex bots, MLMs, and all kinds of shenanigans.

So I think all the hours I've spent surfing online during my free time may finally be paying off. Time will tell. Feels good to be 99% certain with my currencies of choice now. So when freedom?


Soon! Very soon. But maybe not so soon. Who knows? Blockchain development is difficult. It’s even more difficult to get people into using these things. But I’m still fairly certain we're onto something here, just as I was about 2 years ago. Regardless, plenty of enthusiasm to share - hopefully for a good cause.

There will be no instant rocketship to the moon, guys. It will all be a long magnificent grind as we work towards our greater freedoms. I guess that's the fun part, right? All we need to do is just to spend our time investing in the right things. Are you coming along for the ride?

As always, thanks for reading!

Oh, before you go, check out this absolutely amazing talk by Alan Watts after you're done playing the music above. What? You've already stopped reading at this point? Dammit. I guess that's just how Steem works 🤡


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TIme for some fresh change, solid goals @kevinwong, looking forward to this. Believe the Trybe team would be eager to jump on this project and get the ball rolling. I know I am.

s o u n d t r a c k :

Source: Tommy Emmanuel

I love steem. Not really a blogger but reading posts have brought me a meaning in life. The journey that will unfold as I continue participating on steemit is unless. So many opportunities await all of us.

I am curious if you don't mind what is the third coin you invested? Thanks.

I'm more blogger than reader if some with experience can make some tips for steem I will apreciate it, i'm pretty new here, thanks !

take some time to soak it in :)

Good to know :) Read back some of my posts this year, maybe some in the last also? I lost track of time. Or just wait for the next one!

Each human has four enrichments - mindfulness, soul, free will and innovative creative ability. These give us a definitive human flexibility... The ability to pick, to react, to change.

It's great to see your vision. Time is never wasted if you are learning and processing useful information. Sooner rather than later, the future will be here.

Steem is kind of freedom of speech.

the real freedom is be the best friend with yourself

Cool that’s right

And we should also use this freedom wisely and according to our values.

Yea simple and good too.....

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I like the fact that people can express their views freely, but I have to say it's sometimes scary to get downvoted..

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I enjoyed reading your post.

For me I take my time and decide what I want to be doing doing in 3 years time and make my game plan.

I would really like to see you sharing DTube or Dlive links than YouTube links. I’m not saying you should but it would be nice to support growth of Steem DApps

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Ram prices might go down, so I personally wouldn't get the 256 GB or 10 TB or whatever will be needed to run a node in a hurry.

Depending on what city you want to move to, lots of markets have plateaued so hopefully prices start coming back down for either renting or buying. If it's like the last cycle then it might be 4-5 years before the bottom sets in, top-level prices for housing are still going up but the median seems to be faltering in many areas so I'm not quite sure we can call an absolute top yet, but discounts are on the horizon.

I have some ideas for collaborative teams if you ever want to bounce any around.

There are a lot of other exciting possibilities, SEA has a lot of rapidly-growing economies and as they develop their service and financial economies I'm sure the entertainment economies will also develop even more, SEA has historically led the way for a lot of esports-related things and there's probably a lot of potential there as well. (Even tho running an actual team isn't profitable for most, they can be fun ancillary projects for those with other business ventures)

The moment you stop seeking mastery is the moment you cease to be achieving it, imo.

Think I'll just start with a digital ocean droplet though... Edit: okay nevermind probably going with vultr... I'm glad there are options but man these are some conflicting reviews.

The server’s on a 500 gb nvme hdd, was told those are enough and wouldn’t require insane rams. Yea agreed real estate seems to be on a slump

True enough, nvme's are hella fast. I think witnesses get by with 64 gigs of ram for now, I could be mistaken. Lucky for you I think a lot of the coastal major cities are in a slump, there might be some more political backlash to foreign investors like we've seen in NZ, but this kind of legislation might be more geared towards those who intend to rent remotely and not occupy the unit themselves via taxes on leaving them unoccupied etc.

Glad to read this. Good luck with your game plan/ For whatever it means, you will have my full support ^^

Thanks @lemouth, you’ll be delighted when product 9999 comes out ^^.. soon!

I am sure I will. Note that we are also developing four-digits/five-digits products on the steemSTEM side ;)

I'd definitely recommend the coastal spot and marriage is overrated :-)

Thanks for sharing your vision with us. I was actually surprised to see YOU using bid bots to promote your content - I hope you've not given up on promoting your (definitely ingenious) ideas on how to improve this ecosystem...? Well these two things are actually not mutually exclusive (says the one who just spent $150 SBD to promote her own blot post, lol).

Live it up! Visions are awesome and important.

Just playing the game lol xD

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That's a very original and creative response, it will keep me thinking for a while.... :-D

Maybe we are at the same point when internet companies from a niche product were about to become a mass phenomenon... Let's hope it :)

my vision is to post memes

it's a required skill these days

Great lookin goals right there! Although I'm sure I'll become a meme before you :)

Always good to make a 2 year plan. You can't achieve a plan if you don't make it first.

I await more posts about the Level 9999 project with baited breath.

Marriage is a Level 666 project, so good luck with that! . . Just joking, of course. cough :)

Only 666? I think can deal with that already xD lol

Hmm, Max Von Sydow in The Exorcist, and Gregory Peck in The Omen, both might have something to say about how easy it is to deal with the number 666 lol.

But then, I doubt either ever reached level 9999, so no wonder it was hard for them. Best wishes in achieving your goals. :)

Man, you are fully motivated now to do amazing things. I loved you to do lists. The read was pure fresh air. Its just nice to see one of my favorites steemians bring some positivity. See u in a couple of months brooooooo :-)

Easier said than done lol. Hmm I might not be at sf this time around..

Great to see you have indeed a survial pack plan in play :-). Fingers crossed!

You might check your links in the post, the one that I was mainly hot for as fellow DJ has a little error in it :-) - check this:


I was a tad bit curious about this life-changing event, so spent my 'alloted steemit time' digging. At first I thought it was Grant Cardone, because I too was suckered into watching 19 mins of his bitcoin/real estate video.

But there's no 'intersections of philosophy, mathematics, logic, complexity theory, and computer science'.

So scratch that and the scrolling continued. Then I came across the world of singularity. It reminds me of IBM's Watson but with decentralization and many other features I don't completely understand (intellect at level 1 here). I checked out the roadmap, didn't look too deep into the timeframe, or determined if a platform was selected. EOS or IOTA? I will have to research a bit. If this AI project is NOT a level 9999 product, then I will simply have to wait until the big reveal because it is very late now and I am done with scrolling for the night. I hope Steem is a consideration if they have yet to select the platform...

It was interesting the things I learned as I was reading. You were challenged with finding your identity on this platform, a scenario many non-bloggers face. Looking at your outlined goals, you seem to have taken Grant Cardone's path to success under consideration as well. He hadn't known what he wanted to become, but he was a salesperson. So he became good at it.

So with you, now that you've had experience as a Steem user under your belt, you're now ready to move on to the next step of witness. It would be an interesting path for sure. I've seen people vote for witnesses simply because they like the person's name. You complimented the post with the perfect tune; that should be a good enough reason already. ;)

Really good pre-hype article for that product already 😁

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Sounds like you're on a financial independence trip too.

I just quit my job, and I've got enough cash in the bank to last me a year, so I'm free until at least next summer.

As I see it the mission for the next year is quite simple: figure out ways of making money from what I enjoy doing.

Thankfully I don't need that much. I figure $2K/ month will easily be sufficient for me to live in comfort, I could survive off $1.5K a month.

If you're as frugal as I am, you're 75% of the way there already assuming steem doesn't carry on sliding!

Alan Watt's material is fantastic.

I assume you've read 'Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind by Shunryu Suzuki. I can also recommend the Noble Eightfold Path by Bikkhu Bodhi, if you want something a bit more intellectual.

Good luck with the freedom mission.

I smiled through most of this, Kevin, the-playful -tease ;)

Yes, to you as witness, and the magnificent grind (is there any other way?) and learned ignorance (that's wisdom!) as well as the the promise of liberation around the bend (aka Hope-with-a-Plan :)

Good to hear your voice and get a glimpse of your rabbit hole :)

Yeah. Now i want to know what youre talking about. 😁
So vague. You should be a hype guy.
Ive read most of the stuff you wrote and even though i remember you mentioning various projects i just cant put my finger on it.
But im glad whenever someone is positive about something crypto related.

If I'm right about the project you're talking about...they have finally a shiny new website. Looks way better than the old one ;)

Haha, way better. But old one is pure classic :)

Every time I visited the old one, I felt like I was back in 1999 :)

Hello! This was the first post I have read on Steemit.
I believe in you. You'll get 99% of your endeavors accomplished in your 24 month time frame. Freedom is a powerful motivator.

I wish you luck and many successes 😊

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Everyone's wants freedom in his life.

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Sounds like a plan Kevin!

I I've just recently joined and so far I like it. I Invested 1000 Steem Power in my account and now trying to deliver good content to gather a good following.

I guess we have similar goals but your a bit closer!

Thanks for the post!

Lots of good things in here but I did giggle a little at the "get married cough"

Maybe you been laying some groundwork down already!

Marriage cough is the real challenge. Your life will be blocked & chained if you do not navigate it well.

Hehe, that is so very true.

Each human has four enrichments - mindfulness, soul, free will and innovative creative ability. These give us a definitive human flexibility... The ability to pick, to react, to change.

What a strange comment, are you a bot?

Make way for Wong witness!

Sounds like you've found a course following a tricky storm or two so far this year.

Good luck with your endeavours, I shall be watching closely, from my kayak 😊

Oh I'm on a dinghy, so you'd be catching up :)

Sounds dangerous. Yachts all round in future 😁

Okay you have me hooked. Will look forward to the reveal of level 9999 product that you mentioned. Since you rate SMT's at 9999 can't really imagine what it could be...

As for the future plane - Level 10000 SS product could only possibly be a solution for not aging during interstellar travel :-)

I personally can't see now why any blockchains wouldn't want to be implemented on it. But of course, time will tell.. hmm.

Become a Steem witness, after 2+ years of being a user.

Most are users so, you will fit right in :P

Oh cheeky :p

So I think all the hours I've spent surfing online during my free time may finally be paying off

The time spent here really compounds,for the one year i have been here,the more alert i have become to crypto opportunities.

I like your goal of becoming a meme of the 21st century hahaha

I really like your Gameplan, very few people has a clear-cut goal in mind and you are serely one of them.

it’s much easier said than done lol

I came to ride the bumpy and exciting journey to freedom.

We live in interesting times and I'm glad to see so many people coming out of the woodwork to share good vibes and tools for success with anyone with similar mindsets. Lot's of positivity in your project.

Good Times.

I will vote for you if you become a witness! Glad to hear it's happening!

There will be no instant rocketship to the moon, guys. It will all be a long magnificent grind

This one resonated more. I better get useful while the ride runs its own course.

I liked the article , you hooked me :) here is a new follower ;) .

From the way you describe it with passion and enthusiasm, I think project 9999 is gonna be huge! Can't wait...

I actually listened to the song while reading your post, and it was ending by the time I finished your post! Perfect timing :D

Curious to see what you'll bring to this space the coming 24 months - there's time for family life later ;-)

3 hours of Alan Watts, thank you for the present.

Wow, this is inspiring for me. Life is all about keep moving to put all extra worries of bags aside.

I think feedom is a word with a deep meaning.

time to just let yourself free don't give a single thought about anyone's thought just live your life in your own rhythm

I completely agree with you, my friend, it's too early to speak before the flight to the moon, but such a goal for yourself and the whole community should be set first! You've done a gigantic job and you have great plans for moving forward and at many points I support you completely, because I have such plans too and it's great. So let's do it! Thank you @kevinwong

i am following you and voting you please follow and vote me back

You are a good writer where you are keeping things clear and asking people to predict , great bro , waiting for the next blog

I am going to post memes atleast for the first time

@kevinwong Great timing on this post :D Best wishes

Great timing? For..? Oh steem's absolutely terrible price! but good price to get in for the risk-takers :)

Meme of 2018.... lolll
I love create those memechallenge.... but I worried ppl said that's shxt post..

i think its okay, yeah sometimes its difficult but in the end just post whatever you want..

Ya... i did because that's life, there are various of things happening Everyday around us... we eat and we need to shxt also....😬🤐

Freedom is indeed a very expensive thing sometimes money can't buy :)

Steem is real Freedom

I like freedom, I want to go traveling somewhere, in fields, beaches or remote places where I can find new friends.

Great video and sound track. Time to day dream hah.

Ah such a tease. You should promote the coins you are most interested in. BTC, Steem.. let us on about the secret sauce. :)

Yes I am patient to wait for financial freedom and steemit can bring it to us through SMT's to the steem blockchain. We are just in the beginning of the action and my hope is that I won't lose time in waiting for it because of my current condition. @kevinwong

Hi Kevin, I love steem, because during this steemit has opened new knowledge for me, and most importantly can get the money to help them in need, may God be with you🤝🤝

I am so new to this, and honestly just stumbling my way across the Steemit community at the moment, but my one feedback is that it is so refreshing to actually see well-thought, effort-ful, quality content again.

Thumbs up for your insights, pictures and layout. Really well-written.

I hope to get a better gist of this soon, but so far, already a new supporter of this initiative with authors like this.

Hey @kevinwong, I'm pretty stunning to see your grand vision in future. If you've any idea to being witness for vote, you'll definitely can do. I wishing you best and glad to join your witness category in future.

Witness... oh yeah!

Get a job and get married... Bless ya man!

Best of luck with your game plan. Though I couldn't understand many technicality but I loved reading your article. I remembered one Jack Maa's interview where he was saying"today is difficult, tommorow is even more difficult but day after tomorrow is beautiful but unfortunately most people give up in tomorrow". Being new to steemit, I am facing difficulty but I am not going to give up. I look forward to read your previous articles and learn. Thanks.

thanks @subirmirdha, appreciate your time

That's Tauchain you're talking about at level 9999 right there.
I bought some when it was available on Bittrex and been HODLing it.
So, the top 3 cryptos in your portfolio are Steem, BTC and Agoras, isn't it?
You've lost hope on IOTA?

Become a Steem witness, after 2+ years of being a user. Hopefully soon. Already purchased a dedicated server.

Good luck with that man! You have my support.

Mastering the art of investing.

Same goal here.

Go find a job and get married cough.

I gotta do that too. Depending on Steem blogging as the sole income has been having a bad effect lately since the prices have been down for a long time. Haven't thought about marriage yet hehe. Probably that day won't come for a long time. :P

Now go find a girlfriend xD

great article

Nice post very complete!. I let you know wen i nice to another place, im write Some thing that like me for next step in Life good night

i am following you and voting you please follow and vote me back

Nice content

@kevinwong very good article , carry

Freedom is a matter of mind. I think to listen the word of mind is freedom.

working at @steemit is freedom well said @kevinwong

Interesting post! Upvoted you!

Read till the end, want to comment with a "non-trivial" explanation.

@kevinwong=@etherpunk is trivial.
@kevingwong is kevin.jpeg

is not!

Add the code framing inception to another layer of the solution.

@sadkitten is countering 85% of @izmy.steemit self-votes for 1 week starting Thursday, August 2nd 2018 because it is part of last weeks top self-voters. For more details see this post.

Wow, very inspiring article @kevinwong and I wish you all the best for your plans!

freedom is the biggest blessing on earth those who dont have freedom to live can feel the pain i wish to see free states those who are occupied by terror organizations and terrorist holding those states i hate false occupations may this world be free and people who are adding false occupation be destroyed so the whole world can live in peace ...
Pray For Gaza Palestine
people will pray who wants freedom in anyway wrong or right
freedom is given by God who are we to take over countries ? why ? we all are free to live our lives ...
Sorry if my any word hurts your feelings ...

Let the world live freely .. let them do what they want we are not God we are not their Fathers bla blaa

It's great to see your vision.

I'll have to try this

Very similar to my portfolio:

"Even spent the time consolidating ~90% of my portfolio down to just 3 coins now, Steem being the majority, and a little bit of Bitcoin as the boring safety net."

  1. STEEM and EOS
  2. Bitcoin, litecoin or something simiar for transactions in and out of fiat
  3. Zethr for passive income.


All of this is a new beast to me. Til last year I was convinced bitcoin was a scam. I came into steemit (I would call in serendipity) and for that first month, did some reading to find out what it was about. And because I am technically challenged (haha), I would say it is a very steep learning curve for me.

So posts like this that I find by chance, makes me confident that I am in the right place. So thank you @kevinwong

Well Thought out Article. As far as the spirituality is concerned the Freedom lies within ourselves and not outside in the world. Misery is also Within. Its in our hand what we want Misery or Freedom. So Chose Wisely.

Hello @kevinwong . I really liked reading you, I felt very identified and I think I'm looking for freedom too. In my blog I am preparing everything to make a great trip in search of the questions I have.

I discovered steemit recently and I am finding a community that posts interesting things to live happily. I am still learning about the platform but I think that every day I find more things that I like.

Although almost nobody reads my posts like yours, I have been happy to write them. I will continue like this ... and it is my idea to share the great trip of which I speak in my first post.

I wish you the best and I hope you reach your goals in the blockchain.

I leave you a song with which I am inspired by freedom.

Greetings from Kevin to Kevin!

Freedom is the way to do the will. But do not harm others. We all love our freedom very much.

In real life each and every person want freedom with high voltage and need more and more freedom. Steemit give your best platform for share your thoughts and views

We are very well known Blockchain development is difficult. It’s even more difficult to get people into using these things. But once it is started no one can stop this technology

You have an interesting way of writing this. But your comparison to Jesus is a bit unwarranted. We should not compare regular people to someone revered and respected like Prophet Jesus (Peace be upon him).

Other than that, good luck with your goals. You will need a lot of attention and focus in the next 24 months.

Great post, nice of you to put your heart into it. I am sure it was Jesus or an event orchestrated by Him. I am a Christian...believer in Jesus and God I should say. Keep moving forward looking in the moment for tomorrow is never promised. The truth and after life are my most important goals in to Jesus and living like Him of I fall so very short of that.
Pray it all works out for you!

The picture of the boat looking out onto the waters reminded me to keep my eyes on the shore. It literally made me nauseous looking at the water.

Glad to know you are on a spiritual quest to find the meaning of life. I know it; if, you'd like me to share. Oh, I'll keep things simple. The meaning of life is living according to the tug of the Holy Spirit within. He is the Guide that lets us know what our Creator God, Father of Jesus, created us to do in any given season. God's pull will always be met with resistance by humans who think they know what's best for you, most often parents, family, friends.

Btw, when Jesus walked the earth in human form, He was way into being all about His Father's business to worry about ratings. Of course, in my life, out of five stars, He's five to the infinite degree.

Best regards.


8 months ago, I came across a life-changing event after reading a post on Steemit. Did I meet Jesus or someone like that?

Ughmmmm....maybe? ;+)


I like Steemit! , it is an open source media form where you can read about a lot of stuff. It is like seeing vlogs on youtube but in textform with pictures :)

Steemit has given us the opportunity to be a good writer. You should write because you love the shape of stories and sentences and the creation of different words on a page. Writing comes from reading, and reading is the finest teacher of how to write.

I'm so happy to read your blog, i wish you good luck with your game plan, i really like your game plan. Love you for great work.

@kevinwong very interesting topic, keep up good work :)

i am following you and voting you please follow and vote me back

Here it is:


very good freedom is hare very good topic dear friend very nice post

The vote number is cool, 404. I'm not ruining it with my vote so I'll leave it be.



i am following you and voting you please follow and vote me back

followed too

yup let us be free here :)