Vehicle Inscription Series Challenge

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No abeg scratch and work.png

Sometimes people communicate in different forms not just through spoken words, music, films or even sign languages. They communicate how they feel by the inscription they place on their vehicle. Some inscriptions are promotional company ads, those are not the type I am looking out for except they are funny or unique.

There are inscriptions that tell a story or a lesson the person that put the inscription has gone through or experience in life while others are just advice. The cover picture is an example we all know that Lagos city is a very big and busy city with a lot of cars and traffic problems. This leads to a driving style we call locally as Bumper to Bumper where you barely leave space in between cars while driving. This often results in cars smashing into each other which results in quarrels, shouting matches and blame games.

So the inscription above ”No Abeg, Scratch & Work” is simply saying that the owner of the car will not accept I beg you, if you scratch his car because you have to pay for work to be done on the car to repair it. This short and coded phrase in Pidgin English is a warning which everyone driving behind is expected to understand. Lol.

I am a member of the Steem-bounty community and this is the first bounty I am placing on a post to see how it works so that we carry on from there. I plan to make it a weekly series if things work out A OK.

Challenge and Bounty!

I want you to place an image of a vehicle inscriptions in the comment area of this post. If you don’t have the images but remember the words you can say what the inscription was and you might still win something if I am impressed.

PLEASE Upvote this post and let your upvote be reasonable, I’ve got bills to pay. Lol.

Resteem this post, so that more Steemians can see, join and enjoy the benefits Steem-Bounty offers.

I want to encourage a lot of entries to this challenge so for my first bounty I have set a 5 STEEM Bounty for members that participate and correctly complete the task.

I will upvote your entry according to how appealing I feel it well describes what the topic is all about.

Thanks for reading my post, like I always say, upvote it if you liked it I’ll truly appreciate that. Keep your comments coming and follow me if you have not already done that. Again, thanks a lot for your support to me always.



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Here is my entry "No Pain, No Gain".
No pain no gain.jpg
Image Source

Very true, no pain, no gain. Nice one, thanks.

This one's in Hebrew, it's saying
"You parked like a prick!"
signed by the
"national frontier of pedestrians".

Parking is a problem in every big city. Thanks for your entry.

I think it's pretty straight forward :)

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This is really funny. Thanks for the entry.

You can't bribe your way in at the gates of heaven.

You're definitely correct my friend.

I could not think of just 1, so here is one with a bunch!


Hahahahhaha.. The resale value of that car is shot at this point... but like more power to them, they are speaking their truth you know.

Wow! So many, I can't make out which to read. Lol. Thanks for your entry.

Wow! So many, I
Can't make out which to read. Lol.
Thanks for your entry.

                 - ketcom

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

“Your friend gets a lot, but he disappears on a hard day. If you have a mind, just hang out. “I like the back of this car.

  ·  last month (edited)

Lol. I will disappear too. Thanks.

Such a cool contest! The funniest Bumper sticker I saw read:

Don't Drink and Park!
Accidents cause People!

Unfortunately, i don't have a picture lol, but that pretty much stuck with me!

Lol, that's funny because I think the person already drank before putting up the sign. Cheers.

Sorry, I don't really have images here, but I know most people have stickers of there church, like there church program or retreat, the redeemed guys have either one of there Holy Ghost Congress sticker or church stickers itself. Also for Dunamis church, they have either DUNAMIS, or the Greater Glory sticker. Deeper life has the No Lack, No Loss, No Limitations.

Also, proffesional people have there too, Alumnis of institutions too, FUTA, OAU etc.

The most funny ones are keep Off, Holy Ghost Mopol and some fun ones at the bumper like, Slow Down, Baby On Board

Ha, very funny, I remember placing the Slow Down, Baby On Board sign when I had my kid and was driving one day without him and a police office stopped me and asked me "Where is the baby?", I was confuse, I asked him which baby is he talking about. And then he show me the sign. Lol. Great one, just no image though.

My neighbor's car has a sticker that says: My driving scares me too

That is a very big warming which should be taken seriously. Lol. Thanks.

always see religious phrases, like this

try Jesus
if you don´t like him Satan will make you back

It's kind of like try ignorance if you say education is expensive. Thanks.

In dirt at the back of the car people write I wish my wife was thus dirty lol!!

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This is the image that immediately came into my mind:

I saw this sticker in different shapes on different cars.

Bills got to be paid man. Lol.

I have not seen more sad decal than this:

In my car, the one who plays the music ... is my wife.

That is truly sad.

@ketcom, More than cars i saw many real life Inscriptions on Bikes and definitely Inscriptions are unique way of expression.

And we can see this point in positive way because who knows which message can motivate whom, who knows one inscription can change someone's mindset on the road.

This comment was made from

You will not find many cars over here driving around with texts or stickers.
"Bumper to bumper" we call "bumperkleven" which is forbidden, truckdrivers are great in doing it so too.
Think it is not a dutch or even European habit to drive around with a car like in the examples.

I wouldn't argue with you about it not been a Dutch thing but I lived and still visit the UK. They've even gone digital there, new movie releases, company ads and electronic digital ads on top of Taxi roof tops and Double Decker buses are common sights. Cheers.

Check This Out
i prefer that "Arms are for hugging"

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This is mine:

If you can read this, you can also smell my farts