The Completed Rabbit Hutch

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complete the rabbit hutch.jpg

My goal for Saturday when I slept on Friday was to complete the rabbit hutch I was building which had taken a longer time than I had anticipated due to the heavy rainfall, office engagements or just been too plain tired. I woke yesterday having a headache and this was like creating the opportunity to have excuses why I wouldn’t work on it on Saturday, my next line of action was to go back to sleep and try as much as I can to feel relaxed. And that work, because by the time I woke up the second ti I was not having a headache again and I felt as if I had enough energy to lift a crane. Lol. Who am I kidding?

The Show Must Go On

I went to work on the hutch and after some time I had to stop work because the rain came tumbling down. I had already worked on the doors and side nets, what was remaining was the top net and the pipe area which is constructed in such a manner that their droppings and waste run into the pipes and then to a container that collects the waste. I waited anxiously for 3 hours before the rain finally stopped and nature finally allowed me to continue my work. l was so happy when I finished it and took some pictures of it so that I could use the pictures for my actifit report but unfortunately my phone and the report were having issues so I just sent the report without the picture. That was why I said let me just upload the picture so that guys can see what I did yesterday.

All Hand Made

Building a rabbit hutch would have been something that takes less time and energy if I had all the electrical equipment for building it. I don’t have an electric saw or cutter, nail gun or electric screw, what I do have are the manual stuff like hand saw, hammer and other stuff. This makes progress on the work to be very slow and a daunting challenge but what can I do. What gives me joy is that I have enough hutch for now to take care of all the kits that will be born for now and a long while to come so it will be a long while before there will be need to construct a new one.


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You got a quality cell. I think the rabbits will be comfortable in it


Thanks for your comment.

Oh yes @ketcom, you did the final job and the cell looks great!


Thanks a lot for your comment.

Great job. I think rabbits will thank you :)


Thanks, I am sure they will.

It turned out a good cell. You have golden hands.


Thanks a lot. I am blushing. Lol.