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RE: A Strong Feeling that Couldn't Be Ignored!

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Nyahahaha... You really look cool! Handsome guy! hehe...

But of course, safety is most important! What is the difference except for the price? How about the quality of the tire?

Our car is Toyota Corolla and runs for just 47,000 plus mileage only for 4 years and 4 months. Nyahaha...


Thank you @kennyroy for your kind comment. I read that it's good to change them if they are older than 5 years and 60K kilometers. It all depends how you drive and looking at the indicators on the tires can tell you when it's time.

Oh, thank you for that info... I really don't have any idea about cars. I'm just asking people who have experience and knowledge in a car. Last year, we are lucky our car tire did not explode on the road! Because there is a big screw in our tire and we did not remove it from almost 7 months! And when we go to the service station to see what is really inside of our car tire, we saw that it was a big head flat screw left behind with 1 centimeter of a body of screw left on its head of screw! Maybe because of the length of the car's run so the bolt spun.

Thank God we are safe... You better check always bro. before you left home... (^_^)

So, there is two of us not knowing too much about cars.

Nyahahaha... We need to take care! LOL

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