Happy Holidays: Sharing, Streaming & Steeming! 😁💯

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Blessings Steemiverse,

Yes my friends, what's good and who be it? Really though, beaming love to all no matter where you are. Today I'm feeling inspired to spin back into the chain and share some turn of year feels.

How bout our STEEM going over a dollar, then two, then three and then touching $4.15 on cmc? I mean come on, coming back from a blogging break to see the wallet 3X in value, that's pretty sweet. Of course volatility is the name of the game in the crypto space and like bosses we steady HODL through the recent 30% BTC massacre across markets.

HODL = Trade talk for hold on for dear life!

For all ones asking if it's too late to get in, I'd simply say, "be here now" and take steps towards freedom. Never stop learning about the NEW tech rolling out and maximize the dips gah dammit. If you weren't in before then jumping on those cryptomas discounts was a wise move for any fiat holder. Not financial investment advice of course, just a personal opinion.

By the way this is obviously a yuuuge conversation with so many variables to study for a comfortable risk assessment. As I said before crypto awareness is hella strung out, one day I'm speaking on how evolutionary tangle will be to mining pools and the next I'm explaining what a blockchain even is and how to set up a first timer wallet.

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We've had friends fudding and others fomoing over bursting bubbles, bankster pump and dumps, massive mining moves by gold hold Dragon families. Yet we stood steady, hodling the line and preparing for huge incoming economic currents that will light up the main 5 and many other alts. Tip, read the M/IOTA whitepaper it's refreshing and answers many BTC scaling fears.

Crypto can certainly be a deep dive and does consume many hours no doubt. We're balancing all this screen time by having a lot of fun traveling these past few months. It's been very nice to visit loved ones and spend time, the highest value currency with them. Last blog we had just returned from UK to Thailand and now we're in the US after a short stop in China.

Pretty impressive lobby at the Dong Fang Hotel.

View from our room in Guangzhou, China.

Inspecting this jade carving at Baiyun International Convention Center.

Kai's quickly becoming a experienced world traveler!

Aside from all that I've been keeping up with the Twitch streams to connect with you all. I also got over my YouToob blues and decided to keep reupping there too. Side note, every upload is still being demonetized within 30mins from upload LMAO!

Who cares about a few pennies and cents off the Google dollar anyway? Just keep pushing and sharing truth, transitions are channeling hard and all we've gotta do is keep flowing. Of course the best interactive advice I can share is to jump in the streams, however if you can't make it live the archives will be posted here.

Latest stream: Let's talk about pimps and the adult industry..


That's all in the now folks, thanks to Steemit for rewarding content creators, let's go all ready and decentralize the internet. Shout out to Twitch for creating space for live streamers and if you enjoyed our content, drop us a follow and I'll see you in the chat! 😍

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Blessings all watchers and truthers out there. We are the change we've been looking for and as conduits of infinite awareness, consciousness and innerstanding: Be love and be loved while honoring all reflections of self.

Stay woke, create as you go and enjoy life. We appreciate every upvote and resteem. Your follow, share and comment helps us connect deeper. Thanks for supporting our efforts to keep "playing the game" and sharing one love!

Wholeness & Loving Vibrations! 💚💯


Who maintains the blockchain and how can we support them? I've voted for @aggroed, @ausbitbank, @blueorgy, @clayop, @curie, @followbtcnews, @furion, @fyrst-witness, @good-karma, @gtg, @klye, @netuoso, @pfunk, @pharesim, @someguy123, @teamsteem, @themarkymark & @timcliff.


It gives me such great pleasure to have my two brothers with me on Steemit.

Once you have spare crypto, investing it wisely is how to REALLY get rich. Reading your post here, I feel you already know this. I forget sometimes it was YOU who first brought BTC into my consciousness.

Love how you've read the IOTA whitepaper. I invested into that one two weeks ago for all the reasons you mentioned. Looks solid. Though struggling to remove it from Binance to external wallet currently.

I prefer to keep investments in external wallets. Safer this way.

I have 5000 THC (HempCoin) coz I believe! I also have Dope & Pot coin too ;) But THC seems the strongest idea, connecting the whole agricultural industry with a single coin. And I've seen it increase x3 over the last 2 weeks.

There are so many great investments out there now. It will be hard not to watch our money grow next year. The key to happiness is not spending it! I've actually borrowed €10,000 just to make sure I don't touch my investments for as long as possible. I know it will be worth it. 2018 is the year crypto goes crazy.

Can't believe how big Kai looks now! It's such a beautiful thing to see :)

Sorry we didn't make it to Thailand in the end. The call of Europe became stronger with a new plan to build a mobile home immediately.

...and am getting excited already about building my first snowman with Esteban :)


Here's to an awesome 2018

Big love to all the amazing family x

Sammo! We all been in this together brother, vibration hodlers living home free and tuning into the highest frequencies. Haha you re-membering that glorious santa monica sungazing meditation 2013, great transfer.

External wallets all ways brother, I like your selection of alt picks too and agree we are very happy playing long. Fair dos with the fiat, personally if I had any extra OPM I'd boost my mining packs, sit pretty on 140% ROI, repay the loan and set the rest to rinse and repeat. Lmk

Lovely shot of Esteban, you're right it's magical and I'm excited to watch your bus life unfold. We also been scouting Super-C's for a mission through the Americas and reconnecting with the farms we'd like to help.

Absolutely, here's to an abundant 2018! Love to all ❤️💯

Im lagging behind a little; jusssst bought an external Ledger Wallet, with nothing much to put it in, and wayyyy to confused by mining clouds, so Bittrex-ing little bits of STEEM, and staying afloat.

yey!!! its so good to see you back here on steemit Keni, everything you say me has come true! thankyou x

Aaah you lovely little nymph, thank you so much and it's so good to see you doing well over here. Is everyone being nice to you, I'm sure they are enjoying your pictures and showering you with upvotes! 💚💯

Happy to see you're Steeeeming, I've been loving watching your Wallet grow, @iamjamie too!!! Ya'll are rich!!! :-$

Haha the island isn't buying itself.. or is it? Lol when money grows on trees brother we all grow rich, infinite current flow caching! Love ya, skype sesh soon? 🙏

Yeppppp... Im doing my bestest to Skype with my new Phone, but connecting to WiFi seems unreliable. Android is very strange to me, I feel like Im gonna go back to iPhones... Worse case, I'll borrow a laptop for Skype-ing....

I have a cunning plan, check your Email..... !! :)

Very nice skyping with you again brother, let's do it more often and keep that vortex spinning! I like all your plans not to plan and here's to balancing all the yin and the yang lol! 👍

Thankful for your wise words / presence which always benefits me in reassessing & redefining my "goals" vs. daily joy.

In Lakech Ala Kin ❤️💯

its been awhile but its nice to see you posting again on steemit. :D

Hey man! Thanks for the comment, I haven't read your new posts although I did just look in your feed and well done! Steem on brother 👍

Wow bro nice and intrersting, keep steeming bro.

Thank you brother, STEEM on 👍

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Cool! Thanks for keeping me informed 👍

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Hahaha sneeky sneeky @shonariver! ❤️💯

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Two achievements one post! Whoop, thanks for tracking our progress!👍 💯

Very nice post for a comeback post Id say!

Yeah, all this crypto will hopefully change all our lives in the end,. Imagine if you had real big big cash to start with. Cool you were able to travel so much this year!

Right!!?? Man it's a great feeling being back after a nice refreshing break, especially when the STEEM is flowing!

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