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What's good in the world Steemit,

First and foremost I just want to say thank you Steemit! Thanks for being the change we all wish to see, standing up for freedom of expression and liberty. Ok so how do I respond to YouTube's removal of the PG edition of this vlog?

Well I upload the original version directly to DTUBE of course! Oh and look in the time it's taken to upload and write this post it's made money! What's so complicated about that? Oops YouTube you're literally driving us to tell our audiences all about you.

▶️ Watch on DTube | Watch Source (IPFS)

Thanks for the wasted time re-editing the sex and nudity out. So now after 188,000 views you decided to issue a community strike? Well I'm now uploading the FULL vlog to Dtube as well as writing about how shitty you are to your creators.

Oh sponsorship, paid content and live streams DISABLED? 😂 No worries, no worries, the decentralized revolution is right on your heels! Thanks for constantly pushing us to raise our game and jump off your sinking shit!

Ok What's Next For Live Streamers?

Thankfully we already moved to Twitch weeks ago and yep they already monetized us. I don't suppose YouTube cares yet, although the exodus has already started and vloggers are leaving in droves.

It's complete disorder over there, I literally just spoke about them demonetizing and re-monetizing my vlogs. Now they're deleting my content too? Who decides the value of entertainment to my subscribers? Do the content creators matter at all anymore or is it always corporate advertisers that come first? We know now right?

Don't worry, too many questions, no official answers and no one has time to wait around for shitty generic bot responses. It's way past time so let's just move to DTUBE and support a blockchain that wants us.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.. YouTube Re-Monetization?

This is another great chance to say THANKS TWITCH for welcoming us with open arms and almost immediate monetization! They see their community is valuable and are eager work with us! Cheers guys, please click on the link below if you enjoy our streams and want to help us grow!


Follow "RealKeniStyles" and join our next live stream & STEEM!

Big love to all watchers! Every follow, upvote, share and comment makes a huge difference and we appreciate every ONE! We out here "playing the game" and spreading love while singing Steemit to the world!

Wholeness & Loving Vibrations! 💚💯


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Hey guys, wanted to check in with you directly. Do we as a community feel this post requires a "NSFW" tag? I personally feel it does not, since it's only a thumbnail to the video and the blog itself is not actually explicit.. oh and by the way, just to make sure you do know.. THE VLOG IS NSFW!