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Loved reading this! Awesome post :) This is not exactly the same, but the same meaning (I think) - I was saying to a friend only yesterday, that I could not be a police officer. He asked me why? I said because I cannot blindly do something because someone tells me to. Especially if I have my own opinion about it and I most probably do. I could not arrest/charge/fine someone for smoking marijuana, driving without a licence, or no car registration and so many other things as I do not agree and would not just do because..... I have said to many officers that if they would like, I can have an educated discussion with them on a number of things if they would like. Of course, I generally got the typical sheeple response of, oh well, not really interested and I don't really care, I am told to do it and it's just the law so you have to follow. I have had only 1-2 asked a question or two and also have that "look". That look that you know you have triggered something in them and hopefully they will do more research.


You mainly share the same ideas then...i assume you couldn't be a policeman,or join the army or navy etc...Authority issues...i get it
But that is life...people try to find the most convenient for them solution which mostly is ("i was told")
thank you for dropping by and for your input

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