Stop Overloading Yourself!

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We overload our selves with work; We think it will get us closer to our goals, but it gets us further away. There have been numerous studies about how "Workaholics" actually achieve less than someone who isn't a workaholic.
What am I referring to here? BUSY WORK!
Busy work makes us think we are productive; It makes us think we are working hard. But in reality, we are often going in the wrong direction.

It's a waste of time

Sometimes it seems as though we are desperate to dictate every second of our day that we do ridiculous tasks to eat our day away. It's almost like we are afraid to give ourselves that extra hour of free time. Instead, we do busy work, and sometimes mindlessly browse social media to eat away our day. That is why they say that you should always give yourself less time than you need to complete a task because you'll do the task in the same amount of time that you give yourself.

Less Results

I'm sure we've all had those days, Where we have this massive to-do list that doesn't get done at all. But we feel as though we spent our whole day working.
Busy work often gives us fewer results. It's mindless, Tedious tasks that are usually worthless when it comes to our bigger goals in mind.

Distracting & Stressful

We always want to add more than necessary to our schedule for the day. We then get obsessed and stressed about the small stuff. Which causes us to become even more distracted from what is important. When we finally look at our to-do's with a new set of eyes and start "trimming the fat." We realize that most of the tasks we wanted to do Are pointless and unnecessary.
This is why it's important to keep your to do list at a reasonable length and aim to target the things that are most important.


Busy work doesn't do a favor for anyone. And when We constantly impose a lot of busy work on ourselves, We have that stressed out, and exhausted feeling that we have when we do work, But we also have no results.

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You've just hit the nail on the head that's exactly how I've been lately. The more I've got to do the less I do and then it makes you feel like crap 💩 time for a rethink. Thanks mike

Exactly! I'm glad it helps :)

Hi Kaylin,

It's my first time reading from you and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts on busy work. I agree that we waste time on pointless things but think as if we have done hard work. As pointed out by you, results are a good measure of seeing how useful our day has been.

I'll add Prato's Principle here which is commonly called the 80/20 Rule. It means that 80 percent of our focus should be on 20 percent tasks of highest importance because they bring 80 % results/value. Rest of the 80 % tasks are pointless or less important and only deserve 20 % of our attention because they are worth only 20 % outcome. We generally do the opposite and you have defined it well in this article.

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@kaylinart I almost dismissed this thought blossom as a jester moment that I have come to love about you. Then, wham, it hits me upside my head with positive insight! Thank you for keeping me interested, entertained, and on my toes. Don't just dream it, Steem it! 👆👍👌👏🤗

This is a sad but true state of affairs these days. People are conditioned for perfomance to such an extent that they are having heart attacks and killing themselves over it. It is just wrong. Life is for living too... not just for striving to reach unattainable performance levels.

Great post 👍 upvoted

Would be thrilled if you were able to give your input on one of my latest... (no obligation obviosly)

Thanks again for an awesome read 😎👍

Thanks for sharing, interesting article as always!

Very true! Hard to find a resolution that works in practice...

Just take it easy in life and do nothing .... jk jk lol

nice post


Thanks for sharing your ideas! :) It's so true, stress is so bad for your health... everybody should calm down and try to stop getting stressed out in the job for example! Your health is more important than money ...

Ahhh, yes... Once again, so on point. I feel like you're this wonderful creature a few steps ahead of me on a craggy mountain hike who keeps reaching back and offering a hand over the slippery patch I'm about to cross....

((p.s. ummmmmm that St. Elmo CO shot is OS grogeous! Did you take it?))


I completely agree! I used to always set way to high goals for myself thinking I would achieve more. Instead the opposite is true. I achieved less. For sometime now I've been lowering my goals and achieving more and feeling more satisfied :) great post! I'm following you from now on:)

Agreed, as I tend to preach; use the 80/20 rule to widdle busy work out of your day. Productivity does not directly correlate to busyness.

Absolutely right @kaylinart ..... I am agree with you and many of us are fit for this beautiful quote "Looking busy , doing nothing" .... If we work for less time but with right direction and thinking that will give us more benefits than "Looking busy and doing nothing" ..... If we give some time to ourselves and invest some time in social and family gathering and for exercises and entertainment .... so it will give us long term benefits...

I've experienced this first hand. Balancing is such a precarious process. You put it so succinctly. Thank you for sharing.

Good post best regards from [email protected]

great post, awesome
i like it, upvote and follow
thank for sharing @kaylinart

They always say work smarter and not harder. If everyone did this and focused on the important stuff they wouldn't be stressed with the petty stuff. I liked reading your post,thank you for sharing. Upvoted and followed :)

What a wonderful post, I haven't thought about it in this way. Thank you for the advice!

My mother told me... an idle brain is the devil's playground .

Are you telling me she was wrong? Rest and relaxation is a good thing?

Yeah, I agree. I have been doing this in the past. That is why I took a vacation to escape from my environment that I have create. It helped me act differently and have a new perspective on life.

People don't realize that over loading might get a work done for a short time .. but in the long term it could really mentally disturb you ... I have seen people change, get violent, aggressive, sad all thanks to overloading of the work.

Then why did they train us to do busy work in school?

TY for Sharing, i try me best!

i can say from my personal experience. if i read hard staff like parasitology once and get nice 8 hr sleep, i can memorize and remember everything second day. and once i had mid term test and wanted to study hard and decided to study whole night and you know what? i could not remember single thing during exam :( i and was mixing everything i have read. my opinion is sleep organizes every information you got previous day and without it you waste your time and energy.

Good writing, I like.

It's for sure, it's better not to overexert yourself. And then all the money will go to medicine :)

Its a great article. I have seen people in office working for hours to achieve their goals, but to much work could lead to stressful life and could also affect the health of a person. Its always good to take a break from workaholic life. The people who are working should have some activity like yoga to keep themselves on the go.
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to avoid stress u need monney =)

Nice post! I think we should focus on quality of life :D

Sometimes less is more! :D

There I am going into the post office, or cleaning the toilet. Anything to distract me before I can sit down to the task at hand! 🐓🐓

Sometimes, you have to overload yourself because of the circumstances you face. I worked 16 hours a day for almost 15 years, not by choice but due to the fact that I was the only earning member in my family. Though it costs my health too but for that time, it was necessary.

I can relate so much to your post! I am guilty of stressing and being hard on myself most of the time. I also had this long list of to-do list just to worn out myself. Thanks! You have a great post!:)

Busy work is a waste of time, definitely. It's burdensome. and unproductive... keep the hits coming... great advice.

nice post girl, and good stats

Great article, congratulations!

One thing people could do to avoid this kind of situation, something I did a few months ago and that I'll do again in the near future is to track their progress.

I had a personal progress journal for around 100 days where I was writing the things I was doing daily, what tasks helped me get closer to achieving my goals and where I should invest my time every single day in order to make more and more progress.

That's why I got to reduce my to-do list from 7-10 items to 3 or 4 items that I can complete in around 3 or 4 hours every single day. Another thing I did was make sure to invest my time into activities that provided me with more rewards the more time I spend working.

For example, if I spend around 2 hours every single day on Steemit I can get a certain number of rewards. However, if I increase the number of hours spent on this website, I can also increase the number of rewards I get. That's one method you can use to make sure your time is invested into the right things.

Once again, great article, congratulations, and best of luck!

I needed to be reminded of this message! Thank you!!

Working and reading ur post right now. Its completely true! We have to enjoy more our lives.

I think ...The key to happiness is a balanced life :)

It is sad but true that our lives are too busy. Our daily routine has too many tasks and chores to complete.

Unfortunately, we often confuse urgent and important.

I think that a classic example would be taking a phone call during a face-to-face conversation. Instead of waiting to call back later, we ignore the person in front of us.

Now if the phone call was about someone being taken to the hospital that might then we have moved into both urgent and important.

Yes do things in a shorter amount of time.

Productivity can be measured in many ways, for those that are judged purely on their manual productive skills it can be difficult to do much else, however we should all not lose sight of the influences we have on others both great and small, whatever our standing in whichever organisation we find ourselves in, the cheery cleaner that comes in for just a few hours can have as much impact in an organisation as the most high powered executive. Which ever rung on the ladder you find yourself on in life be content and happy that its your rung and no one elses.

Hi Kaylin, Completely agree with this post. On point!!

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