How To Practice Self-Love!

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Loving yourself is more important than people expect! When you love yourself, you will be healthier, Happier and you'll accomplish your goals much easier than you would if you hate yourself!

People don't realize how important it is to care about yourself!

Practice being optimistic

People don't become positive overnight. I know this from personal experience! Growing up, I was a very negative person. I always was complaining about something. I was one of those spoiled brats that you would probably roll your eyes at if you saw me.
Growing up, I hated everything. And it continued. The negativity overwhelmed every aspect of my life. And I couldn't figure out why my life sucked so much! I felt sorry for myself. And things kept getting worse. One day I realized it wasn't my life causing me so much grief. It was me...
Everyday I tried to be mindful, And grateful for SOMETHING! This made a big difference, and now today, I'm extremely happy and excited about things! Sometimes things in my life don't go my way, and that's OKAY! I find a way to improve my life, and I keep going. Haven't you noticed that when you think and feel negative, it's flat out exhausting? I have more energy now that I'm happy most the time, Heck sometimes I even have too much energy. I'm bouncing off the walls, and people don't understand how I'm able to do stuff like that. Optimism helps every aspect of your life. It will also help you love yourself more!

Forgive Yourself

When you hold things against yourself for so long, you can't love yourself. Everyone makes mistakes, and it can be hard to forgive. So what if you made a huge mistake, Figure out how you'll do better next time, and do it! If you caused damage to another person, Try to fix it if possible. Apologize, Buy them dinner! With most mistakes, you can fix it just by showing how sorry you are. After you make an effort, Forgive yourself. And allow yourself to move on from experience. If someone continues to hold grudges, you may need to consider if they should be in your life. People should forgive when they can. Sometimes things won't be salvageable, But that doesn't mean you shouldn't forgive yourself.

Treat Yo Self!

I keep seeing these funny memes on Facebook about Treating yourself.
While I agree with them, I also disagree with them too. Treating yourself isn't about buying a fancy coach bag. Or spending a lot of money for example. Treating yourself doesn't even have to be expensive. I recently treated myself with a new eyeshadow palette. It cost 4.00, And I'm excited about it. Even though it's something so simple! You can also give yourself an hour or two as a “treat” to do something you enjoy, That is also healthy. Go for a walk, A bike ride, Read a new book! Occasionally spoiling yourself helps you show the love you have for yourself. Its good for your self-esteem, Because it lets your subconscious know that you care enough about yourself.

You can even treat yourself with a food item, Like a scoop of yogurt or something!


Self-practice isn't something you can just do overnight; it's a process. A process of love and respect for yourself. Don't hate yourself; You is the only person you are guaranteed to have for your whole life!

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@kaylinart - You have almost read my mind here with your blog. After a fairly bad year in terms of job satisfaction in 2015, I really hated my job and hated everything around me. Then I made peace with myself, focused on being positive and started enjoying the little things in life too along with big things. This has really helped me. I am sure your blog, presented very logically and with a compelling argument made by you, will help many people, Thanks for bringing it to Steemians. Upvoted

I went on am early morning photography and bird outing today to shake off my Monday blues. Have written a blog with collages of some nice birds (made with my original photos). I also wrote a blog over the weekend with my musings about 'Sting like a butterfly and float/fly like a bee' philosophy for life. I request you to take a look when you have time and let me know your views. Your comments will be eagerly awaited. Thanks


Just wanted to add, another great way to practive self love is to drink lots of water, eat healthy, start to exercise, go for walks in nature, etc.

People are not meant to sit inside all day on a computer and be robots(at least not yet). We need to get outside and move around with social interactions, this will make you feel better and more relaxed.

Going for a 30 minute walk every so often will help you clear your head and think about things you want to accomplish.

Drinking the correct amount of water per day will help you stay awake, focused, and overall feel better. When we are dehydrated we feel sleepy and our brain is constricted.

Eating healthier foods will also make you feel better. your brain needs antioxidants to help deal with the free roaming radicals in your brain, when those are taken care of you feel better and have a clearer mind. You will also have more energy overall and be able to have a more positive attitude.

My example, I have 0 grams of sugar on a regular given day. Maybe one time a week I eat anything with sugar in it. Ifeel great all the time due to this. I have lost over 35 lbs (used to weigh about 230). That is all I cut out was sugary food and soda/juice. I drink lots of water and I feel better because of it. My next target is cutting down on salt intake! Yes! Eating just one fast food meal is more salt than you should have per day, it is making you tired, lazy , and making you feel bad overall beecause it is junk food, cut it out!

Just some thoughts :) Hope some people make small changes like this to feel great!

Love the advice "forgive yourself." It is so easy for people to be the hardest on themselves. Great post on reminding us to have self love. :)


Exactly! hehe Thank you :)

This is something that I'm struggling with. It is like a cycle for me at this point. I am improving though!


Thats good you are working on improving! It's really important to care about yourself.


I am certain your insightful wisdom will be most beneficial for me! Thank you :)

Loving yourself is taking care of yourself, unless you take care of yourself, that person cannot take care of others whom he values more.


Exactly! You have to take care of yourself!

I am well treated by a cup of coffee in a street cafe :)


Awesome :) Heheh

Very hard to forgive and love yourself, something we should all try to learn. Nice post, thanks

Nice post @kaylinart! good read!


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We should learn to love ourselves so we could practice in loving others and investing love will make you gain it back tenfold.


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@kaylinart well i love myself with my hand u probably know how 😂 but as always love to read ur post #upvote

It's really hard for me to get into that positive mindset when life throws so much negativity at you. I just have to get better at getting myself in a positive mindset. Your post really helps with that.

Thanks for sharing :)

Said better than Justin Bieber ! Cheers!


Nice post, now the love and respect for self will be increased. Thanks for sharing.


No problem :)

Such a good post!
Will start loving myself once I run out of beer.

Nice post dear well written upvoted visit my wall plz when you free thanks alot have a nice day dear @kaylinart

You have to respect to be able to accept as they are the other people and that's when you learn to love.

Great tips nice thoughts and no doubt love begets love. best wishes for all.

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Interesting read! @things, check it out!

that's good to know those are great advice thanks a lot for sharing and eep on posting ;)


Thank you :) I certainly will!

Loved reading this post, we complain about every negative thing happening in our life and ignore the positive ones. Let's just do the opposite and we all will be happy with what we have one day!

This is written so beautifully and it is so true, although I am struggeling with it. But I will keep on working on myself and I am sure that one day it will be like I want it to :) Thanks for that

great article as always. :)


Thank you :)

Great post. I've been working on being more positive than I have been. I noticed an awful lot of negativity that I was thinking about, most of the time I was unaware. Once I began to notice the negativity I knew it was time I needed to do something and I made the conscious decision of being more positive.

The worst part is when I just feel drain despite sleeping well. Not sure what is causing this yet but I aim to improve.

Another person I'm following posted a good video relating to the same topic should anyone want to check it out.

Lovely ❤

This is a wonderfully inspiration post, so I am going to re-steem it (and upvote obviously... not that my upvotes are worth

I wrote a post a little earlier this evening, which I had the intention of being "motivational" - it would be great if you could give me your feedback? (if you want)


Aww Thank you :) I'll check your post out!


pleasure, and thank you :)

i am impressed by the great thoughts you shared.... die heart follower:-)

@kaylinart not loving yourself may also be as a result of having a little self respect for yourself as written in my recent post self esteem

Love God first, self and then human.

WOW, this really helped, as a student who has struggling with life and health, both mentally and physically, this is some big time motivation for me, Thank you :)

Loving yourself is the key to everything . great post .

Great message and advice. I notice when I neglect myself, I begin to feel down about myself and I start to notice the negative self dialogue. I take that as a big sign that it's time to reconnect with myself. Thank you for sharing this.

Affirmations to balance out where one is lacking too helps, as does waking up and immediately thinking of 5 things one is truly grateful for.

We have been taught from young kids, that failing and making mistakes is something terribly awful and we have to be perfect, no, it's not at all like this, it is the long process in becoming your greatest version of yourself, and you have to accept all your flaws and mistakes.

Awe you shared our wedding photo :D

Lovely post on self-care, kaylinart! I think your post is especially relevant to anyone who does a lot of care taking, like parents with young children or people taking care of aging parents. It's so easy to get wrapped up in caring for others that we forget to take care of ourselves too, and the ironic thing is that we usually end up do a better job helping others when we are well-cared for ourselves!

I like the your comment that taking care of ourselves doesn't have to be expensive. For me, taking a nice leisurely stroll or reading a good book is a treat.

It's a great reminder. Sometimes it's forgotten that you are in charge of your own happiness. Also, this idea can make or break your pursuits and dreams throughout life. If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will.


thank you for advice

very intresting thanks for sharing @kaylinart but i little careless lol more care herself then my selfs Upvoted :) <3 Love is blind <3 Love is Life <3

All is true. It must be learned .I like this post:)

This is a great post. Self love is the key to the Universe I believe.

You can not afford to have a single negative thought, because every thought creates something and leads you to get some result in the outside world. Everything you think will generate a consequence.

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