Does Talent Hurt Us? (Part Two)

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Talent can be a double edged sword! It can sometimes cause more harm than good.
If you want to read the first part of the post, see the one before!

STOP Looking Down On Effort.

When people believe that they don't have talents. Or it requires talent to do well. They are less likely to give more effort. Instead, they frown upon effort. They feel that if they have to supply a lot of effort. That proves they suck at whatever it is that they are doing. That this makes them not talented in the task, And they NEED to move on to something else, that they are more talented with.

With this mindset, they will never become talented at anything, Because they won't put in the "10,000 hours".

People will shy away from challenges they feel they cannot conquer.

When you believe you can improve, You are more likely to Accept the challenge.

If you wanted to become a professional soccer player, and you knew for sure. You would NEVER EVER make it, No matter how much you practice or work at it.

  • Would you put in the effort to make it happen?

Probably not. Because you have no confidence in your ability to be good at it. While you still may play soccer because it's fun, And you are passionate. You may not try as hard, Or invest as many hours. This is why talent is such a horrible thing to believe in. Things aren't predetermined at birth like that.
The beauty of life is being able to improve and become good at things.

No One Sees Behind the Scenes

Next time you are beating yourself up because you don't feel talented. Look at someone who you feel is talented and study them.

  • What Kind of history do they have?
  • Why are they "talented."
  • Do they have a lot of experience overall?
  • What kind of sacrifices did they make to become good at their skill?
    Many people say I'm lucky because I'm self-employed. That I'm able to draw and get paid for a living. That I get to be creative everyday and earn a check. But they don't realize that I have been drawing since I've been 12 years old (I'm 24 now) To make this happen!

I used to stay up so late in my teens drawing, Passing out on my drawing table, With burned fingertips from pencil smearing, To develop my skills so I could do this! I wasn't born with it; I earned it!

Many talented people weren't born with any "magical" abilities. They took the long path of practicing and learning to get where they are at.
Talent is not a magical thing that some people get and others don't get. Anyone with the desire and self-discipline Can have what they want!

Lets stop teaching children that they are inadequate if they aren't born with some crazy talent!

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People often are jealous of self-employed people who are succeeding, but I think that should just be more motivation to keep doing well and being happy, it makes it easier to appreciate what you have when you know others want it. Cheers


If they are jealous of the success of others, they have issues to resolve before they can find their own success.
I agree with you, it should be taken as motivation not something else.

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So true! I wish people would just choose to get the same for themselves instead.


Very True.

Oh... So I wasn't born with a talent? I have to earn it... Yes, I actually agree that talent is over-rated, I think it's more like how bad you want it, if it's a skill you want bad enough, you will automatically work hard and claim it. Ok, I'm speaking from my experience of becoming a Magician, I wasn't born a Magician.


SO true!! Hehhe You probably weren't born that way. But who knows LOL


I wish I was born one. You cannot imagine how much work went into making something invisible ;)

good post much to think about it goes both ways so well!!

Great and motivational post. Just a sentence: never give up!

This is why I believe that passion is more important than talent. My passion for blockchain has caused me to dig deeper and learn more than the next guy. I am going to be thinking about how to be better when no one is forcing me to because passion is fueling me along the way and is not just means to and end like money or recognition.


Passion is better! Hehe I love that you were passionate about the blockchain! It may take longer to learn something when you are going off of passion over talent. But in the end, Passion wins.

There absolutely no substitute for hardwork, however, its also easy to blame those who don't succeed simply for not working hard enough. The path to success is the combination of hardwork + luck. Imagine as a scientist slaving away on your research project with less than minimum wage, no recognition and with your boss stealing all the credit from you. How likely will you be able to achieve success if you don't change your circumstances? I would say not very likely. Your personality as well as your environment plays a crucial role in achieving success

@kaylinart - I agree. There is no substitute for hard work. There are no free meals and even talented artists have to work hard to come up with their masterpieces.. Unfortunately, people tend to look at the end result and envy the artist without going into how much sweat and blood the artist has put into his creation.
When I picked up a camera for the first time (not counting those point and shoot generic cameras), I could not even photograph a stuffed animal! I produced several photos where I had performed a guillotine operation (cutting the head off in my photos) because I was shaking the camera when clicked. From there, it has taken me 2 hard years to come to a stage to be able to capture wild animals and birds!

Thanks for one more thought provoking and motivational blog. I really like the simple way and words in which you explain these concepts which, Gurus have taken whole books to explain.

I have posted couple of funny blogs about wildlife (my funny bone must be acting up 😝 ). If you find time, please visit my blogs. Your comments would be very welcome. Thanks

I strongly believe that talent can open the door to procrastination. If a talented person do not have the discipline to put in the work to master the desired skill they will be surpassed in the skill by the non talented person with the drive to put in the work.


WOW! Ididn't think of that! I agree that talent can make you procrastinate. You do not appreciate what you do not earn!

Constant work so it is important you do what you love it no longer feels like a "job" and instead is just a way of life for you that you enjoy doing and reap the rewards from. It does take a whole new mind set though and most of schooling drills it in your head do a test, get a piece of paper get a job. I don't know about you but when I did this for a few years I felt totally stuck and hated it!

With that being said since you are doing what you love instead of the other alternative yes your going to work long hard hours (maybe not always but at first) however it is going to be rewarding and fill you with great joy.

Nice one on talent, you are very correct that when we start seeing ourselves that we dont have talent, it will be difficult for us to put more effort to achieve something. The truth is that some are born with some kind of talent which they must work hard to improve, why some can learn what they desire and become perfect in it. The bottom line is continuous improvement. We should have I can do it spirit. Weldon ma, your article is always interested.

Hi Kay, Great post. It is true that talent alone does not equal success. Effort, focused effort is a greater indicator of success. I'm glad you are able to do art full time at 24! Be blessed in your illustration career!


Thank you! I agree effort is extremely important as well!
Thank you! It makes me so happy that I get to do this much art already.

Well i'm not entirely sure thing work like that!i would say most of the thing we can learn and by practice we get better and better but on the other side of the coin there 1 percent of the people they are gifted since they are born.Great article like always.

Yes many are born with crazy talents.
But still many picked up a talent and became crazy good in them...

It is a great article ma'm.. thank you so much for sharing.. keep it up..


Thank you :)

I was always a leader and not a follower, owned three different businesses over the last 40 years. I also feel that there are people that just want to get by and they are content with that but i'm not.

Never let what your eyes see determine what you heart (mind) believes!!!
Talent or your Gift can weigh in a lot, but determination can change your life.
Blessings to you!!


Exactly :) Thank you so much :)

Great 2nd part as well, this is one of my all time favourite quotes:

after 2-3 Edits i got the right one lol xD

another great post

Great Post
Thank you.

Very True. Up-Voted


Thank you :)

Interesting post.


Thank you :)

Great post!

Not sure what the relevance was, but the cat on the mini couch is so cute!

Effort pays such a big role in helping us achieve our dreams. I read that children enjoy learning more and are willing to work longer on hard problems when they are praised for their effort and not their talent.

I loved this psrt and part 1
Motivating posts
And you are right in every word uou said

Its all about the "No pain no gain"

I think being pretty helps a great deal in every aspects of life.


LOL Thanks XD I think it does as well.

Think about it. :)

Very good and helpful read, I agree with your view point

I don't believe in talent. I believe in having a disadvantage sometimes.. With that being said, success and greatness doesn't just happen. It's earned. Many hours + persistence = destination

Most people fear success! Maybe not in soccer, or piano, or drawing, but definitely in business, or self employment. What if I make great money and quit my job and then it all comes crashing down on me? What if I hire employees and cannot make payroll? Once a person finds success, they can never go back to the state in which they were before finding that success. Kinda like jumping off a cliff! If you change your mind half way down,,,,,,too late,,,,you can not zap yourself back to the top. Become a millionaire and lose it all and go back to delivering pizza,,,you would never last, yet the fear of failure has set into your bones like cancer because your first attempt failed miserably. Being successful takes a certain characteristic . That is really all that separates the winners from the wanna be's. I think this "is" something people are born with,,,,,or lack at birth! Great #1 and #2. Following! Thanks :)

Determination and a bit of luck is all you need. And a few failures that you have learnt from :)

Very interesting perspective. I agree and disagree with your conclusions. It depends on some definitions and context; how do you define "success" and "proficiency"? If the context of success is in the arena of Olympics or Michelline stars, then no amount of "hard work" can compensate for the lack of biological gifts. Also, no amount of discipline will lift someone out of the accident of their birth circumstances; if you are born a peasant in Ugistan or some such hole, then your lot will be that of a peasant.

If "success" is defined as living an above average life with "profficiency" settled for passable skills in a given field, then I agree that most people can achieve their goals with discipline and will-power. A person can improve their skills from 4 to 5 or 6; but society does not compensate people for a 6 skill, when 9 and 10 skilled workers are available. A peasant in Ugistan can live an above average peasant life with hard work, but it would be delusional for him to aim above his station.

I think it is equally, if not more, harmful for children to be deluded into thinking that they can accomplish anything in this society, when they clearly do not possess natural gifts and advantageous circumstances.

I dunno about talent, but the girl painting that picture certainly has a nice ass 😉

awesome kayli :)


Thank you hehehe

Muy chevere. Saludos. Follow @vivasjonathan

Please see your post mentioned here

You motivate me and help me realize that it IS possible. I'm 42. I'll make it happen!

beautiful and brilliant post! Especially re. children! You are a great writer! - I would love your feedback on my latest post if you have a gap to do so.... :)

“You will never amount to anything” they said. – Well, I may not have achieved everything I want as yet, but I am still alive –and had you asked me 20 years ago if I would be able to see myself where I would stand now, the answer would most definitely have been NO. In fact, I don’t think I saw much for myself at all, in terms of “future prospects” – it was just not something that I thought about, sadly.

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100% agreed.

Talent! You know dear @kaylinart , at the age of 31 I was already Executive Chef of a 5 star hotel in Mauritius, if i am not mistaken I was the youngest ever to achieve this!
I am really very talented in the culinary field but this made so many people jealous of my success.
Finally i quit everything as it was impossible to continue like that! And today i'm back to zero! It really hurts!
Thanks for the share