Working with a boss that makes your life a misery.

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The last job I worked at I applied as a Shop assistant but after my first interview I was told I was far to experienced to be a shop assistant and that they were going to open a new position for me Assistant manager which I took and enjoyed apart from the manageress. She was a difficult person to work for, she caused so much trouble between me and the staff, she played one against the other then denied it. Thankfully I got on with all the staff, they were very welcoming especially after they saw I was willing to put my back into the work, I worked hard and would do everything they would do such as cleaning the toilets. When the manageress wasn't there the shop ran smoothly, there was never a cross word and every job got finished then when she came back she would complain that it wasn't done properly. She made all our lives hell, it came to the point I didn't want to go to work, I used to cry at night not wanting to go in But I was the only one working and the mortgage needed paying.

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The way she ran the store was wrong, customers didn't like coming in as she was nasty and difficult to deal with. We had representatives that came into sell there stuff, such as water filters or Ionisers. She thought she could do anything she wanted. One day the Water Filter Rep came in she said the Rep had given her a free water filter but she didn't want the filter so was going to put the filter into the stock and take the amount out in shopping. Nope I didn't agree with her but when she wanted to do something she did it. This is what she did most times a Rep came in.

The nest time the Rep came in the manageress was on holiday so I had to deal with him, we got talking about his stock, I asked how can you get away with giving people free filters, he said "He didn't know what I was on about" I told him what the boss had said, he was shocked, he said "he is not allowed to give stock away and has never given her anything free, all of his stock had to be counted for". I was shocked, was in 2 minds whether I should tell anyone, I knew if she got away with it she would have made my days unbearable. A few weeks later the area manager came in, the boss was in the back as usual doing imaginary paperwork. he came to me and said the Filter Rep had had a word with him, he wanted to know my side so I told him the truth. he was so angry but couldn't say anything as it was my word against the boss. We then said to wait until the rep comes in again and see if she did it again.

She Did


Thankfully the Area manager and his boss was waiting outside at closing time, she did the usual take a bag of shopping for the price of a filter. She got caught,

We ended up going to court, they took letters off the staff but I had to attend the court, sit across the room from her as she gave me daggers. She tried to make excuses and lie but they caught her out and she was sacked.

I was then made Manageress.

I loved the job after she had gone, it was hard work especially when I was called in at 2am in the morning as the alarm was going off, I lived 30 minutes away.

I was there nearly 2 years before I left. I loved the responsibility, I loved being in charge. I wanted to go back once my daughter was old enough but them my knee gave out that was the end of my working career.

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It is always the person in control. Doesn't change much in any profession we are.

Some people get carried away with her responsibility

This is a lovely post Karen and a one I can really empathise with. Please read the one I did some time ago but totally true and they are still in employment

One toxic person in the mix is hard enough to deal with. When it's the boss, it's infinitely harder. Good on you for sticking to your guns and not letting her intimidate you.

Thank you. )She got what she deserved :)

I always loved being in charge of my department. It is said that most people do not quit their job -- they quit their manager. That's what I did after a 7 year run in the corporate world. I couldn't take it anymore. When my boss gave me a scathing review and said I needed to be more "acurate" (and didn't spell accurate correctly ONCE throughout the review) I finally gave my notice. It was the best thing for my health - even if if was not the best thing for my pocketbook.

Managers should come with a warning could damage your health lol

Wow, a sad story for sure! :O Some people!

At least she got what she deserved

Beautiful post dear friend @ karenb54, it is a pleasure to visit your blogg

Thank you for visiting I always appreciate it :)

you do not have to thank. You deserve it

I like to thank people who make the effort to read my work :)

It will always be a pleasure to visit and accompany the work of my friend @ karenb54

Thank you. You are a lovely friend to have :)

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