Its better news for hubby but a crappy day for me... 🤬🚗

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Its been another day of rushing in between hospital and home, we have had other places to go so haven't stopped all day. We had to get up early as i had washing that needed doing and other household chores before visiting time at the hospital. We have to get to the hospital early as the parking spaces fill up very quickly, there isn't enough parking spaces. We are usually lucky enough to find a disabled one for me but today had other plans.


We had to go pick a few things up and post a parcel before heading to hospital, hubby needed his medication, i had a parcel that needed posting. I dropped Nichola off at the post office whilst i went to pick the medication up then we had plans to go get petrol then head for the hospital for a coffee before going to the ward. Firstly his medication wasn't ready so i had to go back after visiting hours, Nichola was stuck in a massive queue must have been pension day then we forgot about the petrol and headed towards the hospital only to find the car park was already packed we drove around the hospital about 5 times before I told Nichola she will have to go visit her dad whilst i try and find a parking space, then at least he gets 1 visitor. I dropped her off at the main doors then had another drive around, still no spaces , i then decided i would go and put petrol in and come back, there should be space then.


At the petrol station i pulled in, tugged at the petrol cap lever next to the front seat grabbed my stick and purse then headed to the petrol pump. I opened the door then tried to unscrew the cap, it wasn't moving, i turned it one way then the other, pulled and pushed it but that cap was not moving, then a lady came over to help me, she probably heard me cursing at the car, She tried a couple of times, it still wouldn't budge so i then pulled so hard i pulled the cover off leaving the white screw part stuck in the tube, luckily the cover snapped straight back in place. I then went to the shop to ask if there was anyone there to help me, she was on her own, I phoned Glen telling him what had happened, He said the one thing that always gets me angry What have you gone and done. I told him then hung up. I decided i would take the car home as there is a garage there that we use for our car problems, thought he would be able to move it if not him my neighbour would help. I drove home, the garage was closed and my neighbours was out, I had another go ...This time it opened straight away, I could have kicked the car, i replaced it then opened it a couple of times. I managed to fill the car up and i got a parking space as soon as i got back to the hospital, but i was in a right mood.

Thankfully my mood changed when i saw hubby sitting up in the chair, he was feeling a lot better, he was still hooked up to a drip but his skin had a better colour and he wasn't in as much pain. I only had an hour left of the 2 hour visiting. I went home with a bag of shopping and list of what he needed.

Hubby hospital 2.jpg

We dashed into the supermarket for a few things then dashed home, Nick started getting our lunch ready when we remembered we still hadn't picked up the medication, i drove around to the chemist to pick them up, when i got home my lunch was ready , i had time for a sit down and relax for 45 minutes before getting things together again for the evening visit. 7-8.

Off we went again at 7, got a parking space straight away as we were a good 20 minutes early, we took a slow walk to the ward picking hubby up a bottle of cold water to drink as the hospital water is warm. They are always late opening the doors for visiting, i wouldn't complain as the nurses are rushed of there feet. I did smile when i saw him still sitting up with no drip attached. He was looking so much better and was smiling. The Doctor had been, everything was looking good and he was allowed to eat tomorrow, his last meal was Saturday afternoon, He can't wait for food.

It looks like he will be home for Thursday and no operation. I am not going to relax until he is home and isn't having any pains.

Thank you @son-of-satire

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What a hectic and tiring day but great news that hubby is doing and looking better will keep him in my prayers till out of the hospital and fully recovered

Thank you. Something is working just might be your prayers:)


although it was a difficult day for you, but good news, good luck to you

Thank you :)