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A hard fork involves splitting the path of a blockchain by invalidating transactions confirmed by nodes that have not been upgraded to the new version of the protocol software.


Thoughts from a plane.

Looking down from the plane the people look tiny. In fact, you can’t even see them. Just the tiny cars moving slower and smaller than ants across the landscape on thin gray lines you know are interstates and highways.

If the people exited their vehicles, they’d be less than the size of fleas. What is this world?? Billions and billions of individuals, with individual minds, hopes, dreams, aspirations, and pain. And what does it all mean?

Think of how much you consider what others are thinking of you. It happens to the best of us. It’s hard to parent around our parents. It’s hard to hit the ball when everyone is watching. It’s often hard to speak your truest mind, when it feels like some of the “most important” of the billions of other fleas are watching.


Life is fleeting.

My son started to cry today when he asked about his mother and I, and the time when we would die. He told me it was scary, to think of us being gone. It is scary. Life is brief, by even the most generous estimations, and the thought of those we love leaving us ought to render us all the more appreciative.

And, looked at another way:

It also ought to make us NOT GIVE A DAMN about what anyone thinks, and follow OUR OWN dreams and goals in this lifetime!


Hardfork your life.

As many of you know, the top dog crypto Bitcoin recently underwent a hard fork, resulting in a new crypto currency split from the old chain called “Bitcoin Cash.” Now, regardless of any personal opinions you may or may not have about Bitcoin Cash, the metaphor I am going to pursue here still works:

The creators of Bitcoin Cash were unhappy with the “normal Bitcoin” and wanted something better. The rules that govern the Bitcoin core blockchain did not fit their vision for what a cryptocurrency should be.

I’m here to suggest now that the same thing can be done in our lives. We can “hard fork” ourselves into a new path, and leave the old, no-longer-satisfactory blockchain (life path/way of living) behind. In fact, that is what I will be doing with my life here, in the very near future.

image source.

I’m going to pour all my energy into Steemit and my Voluntary Japan stuff. Videos, blogging, etc.

I also have a part time gig with a new cryptocurrency group here in Japan, which will provide some supplemental income, managing a group of international communicators, doing translations, and facilitating communication online related to the group, in general.

Gonna hard fork my life into what I wanna do!


I’ve done this several times before. It’s not easy, but each time I make that cut, and remove what I don’t want in my life as much as I can, the spiraling loops around what I feel is true center for me get closer and closer to that center, and life becomes much better in terms of enjoyment, appreciation, and quality.

Things may not work out how we plan when we make changes or take a risk. Our savings may fall through and the creek might rise. Life is in constant flux.

Well, I may have to think of something else and adapt and adjust.

That’s life! The spiral keeps zoning in on our true center, however, no matter what we are doing, or what we have to do, if we are true to ourselves.

Refusing to validate those relationships, thought patterns, and situations (whatever they may be) in your life that no longer serve you, your personal interests, vision, and passion for your life path, will result in a hard fork into a new way of life, leaving the old blockchain behind, for a brand new and better one.




Graham Smith is a Voluntaryist activist, creator, and peaceful parent residing in Niigata City, Japan. Graham runs the "Voluntary Japan" online initiative with a presence here on Steem, as well as Facebook and Twitter. (Hit me up so I can stop talking about myself in the third person!)


Life is really simple but we make it complicated
Try to face her problems patiently
And do not complicate with your selfishness
And you will see your happiness in doing good for others.

Sure man, exactly. I wrote directions for this rising up, observation, understanding, and rebirth in my blog i named 'universal math' in the form of a poem. The formula gives rise, when personaly solved, to profound insight and a even a glimpse into the future. That may come as a shock, but it was more shocking to find myself waiting when i arrived

What an awesome way to connect the idea of blockchain to people's everyday lives. Thinking about it I've hard forked a few times and it's the most liberating thing you can do, it shows you how far you've come and that you are capable of living, surviving and thriving in any environment. It also gives you the confidence to follow all of your 'gut' decisions and instincts. Staying in a place or situation that makes you unhappy or unproductive is toxic and pointless when you can just 'fork off' somewhere better!
Sorry couldn't resist it 😉

Exactly. All that other BS can get forked!

Great commentary man. Practicing this kind of thing really does show you who you are, and builds confidence and self-assurance, even if it can be scary as shit at times.

Peace, @tremendospercy!

With crypto I feel like I can hard fork my life too, made so much cash these last few months. Finally something life changing, finally I have a change to pursue my dreams. Can't wait for the next few years to come. I'm having a little baby boy, found the love of my life and am financially going forward in a good way. Think these years will be the best of my life and I should cherish them very much and document as much as I can . There might be a down moment I'm my life later on, but at least I know how to cope with these much better than I did before. Cool way of living to you and your kid man, not forget your Japanese wife. I'll be supporting you through steemit as long as I can, peace brother. Even though it's still a little, who knows what the future brings. ;)

This is excellent man. You’re having a baby!? Did I know that before??? Anyway, yes. Wishing you more of this. Life is now. Glad to know ya, @geckothailand.

Let’s kick ass!!!

Holy cow, why can I vote 14 cents now? Oo, yeah though I told you before, but recently it's known that it's a boy ;).

Alright, I think I do remember now. Anyway, congrats!!! And thanks for the 14 cents! :) I think everyone’s voting power has increased with the increase in Steem price.

Well hot damn, you just went and crypto-blew my mind. I was already kind of thinking about the new year and what that meant for me, but this really put things into clearer focus. I guess I have always figured out what I wanted to accomplish every year, and I am not terrible at achieving said goals, but man I have a lot of hard forking to do. I don't want to end 2018 feeling forked. ;)

Seriously though, people are my biggest weakness. I tend to stretch too much of my time and self for people that don't contribute at all to my overall happiness or end goals. I have to reprioritize and this has helped me figure out how! Thanks for the boost this morning! I needed it!

could not put it better myself. hardfork yaself and do it often. i think making these changes in our own lives becomes a beacon for others to consider their own, the more we self hack and recalibrate ourselves the better for the greater good of the world around us, even more so if those transactions are shared on a public open ledger powered by blockchain technology. get onboard the good ship course adjustments!

Love this post, what a powerful metaphor too! Humanity as a whole needs to "hard fork" right now if we're going to have a chance at survival.

I hard forked my life a couple of years ago after some really intense "facing my own death" experiences with Ayahuasca.
As I was trying to write new rules for my life, however, I found the momentum from the old rules that governed me creeping back in and difficult to shake off. It wasn't until I started to experiment with microdosing, that things really started to get more interesting and less controlled by fear.

From personal experience, I believe that fear can steal so much of our precious time on this earth. It isn't until we fully embrace our own mortality that the game gets interesting and we can start to write our own rules!

Thanks and much love!

From personal experience, I believe that fear can steal so much of our precious time on this earth. It isn't until we fully embrace our own mortality that the game gets interesting and we can start to write our own rules!

This is powerful stuff. I have to agree with you. This is something I am going through right now, honestly. Your comment is like a “micro dose” for me.

Thank you!


You're welcome! Good luck on your journey, I Looking forward to reading more about it in the coming weeks/months!

Welcome back home mate! I saw you went to Senso-ji, for me always a somehow spiritual place, despite all the tourists (like me, haha).

Changing what holds us back, not always easy but essential. Hardforking life, what a nice phrase to use..

Actually was at Narita-San! Cool temple there. It was wonderful, and yes, a spiritual place for me as well, and good way to start the new year.

Can’t wait to meet up again!

First glimpse told me Senso-ji. My bad.

That is amazing! I love the Idea of hard forking our lives. We all get so caught up in our lives that we forget that it is our life. It takes a bold stand to go against yourself.

We all get so caught up in our lives that we forget that it is our life.


Great idea @kafkanarchy84 ! I love how you think , im going to join you and "Hardfork My Life !" Too!! Bring It On 2018 !!/This year were heading to the Moon !! ✌👍👍👍💕😀
Food For Thought my Friend !!

Yes! Bring it on!!!

Woot Woot !!👍👍👍

But as in the crypto world you should consider wisely what you are doing before you do it.

A perfect analogy.
My dd17 just did this. Unschooled until age 14, she went into school of her own accord. (I think I talked with you about this some time ago when you were checking out democratic schools in your area for you son?). She graduated and moved onto the next stage where you narrow your options further to pursue a specific career and all motivation ground to a halt. She’d rather have mucked out the chicken shed than open her text books.
She just hardforked over Xmas, deciding not to continue with her a levels but to repeat the year from September with music and foreign languages (her passions). Her school have helped her hardfork too! They put her on ‘extended work experience’ so she can educate herself out side of school until September. (She could have deregistered to home educate too).

People are waking up to hardforking earlier rather than later ... and it’s never too late to hardfork, right?

People are waking up to hardforking earlier rather than later ... and it’s never too late to hardfork, right

Exactly. Wishing your daughter the best in her journey!

Thank you 😄 I’m excited (and relieved) for her.

I've been having troubles with my life recently and I wanted change. This is truly inspiring! If nothing is working, upgrade and adapt. I mentioned you by the way on my latest post, its about my recent realizations. When Your Goals are Too Fuzzy, Reaching Them Ain't Easy!

Thanks for the mention. Upvoted!

I love the methaphor of hardforking your life!
Really enjoyed reading your article, thanks for sharing, @kafkanarchy84 :)
Some really interesting and inspiring thoughts in there!

I love this, what a brilliant blend of block chain into reality.

Everything is connected

@kafkanarchy84 thanks for the pep talk,just what I needed. Major Hardfork to be done this year.

Godspeed! Kick ass!!!

Never seen the idea of hard fork from that angle, but will definitely be using this metaphor often haha. I have also recently hard forked socially so it is relevant to current events in my life. Glad you are back in Japan! Can't wait for more debates..

Thanks! Yes, I suppose I’m due for some arguing!

Cool interpretation of hard fork.

Even if only the minority of us will be able to follow your advice, still worth reading.

I for myself have a 3 year old daugther. At the moment she tells me when to hard fork :)

Cheers. Go for it

Well blimey, was always a little unclear on hard forks but I think I have a better picture now.

Keep what you need, remove ballast and enjoy.

Haha. Glad to hear it.

Yes indeed! Keep what you need and overboard with the rest.

Great metaphor, I'm literally at that point in life right now where it is needed!

Very cool interpretation, and a good way to connect the two lives people might have when it's about dividing social life and ''work'' life (or in this case crypto).

Old and wise soul you are! Thats all I can say.

keep working and dont't let anytihing stops you! BEST OF LUCK

It's scary as hell. Definitely was easier when I was younger. Still, you're only here once, it is fleeting so as you say, hard fork your life. Respect!
One tiny note, if I can make a suggestion to everyone who is considering hardforking their life, please please please include at least one habit that's good for the environment . If everyone does one thing together it will make a difference. =)

Its really a matter of mindfulness, if you can become aware of your thoughts then you can eventualy be in front of your thought process and actually choose that fork in the road that leads to a positive thought about your situation. But if you dont first become aware then you will always have your thought, infect it with intent and act before you even have a choice.

Very nicely put, although I must say mindfulness can be a double edged sword if not managed correctly

yeah like when you have the awareness but lack the will power to act on your desired intent rather than being hostage to the momentum your lag induce error in judgement from second guessing the intented message to have a tanjent occupying the same space in ordered time;realising your mistake and becoming sad?

one's mental fortitude is what makes mindfulness either a success or a failure.

True that, and the lack thereof multiplied or divided by the positive or negative perspective of one with or without the awareness can either be a nail in the coffin or resemble incredible luck haha

I guess i have always hard-forked my life...!!!Defying all rules and doing what is better for me.

It is always hard to try a different part and don't mind what other people say or think about what you are doing!
Some folks are still wondering about me being on Steemit and how crypto wont work out.

Great philosophy, I myself want to change the blockchain I'm in.
Especially the image adds to it:


Then to find the new rules (new protocol), I have to adopt some of others. Sometimes others seem to be living the lives that we want.

I bet i can create an algorith to cover potential with intent into a procedure that will automatically create, loop feedback to itself, learn grow new rules and analize the most apropriate choice at any given time for any possibility with only that goal in mind.

Nice article, love a good metaphor (and this one has the benefit of helping to explain two meanings - thanks!)

yea, this is only called life where rules are made to be broken and the new ones is to be implemented.
life is not about only woke up eat and than sleep ,its about living life like it is to b lived .
share your thoughts steemit me @cbeep

Most of us hard fork several times during our life times. Something happens and we need to change our way of thinking and doing things. 2018 is just as good a time to do this than any. Start the new year with new rules to make your life better. Look forward, never back.

Your Parka is very cool!😃

Thanks! I purchased it from @bitcoinshirtz!

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Wonderful philosophy

awesome thanks a lot

Brilliant. It's time for me to do this.

see your post it much appreciated i just say about that..
because it pertains to blockchain era, a difficult fork (or sometimes hardfork) is a radical alternate to the protocol that makes previously invalid blocks/transactions valid (or vice-versa), and as such requires all nodes or customers to improve to the contemporary version of the protocol software. placed differently, a difficult fork is a everlasting divergence from the preceding model of the blockchain, and nodes strolling preceding versions will now not be general by way of the latest version. This essentially creates a fork within the blockchain, one route which follows the new, upgraded blockchain, and one route which continues along the vintage route. normally, after a short time period, the ones on the vintage chain will recognize that their version of the blockchain is previous or beside the point and fast upgrade to the contemporary version.

this is excellent photo very intelligent man

Very well put.
I'm still learning about the cryptocurrencies, but I have pretty much decided to do the same thing with my life. It's time to make a change. The only way to make a change is to shake things up. Stop being complacent.

very niceeeeeeeee

Tremendous Hint.

At the fork of a road, don't stand still too long to decide. Hard fork it. Good. Also some parts of life - hard knife it. Cut it out.

I am flagging this comment as spam. This is not personal, but I want my comment threads to be full of actual conversation and commentary related to the post, and not vote-begging and unrelated videos. Thank you.

I was just saying to myself wow this thread is actually decent. I've only been on Steem a few days checking out postings. Lots of threads that go off topic and into begging, it was getting discouraging, thought I might have to hard fork it back to my old blog domain. Thanks for giving me confidence to hang in there a bit longer. Not to sure about the hard forking it, seems my life has always been one where you hard fork it just to hit more devastation or roadblocks, I've been sitting pretty neutral in a comfort zone for about twenty years now. You are right there is no growth in that, a lot of security in knowing if you don't wonder out there's no roadblocks or hurt but it's a pretty lonely life at times. I will follow you for your inspiration, not to sure it will help me but it sure is a better read when people stay focused and on topic.

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